Christof Melchizedek – Remote Healing Mastery



Christof Melchizedek – Remote Healing Mastery

Christof Melchizedek - Remote Healing Mastery


Make transformative breakthroughs and build an online practice

Mastering is the Key to Transformative Breakthrough and Optimal Vitality and Health Healing The Human Hologram

You are someone who is aware that they are here for a greater purpose. This longing can be felt inside and cannot be suppressed.
The issue you might be facing The problem is that energy healing sessions are too generalized and only deal with the bio.-Energy field as a whole, rather than the individual layers that make up it. You are using general energy redirections instead of specific energetic surgeries that serve a specific purpose. You might be new to this field, and not sure how to track, evaluate, or move any energy.
No matter if you’re a newbieYou don’t need to be a professional with years of experience to get more profound results as a coach or consultant. The secret to getting better results as a healer, coach, or consultant is to be able to perform precise energy surgeries on the human body.
If you know how You can quickly evolve people if you address the core issues that people have in their energy fields. You can help people with their health issues and reach their highest alignments by addressing the issue at frequency and vibration.


Many people around the globe desire to see change. They are stuck intellectualizing and not embodying because their energetic matrix is stuck within a recurring patterning.
Their deeply held beliefs, thought patterns and processes created an energetic flow that makes their reality. They are unable to see beyond the superficial layers of emotions and intellect, which keeps them from moving deeper into the core issue that is preventing their evolution.
More skilled healing practitioners are needed in the world to interrupt the energy circuitry and chakra psychology and create a new frequency and flow that enters our physiology. It is possible to shift patterns that have been in place since childhood.


The world needs more skilled and energetic practitioners to help people navigate the massive global transformation that is happening.
Forced awareness of rising frequencies can bring back long-buried memories and long-lasting traumas.-uncovered wounds and conditioning. These are not easy to deal with and people don’t know where to turn. The problem is that there aren’t enough spiritually gifted and energetic practitioners to meet the growing need of stabilisation and evolution.
Humanity is currently going through a healing crisis. All those with preconditions are needed in order to help the world.-Birth Soul Agreements to Enter the Healing Arts: Discover your full potential.
You know deep down if this is you.
To fulfill your pre-requisites-Birth Soul Agreements You must continue two journeys…
Your physical skills sets are based on your external buildsDevelops the strategies and plans to build your Healership. These are your dreams and soul longings that you feel residing within your High Heart..
The inner journey is about becoming the person you are meant to be. This reality is possible to embody and live. It requires you to move through your human and emotional conditioning. This includes moving through ancestral patterns, karmic relationships, and entrenched beliefs.
You may be at the point where you want to move between your current reality or your desired reality. What you need is a vehicle to address both your internal and external journeys.


The Remote Healing Mastery Anyone who wants to increase their energy intelligence and develop more precise tools for the future can quickly get certified. These skills can be immediately applied to generate quick responses that people feel and can directly sense have been changed.
This training is for all walks of life. It attracts healers from all walks of the spectrum, including those who are just starting out or those who have years of experience with reiki and other healing methods. It is designed for those who are already working with clients in a therapeutic setting.-therapy, coaching, consulting, body therapy or medical setting — wishing to expand their skill set in the energetic realms.
It is designed for you to help you with the knowledge-how on how to run energetic diagnostics and bridge the gap between people’s current reality and their desired situation by shifting their energetic state of being. You will learn how to transform people quickly and effectively so that they feel their life better.-changing.
It helps you to understand the psychodynamic issues that are playing out in real people’s lives so you can help them through their struggles.
It is the ideal starting point for joining the Neo-Shamanic Society culture and the container to become a Transformationalist. Start building your Healership.


Self-Study online with 6 in-depth modules starting from the absolute basics of energy healing, setting up a healing session, and how to treat some of the most common energetic issues playing out in people’s holograms.



  • Introduction to the Matrix’s nature and bio-Energy field
  • Core Energetic Skills
  • Get the Neo-Shamanic Healing Code Amplifier
  • Learn how to do energetic chakra assessments
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Learn how to perform the Opening Healing Protocol
  • Learn how to remove toxic miasmic buildup-Up from different levels of the auric field
  • How to perform both an in-person healing session and a remote healing session
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Understanding Energetic stress webs and why they occur
  • Learn how to heal energetic Stress Webs
  • Accessing and encoding the Command Center – Pineal and Pituitary
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Learn the causes of distortions and how they affect the human bio-Energy field
  • Learn the psychology behind each chakra.
  • Learn how energy healing works by opening and restructuring your chakras
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Learn about how energy can cause blocked organs
  • Learn the procedure for organ restructure healing
  • Introduction to the emotions associated each organ
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



  • Introduction to meridians, and how they relate with the energetic picture
  • Learn how to remove blocked meridians
  • Learn how to fix DNA mutations, viral attacks and other problems
  • Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay

What this will do for your life:

  • Provide You can make huge leaps in consciousness
  • Give it to someone You can expect large improvements in your energetic intelligence
  • Create Increased depth and precision of energetic skill sets
  • Bestow Greater responsibility in your local community
  • Positioning Covid solutions hub
  • Help You can achieve deeper results for clients
  • Create Your skills as a healer are in high demand
  • Improve Your communication skills in relation to frequency and energy
  • Provide Clear onboarding structure to convert clients to packages
  • Help Accelerate your practice’s growth

This is not for you if:

  • You are not Prepare to be radical-Your life is your responsibility
  • You are not You are ready to heal others if you need it.
  • You’re not Be willing to let go of the patterns that have held you back
  • You are a Procrastinator who loves daydreaming and intellectualising
  • You are not You are willing to share your experiences with others in order to accelerate the growth of their practice


  • You ARE Prepare to be radical-Your life is your responsibility
  • You have A longing to see others grow and transform.
  • You are Prepare to step out of your comfort zones
  • You can wish To be able provide COVID healing solutions to people
  • It works. Your Soul sings with energy


Christof Melchizedek This book provides insights that can inspire purpose and possibility.
Christof He is an entrepreneur and speaker, shamanic facilitator, as well as highly sought after.-after leadership coach. He is also a father, a husband, and a man who believes that creating conscious communities of change starts in our homes and hearts.
Christof He has worked with Fortune 500 executives for 25 years.-Entrepreneurs, athletes, and experts in the healing arts, psychology, leadership, and health. A spiritual futurist was born. Christof He has a natural gift for translating ancient spiritual teachings in new and practical ways that the west can apply them.
His teachings blend science and art in a beautiful way. He has spent his whole life studying formalities with Brennan, earning degrees in psychology and physical education. Healing Science and informally learning with some of the brightest minds of shamanism with linesages of Africa, the Amazon, for seven years.
This experience is what led to the creation of Neo-Shamanic Society. A school that creates amazing Neo-Shamanic facilitators who help to evolve people and the planet. These highly skilled healers are changing the way healers appear in the world through their HEALERSHIP.
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