Devon Rodriguez – Masterclass – Draw and Paint Realistic Portraits


Devon Rodriguez – Masterclass – Draw and Paint Realistic Portraits

Devon Rodriguez - Masterclass - Draw and Paint Realistic Portraits

Learn to create an astounding oil portrait. Whether you’re experienced or new to painting, refine your drawing, color-mixing, and varnishing techniques with TikTok sensation Devon Rodriguez.

  1. Create an oil painting & drawing

    Level up your skills with step-by-step guidance on projects to achieve learnings you’re proud of.

  2. Flexible curriculum

    We break down the class into manageable activities to do at your own pace.

  3. Feedback & discussions

    Access a community of peers to get feedback and be inspired

  4. All levels

    This session is approachable for beginners and has advanced techniques for the more experienced.

Unlock new skills with a structured curriculum

Section 1


Section 2

Portrait Drawing

Section 3

Color Mixing

Section 4

Eyes, Hair, and Shadows

Section 5

Lips, Nose, and Ears

Skills you will learn

Prepare To Draw & Paint
  • Gather the right tools
  • Set up your space
  • Choose the perfect image
  • Practice charcoal tracing
  • Freehand draw with grid lines
Bring Your Art To Life
  • Render necks and shoulders
  • Build dimension with shadows
  • Paint the subject’s clothing
  • Add the perfect background
  • Varnish your work
Paint Your Oil Portrait
  • Experiment with color theory
  • Mix for any skin tone color
  • Paint Alla Prima style
  • Show depth in ears and lips
  • Depict realistic eyes

Explore the full curriculum

Watch the Session Overview to learn more.


Devon shares the story of his artistic journey and inspires you to start your own. In this section, you’ll build your artist’s supply kit and choose the photo you’ll be painting for the rest of the session.

Portrait Drawing

It’s time to start sketching. Devon takes you through charcoal tracing and grid line drawing—two techniques that provide the outline to your portrait. You’ll choose your preferred method depending on your skill level, then you’ll start drawing!

Color Mixing

Devon guides you through the fundamental nuances of the color wheel as you practice blending primary, secondary, and complimentary colors. You’ll mix color on your own, and by the end of the section you’ll achieve the skin tone needed for your portrait.

Eyes, Hair, and Shadows

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for your portrait, it’s time to add realistic eyes, hair, and shadows. Devon guides you through his foundational technique—painting alla prima to create a mosaic-like look to your piece.

Lips, Nose, and Ears

As the face of your portrait comes to life, you’ll continue to bring dimension to your painting with realistic facial details. Devon will show you how to add depth while regulating tone.

Neck, Shirt, and Background

When it comes to art, it’s all in the details. Devon guides you through painting your subject’s neck, clothing, and the background of the portrait.

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