Chunyi Lin – Spring Forest Qigong – Five Element Healing Movements


Chunyi Lin – Spring Forest Qigong – Five Element Healing Movements

Chunyi Lin - Spring Forest Qigong - Five Element Healing Movements

Master Revises Yellow Emperor’s Internal Manuscript for 5000-year-old Wisdom Chunyi Lin.

Do you want to improve your health, happiness, and well-being?
This revolutionary course will help you improve your health, emotional stability, and vitality.

These innovative new qigong methods combine breathing, gentle movement, emotions, sounds and visualization to help you in multiple dimensions.

The Five Element Chinese medicine’s cornerstone is the Wood, Fire, Earth Metal, Metal, and Water system. Knowing it helps us to understand the characteristics of the body’s energy. All of our emotions and our organs’ energy systems correspond with a specific element. Focusing on a specific emotion will help transform the energy in its organ system. Each emotion has a unique signature and a special frequency. Each frequency corresponds to a specific part of the system and has a powerful effect on the organs in your own body. This creates a beautiful, total healing.

Learn more Chunyi Lin’s comprehensive and accessible approach to Qigong Health practice that includes:

You will learn how Qigong How it can have a positive effect on your well-being-being

How to maximize your health & vitality in the shortest time possible

Learn how to reduce anxiety with ancient wisdom from Qigong Healing

Renew and transform your body’s Qi flow with simple movements and meditations

How to use your positive emotions for healing and raising your energy frequency

How to harness your mind’s power for faster results and SO MUCH MORE!

EMOTIONS (energy moving) are the main cause of energy blockages.

Qigong says we get sick because the body’s organs and energy channels get out of sync. They vibrate in harmony when they are healthy. If our energy is blocked, it becomes unstable, and the body becomes weaker. All of its organs are out of sync and you become more vulnerable to all kinds of things.

Energy blockages can be caused by many things. However, there are many things that can cause energy blockages.-Emotions can be a cause of energy blocks. Unbalanced emotion. What you could call “negative” emotions.

Take, for example:


Fear drains the kidney energy, your body’s very vitality.
Be Worried

Worrying can harm the pancreas energy. Your pancreas is responsible for sending the right amount energy to the right places within your body.

Anger harms the liver energy, and your liver does 70% of your body’s detoxifying.

Unbalanced emotions can lead to illness. Qigong view.

Focus and build vitality

Positive emotions are the key to health, vitality, resilience, and well-being. That’s also the Qigong view, and it’s the key to the extraordinary healing and preventive power of Spring Forest Qigong’s Five Element Qigong Healing Movements. People like to think there’s more to it than that, but there’s not. Relax the body and mind, move energy through the main channels, build vitality, and focus on positive emotions – gratitude, peace, happiness.

Combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Wisdom-Day Healing Experiences

Master Lin In the last 25-years, he has helped heal thousands of people. He has continued to improve his skills over the years. Spring Forest Qigong techniques.

The Five Element Qigong Healing Movements Combines the wisdom of the 5000-Year-Master’s medical manuscript for the old Yellow Emperor LinModern-Day-to-day healing experiences These are the revolutionary new Qigong Techniques combine breathing, gentle movements and emotions with sounds and visualisation to help you heal yourself as well as others on multiple dimensions.

They are also very easy to use and can be done anywhere, even without equipment.

Included in your Personal Study Course

Clear Instructions and Pictures in the Study Guide

Master Demonstrates Unlimited Streaming Videos Chunyi Lin. We can guide you step by step-By-Step 1: Master the Art of Teaching Five Element Qigong Healing Movements

Download-Master Voices MP3 Practice Guide Chunyi Lin.

13 Weeks of “100 Days Practice With You” Videos for More Qigong Wisdom and help you stay focused when activating your body’s potential Healing Intelligence.

Medical studies have shown that Qigong Many health conditions can be mitigated by using these products, including but certainly not limited to:


Kidney and Bladder issues

Reproductive organ Issues

Heart Illnesses

Respiratory Illnesses

Back Pain

Neck Pain








Reverse Aging

Original Content

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These revolutionary new qigong techniques merge breathing, gentle movements, emotions, sounds, and visualization to help you on multiple dimensions of your being.