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Copyschool – Master Of AI Copy

Copyschool - Master Of AI Copy

Why be left behind?
With this, you can seize new opportunities AI copy. You can even make more money.

The truth is: This was the exact sales page I was going to create using ChatGPT.
It was Monday morning, so I was ready to lift.-Five AI Get my first draft on!
But, when I tried signing into it gave me this:
And I thought: Hmm, I’m Never at capacity at 9:15am Mondays.
Monday is supposed be the most productive day of the week. I had a workblock in the calendar for the next few minutes to write this page. And I wanted to put ChatGPT to the test – I wanted to “hire” It to write the pages, with my direction.
After all, that’s what this program is all about.
How to write great copy AI As your “copy cub.”
I thought I’d demonstrate by actually writing the page with AI.
But I can’t. Because my copy cub has gone down with illness. Or slept in. Or are you too busy serving everyone else, I suppose.
I’ll still be productive this Monday. I’ll just go back to doing the first draft myself…
We now come to an important point. AI promises to “build a brighter, more prosperous future for ourselves and for generations to come” (ahem):
You and I know… It’s probably unwise to rely entirely on AI.
For starters, AI is not going be free.
At least not the good ones.
There will be downtime. There will be inaccuracies. There will be copyright infringements. There will be the natural flaws that come with flawed human beings crafting a tool that’s intended to learn like a brain does but that, well, I mean, have you heard how little we know about our own brains? We want to create new ones.
Not to get into predictions, because that’s impossible. And dumb.
But let’s Take it as a given AI copy isn’t perfect today.
Let’s also assume it’s going to get *amazing*.
And let’s allow ourselves to get excited about that.
Except… and not to spook you or sound any alarms, but…
Pilots are responsible for crashing planes “outsource” Thinking to the machine.
When the auto-Flight system for Air France Flight 447 was shut off in the air. The pilot had to suddenly shift from managing the plane to actively participate in it’s flying. The advanced autopilot-The flight system had made it easier for pilots to solve problems. The pilot was unable identify the problem and the aircraft crashed.
I first heard about that back in 2016, when I was listening to Charles Duhigg’s audiobook, “Smarter, Faster, Better.” It’s about how to make decisions faster… but it also shows us the downside of outsourcing decision-Making to a machine.
It’s not the fear that the machine will “take over.”
It’s the fear that We become so reliant on the machine that, when it fails, we don’t have the skills to take back control.
That, for me and you, means Only outsource the good stuff.-Thinking about parts of our work.
AI Copywriting should replace clickity-Clack, you’re done with the first draft.
It should replace glug glug gluuug Brain-You will stop staring at the screen and your fingertips will be hovering above the keyboard.
It should replace those moments when the words should be coming but they’re Just not coming
You still need to understand the purpose of the copy.
You still need the strategy, plan, and the message map.
You still need to be informed.
You still have to think.
And because AI Copy is all about execution. YOU have just become a strategist.
Congratulations! Congratulations! AI ChatGPT and other copywriting bots have replaced the shoulder-shrugging, don’t-care-To-Be-Here-anyway, quiet-quitting junior copywriter. The five-Cents-You can find more information at-minute listicle writer. The uninspiring blogger. The wordsmithing order-taker.
They gave you a promo.
