Devesh – Agency Cashflow Roadmap


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Devesh – Agency Cashflow Roadmap

Devesh - Agency Cashflow Roadmap

You don’t want another course.
You want consistent cashflow.
Get the Roadmap that took me from my college class all
the way to consistent $25K+ months.
What you will get inside the agency cashflow roadmap
Module 1 – The Basics
✅ Golden Research Strategies, to find that information prospects HAVE TO react to
✅ An Experts Landing Page to easily convince prospects you’re the real deal
✅ A Pricing Calculator to generate the maximum amount to charge
Module 2 – Zero to First Client
✅ The Unshakeable Niche-Finding Formula to help you KNOW the most profitable niche for you
✅ Hooking Scripts to get your first client when you have 0 results or experience
✅ Platinum Positioning Plays to EASILY get your first client without any testimonials, case studies, or referrals
Module 3 – From 1 Client to $10k/month
✅ The Fake Video Audit Method which gets INSANE reply rates
✅ My personal “Embarrassing truth” Client Attraction Script
✅ High-Leverage Systems & processes that let you complete tasks on autopilot, while you focus on what actually matters without the stress of constant chaos
✅ Client Retention Systems to keep them paying, month after month
Module 4 – $10k to $25k per month
✅ An Irresistible Deal Structure prospects have a hard time saying no to
✅ Natural-looking Email Drip Campaigns, to separate yourself from the competition who use basic copy-paste scripts
✅ Referral Partnerships to skyrocket your leads
If you’re one of the first 500 buyers, you get:
? Agency operating system – a complete collection of systems you can instantly use to bring on clients, generate results, hire + manage your team, and track your cashflow
? “9-5 Daily Planner” – My personal time management framework for scaling your agency EVEN if you spend your days at a full-time job or in college classes
What people are saying?
Frequently Asked Questions
“Will this last? Or is it just a trend?”
You’re given timeless tools to position yourself, create an offer, find a niche, and keep your clients. This isn’t a trend, it’s the knowledge that will be with you for life.
“Is this actually going to help and not be a general course?”
A course is a collection of knowledge designed to teach you something.
This roadmap is a GROWTH PATH that is designed to take you step-by-step, from your Job or College, to consistent cash flow with your Agency.
You’ll learn the basics, yes.
Then the other 90% will be specific tools to easily build your Agency.
“Why should I invest all this time if it might not work?”
If you want true freedom?
Spending time is a MUST either way.
You can either spend a week max going through this roadmap…
or months “going your own way” to get the same results.
This is the most detailed product on the market.
Because of this, I’m very certain it’ll work for you.
“What if I get to a good stage, but then my progress stagnates?”
When you get to $25,000 a month?
You’ll be on the same level as I am now.
But I’m progressing too.
So I’ll constantly update the roadmap as I grow.
By the time you get to 25k?
There will be a module for 25k-35k, and so on.
“Why are you doing this? Won’t I be your competitor?”
LOL… you have no idea how big the market really is.
“English isn’t my first language / I don’t live in the US, is that a problem?”
English isn’t my first language either.
You don’t have to be good at English…
You just have to make people confident in you (which this roadmap gives you the tools to do)
I don’t live in the US either.
The internet removes all location dependency.
You’ll build an internet-based business, so won’t have a problem.
How is this different from cold email mastery?”
Cold email mastery is exclusively about sending cold emails. If you already have the rest of your business figured out from niche to systems, hiring & automation, get cold email mastery.
But if you need help with other aspects of your agency, get the agency cashflow roadmap.
“How is this different from agency course”
Agency Course is more of an in-depth overview of starting an agency, what services to offer, how to start an FB ads agency, etc.
But if you want a roadmap(step-by-step guide) where you can get answers whenever you get stuck right from $0 to $25k/month, get the Agency Cashflow Roadmap.
See what these two people have to say about the structure and basic difference from other products.
“What is the refund policy?”
If you can show that you implemented everything in the course consistently for at least 3 months and still didn’t get results, you’ll get 100% money back!
“Why an Agency when I can get into something like Crypto?”
Crypto is a great opportunity to make money these days.
If you know the right coins to invest in, and you have money?
Go right ahead.
But if you really want to be in FULL CONTROL of your cashflow and lifestyle…
Ask yourself this:
“With crypto, can I control the value of the coins I’m investing in?”
“Can I rely on these coins, for months ahead of time?”
Apply what I say in the Agency Cashflow Rodmap, build a consistent cashflow machine through your agency and then reinvest that in crypto
“Will I get ongoing support?”
Yes! You can email me or dm me anytime and I’ll try to help you as much as I can!
You also get a message button in the course platform which gives you exclusive access to my support.
“Can I get a discount”
No. Agency Cashflow Roadmap is the discount you’re getting on the time you would’ve spent learning those things yourself and losing money doing things that work.
Everything mentioned in the roadmap is tried by me and 10s of other 6 figure agency owners.
“Will I get future updates in the roadmap?”
You will get all future updates and extra content for free. Also, you will have lifetime access!

Here’s What You’ll Get in Devesh – Agency Cashflow Roadmap

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