Don Hussey – Business Analysis: Developing Requirements


Don Hussey – Business Analysis: Developing Requirements

Don Hussey - Business Analysis: Developing Requirements

What you’ll learn
Make a plan to effectively gather requirements
Interview stakeholders to learn about their pain points, and needs.
To understand the real work of customers and colleagues, observe them.
Facilitate group interviewing and brainstorming, surveys, etc.-Gathering methods
Input requirements from the frame into a coherent set of actual requirements

Developing Requirements This course aims to improve your business analysis skills and help you to get the best requirements.

As a next step, Business Analyst by Mastering Requirements Elicitation

  • Planning an effective analysis phase is a great way to start your project.
  • Learn how to uncover requirements stakeholders may not know about or are reluctant to volunteer.
  • Learn how to interview and observe your stakeholders effectively
  • Learn the basics about Joint Requirements Planning (JRP), sessions to accelerate the pace for requirements development
  • Learn how to develop requirements that are accurate and match the needs of your company so you can find best solutions

This course will cover:

How to plan your project’s analyses phase. Determine where your requirements should be coming from. Find out how to get requirements from these sources. Select the right plan for your project.

How to gather requirements. Learn how to interview stakeholders and observe them. Facilitate group interviews and brainstorming sessions. Learn the basics of JRP Session Facilitation. Focus groups and surveys can be conducted. Gather requirements from documents.

How to document requirements. How to organize and categorize notes into tangible requirements input. It will be easier to manage and avoid duplicate work. It should all be compiled into one document.

Through a series scenarios, you’ll see how the course material applies in real life.

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"This course is available and delivery within one day!"Run effective brainstorming and group interview sessions. Learn the basics of JRP Session facilitation. Run surveys and focus groups. Gather requirements from documents and systems.