You will continue to have the same job description that you had before.
But with this to-Do not remove it:
  • Scribble your first drafts in a witty manner
Your SFD days are over! Long live the best parts about our job:
  • Conducting voice-This is-Customer research
  • Analyzing qualitative & quantitative data to find insights and ideas
  • Crafting segments, personas, jobs to be done…
  • Creating messaging hierarchies
  • Making messaging recommendation reports
  • Brand voice development
  • Coming up with a creative idea or big idea
  • Plan for the page, email or ad.
Now you can take all that stuff and tell ChatGPT exactly what you want. (This is where you will find the SFD. You can push it to do better when it sends back copy. (Now it’s just a FD.) Then you take the copy you’re satisfied with and start:
  • Punching it up so it’s got more oomph
  • Copy You Rule techniques for editing it
  • Add emotion, personality, and voice
  • Tone re-evaluation
  • Removing the extra bits that aren’t compelling
  • Clarifying differentiators
  • Discovering how people make decisions
  • Formatting for readability
  • Removing what you know won’t work
  • Layering in social proof where it’s most persuasive
That’s the stuff you’ve always liked doing the most. And it happens to be the stuff that your clients / bosses were paying you for…
(Because even if they didn’t know it, your clients had a hunch they were hiring someone with special skills and secret tricks to get people to say yes. We’re not talking about Choose words from a dictionary here, people.)
However, your new promotion also brings up a new question.
How do you get the best out of ChatGPT when it becomes your affordable intern?
ChatGPT is your copy cub.
It’s your intern. It’s just sitting there, waiting for you to give it direction and then make it perform better with your coaching.
But how do you do it?
Let’s start with how NOT…
Here are two reasons not to use AI.
#1 TERRIBLE IDEA “Make AI write an email.”
Here’s what ChatGPT wrote when I asked it to write a welcome email for me:
I gave it this big ol’ prompt. And it wrote… a really, really shitty first draft. And that’s my fault. You shouldn’t assign it giant tasks.
#2 TERRIBLE IDEA “I guess that’s good enough.”
When I asked the same question (as above) of, here’s what it produced:
If you compare ChatGPT’s output to Writer’s output, you can see that there’s PLENTY of room to improve across the board. This is what you need to know:
That “room to improve” isn’t lying off in the distant future.
It could be instant.
Because AI It gets smarter. It can learn. It’s easy to forget that it’s not just a party trick or some fun new distraction like NFTs were in 2022 or like Wordle was at the height of the pandemic.
If you prompt it to do better – in your very next prompt – it just might.
You need to learn how to do YOUR job well.
You need to actively think about HOW you THINK.
So you can coach, you must know how you do your work. AI To do the tedious parts of your job.
Because let’s say you realize that you can’t ask ChatGPT to write you a whole homepage. It must be asked to create a headline. Okay, great. Now let’s talk about the headline.
This is the sort of question that can be hard to answer if you’ve kinda sorta maybe a little bit been winging it as a copywriter.
Which means, if you don’t want to be made redundant by AI, it’s time to stop winging it. You don’t have to become a bonafide Certified Conversion Copywriter to keep paying your bills. But here’s what you do need…
1. To learn how to feed ChatGPT the right inputs.
2. ChatGPT outputs can be improved.
A crash course in research, planning, and editing is necessary for conversion copywriters. Like a copy chief. Like a copymaster.
And that’s exactly what you’re about to get….


