Content Sparks – Eliminate Business Overwhelm (Blaze Package)



Content Sparks – Eliminate Business Overwhelm (Blaze Package)

Content Sparks - Eliminate Business Overwhelm (Blaze Package)


Make Your Own Course on How To Eliminate Business Overwhelm 
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Here are the reasons your students will love it…

With Eliminate Business Overwhelm, you’ll get everything you need to LEARN, TEACH, and ATTRACT students to your own course,

….where they’ll learn how to increase productivity, efficiency, and prevent business burnout.

Here’s how…

Many small business owners are self-employed.-Employed entrepreneurs experience overwhelm in their business.

They have too many things to do and not enough time to complete them all.

They also play multiple roles within their business, so their to-The do list keeps growing.

Where does this overwhelm come?

For most people in business overwhelm is caused by things such as:

Poor time management
Inadequacy of clearly defined priorities
Work spaces disorganized
Inefficient work processes
Limited options for delegating

It can also have a wide-ranging effect. It can:

Hurt your productivity
Do not let your progress slow down
You can sabotage yourself-Confidence
Reduce stress and anxiety
You can’t let the joy go from your business.

Business Overwhelm can also impact your personal life, affecting your relationships, and your health.

While some may view overwhelm as a natural part of owning a business, it doesn’t have to be.

Module 1 – Identify Your Areas of Overwhelm  

Until you’re fully aware of your current situation, you can’t do anything to change it. Module 1 will allow students to evaluate their current situation to determine what they can do to change it.

Module 2 – Manage your time for maximum productivity  

When you’re overwhelmed, you aren’t as effective as you would like to be. In the four lessons of this module, you’ll teach students the techniques for organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling their to-Do not list… so they can concentrate on the key actions that will propel their business forward.

Lesson 1: Create a master list Lesson 1 will show students how to get rid of all the pending tasks and break them down into manageable chunks. This will allow them to free up their thinking space and regain control.

Lesson 2: Set Your Priorities IIn lesson 2, you will teach your students how to use a simple prioritizing technique on their task list… so they know where to direct their energy to get the best results.

Lesson 3: Reduce Your To-Do List Lesson 3 will help your students reduce the size of their toes.-Do not list by removing or delegating tasks so they can concentrate on the key tasks that will help them achieve their business goals.

Lesson 4 – Schedule for Maximum Productivity Lesson 4 will teach your students how to plan their key tasks so they are realistically planned for success.

Module 3 – Increase Your Efficiency  

Your students will now be able to set their own schedule and prioritize tasks. This is the first step in eliminating overwhelm. In the four lessons in Module 3, you’ll teach techniques to run their everyday operations smoothly and efficiently, avoid time wasters, and deal with the continual flow of email and the lure of social media in a strategic way.

Lesson 1: Limits and Boundaries Lesson 1 will discuss how to eliminate time-wasters and drains of energy so that your students get the most out of every moment of the day.

Lesson 2 – Every day, work efficiently Lesson 2 will show you how to organize your students’ work space and tools to make the most out of your time. This will allow you to help them work efficiently every day.-To-Day to day basis.

Lesson 3: Conquer Email Overwhelm In Lesson 3, you’ll help your students avoid email overwhelm by implementing a system for efficiently managing their emails… so they don’t drown under a constant flood of email.

Lesson 4 – Manage Your Social Media Strategically Lesson 4 will show how students can avoid social media overwhelm through being proactive and disciplined… so that they save time and get more out of their social media connections.

Module 4 – Reduce Stress To Avoid Burnout  

How you handle stress will determine how long you live.-Your mental and physical health can be affected long-term. If you ignore stress over a long period of time, then you’ll be heading for burnout. In the three lessons in Module 3, you’ll help your students become more aware of their current level of stress and learn ways to deal with it and move towards a balanced lifestyle.

Lesson 1: How Do You Know You’re Stressed? Lesson 1 will teach your students how to recognize stress and identify their symptoms. This will help them understand the importance of this issue for them in the present and the future.

Lesson 2: Balance your life and work Lesson 2 will give guidelines to your students on how to establish a balanced life that suits their circumstances.-Free life

Lesson 3 – Avoid Burnout with Tactics Lesson 3 will teach you techniques to reduce stress early before it becomes burnout.

Module 5 – Review and refine  

In this final module, you’ll bring everything your students have done in the course together, so that they have tools to eliminate overwhelm that they can use from now on. They will consolidate what they have learned and plan for the future to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

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"This course is available and delivery within one day!"Until you’re fully aware of your current situation, you can’t do anything to change it. In Module 1, your students will evaluate their current situation, so they are aware of what issues to address to bring about change.

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