Debbie Drum – AI Consistent Characters


Debbie Drum – AI Consistent Characters

Debbie Drum - AI Consistent Characters

The Hardest Part About Creating Profitable Story Books Just Got Way Easier And Cheaper Than Ever

Discover the Secret to This $BILLION Market…WITHOUT Needing Artistic Skills, Publishing Experience or Writing Talent!

Introducing AI Consistent Characters

Seize the Massive Advantages MY AI Strategy Offers…We Make it Easy for Anyone to Sell in This BOOMING, Global Market!

This is a BIG break-through for the creative AI industry (which is MASSIVE…see more about that below!)
Finally, you can harness the power of AI to create children’s books with consistent character images across all the pages!
I’m so excited to share my ground-breaking publishing solution with you…more in just a moment…but first: Why should you care?
Why do children’s books sales continue to GROW, year after year?
The truth of the matter is is that there is room for everyone in this market. You just need to do it!
There’s room in this market for everyone. It’s worth repeating!

The Children’s Book Market is INSANELY Popular and Easy to Create for…IF You Know How!

Creating and publishing children’s books can be a HUGE goldmine for passive profitsbut there can be a lot of roadblocks with the methods to creating graphics for your books!
The “Old” AI Way =
Don’t Worry, we will solve all these problems
  • Images that just don’t match – how can you have a story book with characters that don’t look the same from image to image – that’s just NOT GOOD AT ALL!
  • Mismatched Styles – you can’t seem to find the exact same style and without the consistency of the characters it was extremely hard to do
  • Weirdness of Images – We’ve all gotten the extremely strange output of images with AI – whether it’s the 20 fingers, weird teeth, and the list goes on…. (we will help you solve this…read on!)
  • Extremely hard to get consistent animal characters – humans are hard enough now try getting a consistent animal – very hard.
  • And the list goes on about the HARDSHIPS of having this AMAZING AI at our fingertips but not being able to use it effectively.
The development of AI has made HUGE changes in the ease and profitability of creating children’s books…WITHOUT all the hassles listed above.
We’ve Solved All Of This…
Introducing The New AI Way
  • SOLVED – Images that just don’t match – now you can have consistent characters throughout you books without all the hardships of the old AI where it was near impossible without the exact training you need
  • SOLVED – Mismatched Styles – not only will you have consistent characters but you will also have consistent styles so your book and story are congruent …LIKE A BOOK SHOULD BE!!
  • SOLVED – Weirdness of Images – We will show you how to overcome the weird output you get with AI with some images – This will end your frustration and allow you to publish with EASE!
  • SOLVED Get consistent animal characters – it’s possible – click the buy button below to see exactly how in minutes from now!
  • Also – Top AI experts giving you training – there is nothing better than that when it comes to serious ways of making money!!
But after a decade of struggling with sub-par programs or paying an arm and a leg for freelancers to do the work…I’ve come up with THE solution!

The Biggest Problem With AI and Creating Consistent Characters Is Now Solved For Good

If you want to break into this billion dollar marketplace for quick and easy ongoing sales…you are going to NEED an AI solution.
This is a unique AI publishing toolkit…you won’t find any others quite like it.
  • Discover how to reverse engineer any character
  • Quickly fix images that just don’t work out for you
  • Get consistent styles for all your images
  • Create complementary characters so your characters no longer look mis-matched
  • Finally use your creativity PLUS AI to earn more profits than ever before!
  • •Revolutionize children’s book creation with AI, making character consistency easy and affordable
  • •Dive into the $2.6 billion children’s book market with no need for artistic skills or publishing experience.
  • •Overcome common AI issues like costly subscriptions, steep learning curves, and inconsistent character designs.
  • •Unlock the potential for passive income in a booming, global children’s book industry.
  • •Benefit from a user-friendly tool that requires no technical skills, perfect for beginners and experts alike.
  • •Tap into growing demands for educational and interactive children’s content, accessible globally.
  • •Gain instant access to AI Consistent Characters at a special introductory price, complete with a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • •Leverage the included MidJourney Visual Dictionary to enhance your creative process and speed up image generation.
  • •Use your creativity to make money – that’s everyone’s dream!
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  • •Beginner friendly
  • •Something new for those with advanced tech skills
  • •No need for creative design experience
  • •Doesn’t require much writing for AMAZING children’s picture books
  • Growing Need for instructional Content: Beyond conventional forms, parents and educators are looking for more instructional content for kids. Children’s books frequently include educational components that support reading, numeracy, problem-solving abilities, and other developmental features in a fun way.
  • Consumer tastes are Shifting: As a growing percentage of children are digital natives, there is a movement in consumer tastes in favor of digital and interactive entertainment. In an effort to adapt to their children’s evolving tastes, parents might be more likely to select digital children’s books over traditional ones.
  • Globalization and Accessibility: The market reach of children’s books has increased due to the availability of these books on online platforms throughout the world. The market for children’s books is expanding thanks to publishers’ ability to reach a wider audience through digital distribution platforms and online marketplaces.
  • Parental Concerns over Video Screen Time: Digital children’s books provide a balance between technology and conventional reading, as there is a growing emphasis on screen time and its possible effects on kids…digital books are a good compromise.

Get Started Now

Under normal circumstances, the value-packed insights and hands-on experience offered in AI Consistent Characters would be priced at $97 or more.
However, in the spirit of giving and to ensure you’re equipped for success in the coming year, I’ve decided to present this exclusive opportunity at a special introductory rate.
It’s my way of investing in your potential to achieve amazing results with AI in the year ahead – all for a fraction of the usual cost!

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Discover the Secret to This $BILLION Market...WITHOUT Needing Artistic Skills, Publishing Experience or Writing Talent!

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