Promote yourself as a Copywriter or Copymaster.

The crash course in drawing winning copy is now available AI tools by giving them clever prompts and editing their work like the Copymaster you were born to be…

ChatGPT can write copy faster than an intern. It also writes copy faster than an old pro would because it’s not bogged down by decades of conflicting insight and anecdotes it has to weigh…
You only benefit from speed if you get quality copy fast.
Any rando generator that’s been around since the 90s can churn out sentences that Fulfill a duty but don’t You can persuade people into buying.
And let’s remember: you’re being paid to get people to buy.
This is why Master This is AI Copy teaches you:

How to plan & research

  • 10 core research methods that copywriters can use
  • Understanding switching factors
  • Identifying the right person to write for
  • Frameworks

How to persuade

  • Social proof adds oomph
  • Editing with emotion
  • Transforming robo-Copy into “but fashion” Copy
  • Getting more qualified clicks
With the skills to plan convincing emails and pages…
And the skills to do your own research so you can feed the copy bots with prompts that produce insightful first drafts…
And the skills to determine what the robot is capable of doing.-writer churns out… to keep what’s good… to reorganize it so it’s great… and to edit it so it’s phenomenal…
You can transform from an “copywriter” To be a great person is a wonderful thing. Copy Chief, Copy Analyst, Copymaster, Content Strategist – to the strategic copy partner who’s got their very own automated copy cub churning out first drafts like a machine…
Or you can do it either way. AI You can find copywriting tools here.
This is why it is now the right time to make them your ally and not your enemy. You can:
Begin to befriend the bear so it doesn’t eat your flesh.
Every CMO who recognizes that a copywriter cannot be replaced with AI Tools, there are 12 CMOs who hope to outsource some of their work to ChatGPT.
It will eventually become obvious for some that:

A robot can source your copy, which gives you the ability to do what you want.-copyrighted copy
Robotic copysourcing allows you to source your copy from a robot
Low-cost copy sourcing from a robot is not an option-value stuff

And that’s when you’ll wanna show them this badge, which you get when you complete Master This is AI Copy:
That badge doesn’t merely prove to future employers that you know how to work copywriting software the way a designer knows how to work Photoshop or Illustrator.
It also proves that you’ve conquered the very thing that came here intent upon your destruction. You didn’t cower. You didn’t run. You didn’t throw up your hands and start googling how to become a life coach. You grabbed your lasso and circled the dragon in the air. And now you ride the dragon – First of Your Name, Queen of the Conversions, Protector of the Seven Sweeps, the Mother of AI Dragons, the Copymaster of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Blockchains…

Now what’s behind that badge? Great question. ChatGPT doesn’t know, but I do.
7 brands-Learn new lessons
Module 1 will walk you through the complete introduction. AI Copywriting tools and their meaning for you.
15 curated “prompt” lessons.
Give AI This selection of my favorite lessons about how to plan and structure copy that converts are tools better prompts
13 curated editing lessons
Learn new skills to transform your business. AI writes for you into powerfully persuasive copy that’s a delight to read.
2 bonus lessons.
Sam Woods demonstrates how to prompt AI Lianna Patch demonstrates how to boost the volume of editing with tools AI copy.
In just under 5 hours of training, you’ll:
  • ChatGPT allows you to create an email or page completely with ChatGPT or your preferred program. AI writing bot, assisting you…
  • Stop expecting everything and/or nothing out of tools like ChatGPT… and instead empathize with their limits…
  • No matter what you call it, know why. AI “copywriting” tools are nowhere in the vicinity of ready to be certified conversion copywriters – but instead of hating on the bots for this, you’ll be able to appreciate the differences in your skill set vs theirs…
  • Confidently feel yourself prompting (and repeating) your thoughts.-(Prompting) The most popular AI copywriting tools….
  • Identify what you’re doing wrong with your prompts so you can change your approach – and totally love what your AI copy bot produces…
  • Apply conversion copywriting principles to your interactions with the bots and what they produce… so you can do infinitely better work without the burden of slow-down drafts…
Perhaps most importantly:
  • You’ll have an eyes-Wide-Open appreciation for what? AI copy bots can actually do FOR you (not against you)… in order for you to craft more persuasive copy without being bogged down by the dreadful Shitty First Draft phase…
I’ll show you how.
Sam will show how.
Lianna will show how.
This brand is the first to feature this product.-A new collection of lessons.

Your job was always to copymaster.

Now with Master This is AI Copy, you’ll:

  • Upgrading your professional title
  • Allies with, not against, the tools that can make you better
  • Get the job done faster and increase your hourly rate
  • You can find more ideas here
  • Partner with AI To get out of your rut
  • Mass produces first drafts (rather than wallowing over them).
  • Discover how great copywriters think about conversion copywriting
  • Outsource the most difficult parts
  • Strategic planning is key
  • Transform starting from a “doer” A strategist
  • Do not panic that the end is near
  • Use a certification badge to show off your skills
  • Join the next generation AI-Copymasters powered

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