Donna Eden – Energy Medicine for Gut Health 2023


Donna Eden – Energy Medicine for Gut Health 2023

Donna Eden - Energy Medicine for Gut Health 2023

Finally, an answer to your gut issues that doesn’t rely on expensive medication.

In 2-days, learn over 48 Energy Medicine techniques designed to restore and maintain a healthy gut – from 2 of our most trusted and sought-after Eden Energy Medicine Advanced practitioners!

Energy Medicine for Gut Health

Class Recordings Available
Presented by Dr. Vicki Matthews and Dr. Melanie Smith

Gut issues can make what should be the most natural and easiest parts of your day a source of pain and stress.

Have you ever found yourself breaking into a sweat because you have to make that awkward mad dash to the restroom? Or had to plan your day around that one private bathroom at the office?

Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and find yourself stressed out because you’ve been in that one private bathroom for over 20 minutes trying to make something happen!

Maybe you have to avoid certain foods that you once loved but know will lead to stomach aches, joint pain, lethargy, brain fog, and more. Or maybe you have to deal with frequent bouts of stomach pain – pain so crippling it keeps you in bed all day.

Gut health is absolutely critical when it comes to your overall well-being.

An unhealthy gut can lead to seriously disruptive, painful chronic conditions such as Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Gluten Sensitivity, Crohn’s and Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome and more.

If you rely on pharmaceuticals to cope with the pain and discomfort, you already know that popping pills offers relief for a short time.

Before long the symptoms come back in a BIG way and the next thing you know, you’re back to struggling with stomach discomfort, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, heartburn and more.

Gut Health also impacts your immunity, brain function, and mental health.

Did you know that an unhealthy gut can also lower your immunity, impact your brain, and even lead to depression?

When we think of our immune system, we don’t normally think about our gut. But we should.

Over 70% of the cells of your immune system live in or around the GI tract.  This means that a healthy immune system is largely dependent on healthy intestines.

If you’ve been feeling like your immune system is compromised lately, the solution may lie in restoring gut health.

And the same goes for depression.

Science is showing us that our brains and guts are very connected.

Do you get butterflies in your belly when you’re nervous or excited? Have you ever had a gut feeling let you know when something isn’t quite right?

Or has a thought ever left you feeling “sick to your stomach”?

Our brain and gut are in constant communication.

Your brain sends signals to your gut when it’s stressed, anxious, excited, happy.

But it’s not just your brain sending signals to your gut! 

Your gut also sends signals back to your brain.

If your gut is unhealthy or distressed, it’s sending those signals back to your brain. It’s sounding the alarm to let the brain know something is off.

Over time, if left unchecked, these signals of distress can cause anxiety and depression.

Mental Health and Gut Health are connected.

Heal your gut and you’ll help heal your mind.

Introducing Energy Medicine for Gut Health

With Energy Medicine having so much to offer your gut, we wanted to bring you a class that gives you our very best, time-tested, and powerful energy-based techniques directed toward healing your gut.

In the initial stages of designing the class, two teachers stood out. They both are advanced Energy Medicine practitioners and highly respected alternative medicine doctors with thriving practices. Dr. Vicki Matthews is a naturopathic physician and Dr. Melanie Smith is a doctor of oriental medicine. Drawing on their decades of experience and proven expertise around gut health, Dr. Vicki and Dr. Melanie have come together to bring you:


All Eden Method classes are approved by Donna Eden herself.  Here’s what she had to say after reviewing Vicki and Melanie’s handouts

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to apply 48 powerful energy-based tools and protocols so you can  begin improving your gut health right away.
  • The surprising key to achieving and sustaining great gut health in the long-term even if you’re been struggling with gut issues like IBS, bloating, or leaky gut syndrome for years.
  • The art of infusing your food with good energy so you can increase your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate residual matter.
  • Insights on the gut-brain axis and how you can improve cognitive function (read: get smarter!) no matter your age.
  • How to tap into the power of energy testing before you ingest so you can determine which food and diet styles work best for your unique, one-of-a-kind body.
  • Gut health protocols that can help reduce or potentially overcome stress-related behavioral issues and disorders such as chronic worrying, anxiety, and even depression.
  • In-depth understanding on how your gastrointestinal tract works so you can accurately identify and address your gut issues using the power of energy medicine.
  • How to give yourself additional energetic boosts and heal your overall gastrointestinal tract including the exact protocols you can use to clear the chakras that govern the digestive system.

Here’s What You’ll Experience with  Energy Medicine for Gut Health

48 Energy Tools to Be Healthier, Happier, and Smarter!

Support for Your Microbiome


Your GI tract is inhabited by a dynamic ecosystem of trillions of microorganisms that significantly impact human health. This is called the gut microbiome. The healthier your gut microbiome, the better your digestion.

We’ll cover:

  • A thorough look at the gastrointestinal tract
  • The role of your gut microbiome in digestion
  • Ways to support your gut microbiome

The Energy of The Digestive System


The Digestive System consists of the organs involved in the processing and passage of food through your body. These organs are both hollow (yin energy) and solid (yang energy).

We’ll cover:

  • The organs of the digestive system
  • An energetic look at the organs associated with the GI Tract
  • The importance of your Ileocecal and Houston Valves in maintaining healthy digestion
  • The importance of a key organ called the decision-maker!

Energy Tools To Aid Digestion


Energy medicine offers easy ways to help avoid chronic digestive issues and support optimal digestion. We’ll introduce several powerful energy exercises in this module.

We’ll cover:

  • Energetic keys to metabolizing your food more easily.
  • The special role your small intestine plays in digestion
  • 5 exercises that specifically help your stomach digest better
  • The key to healthy and regular bowel movements
  • Ways to support a healthy digestive tract

How Your Gut Can Boost Immunity and Overall Health


Over 70% of the cells of your immune system live in or around the GI tract. This means that a healthy immune system is largely dependent on healthy intestines. But it is also dependent on a robust gut microbiome.

We’ll cover:

  • How your gut microbiome is able to undertake many metabolic functions that you, as a human, simply can’t perform
  • How your gut microbiome produces a variety of vitamins and antimicrobial compounds necessary for good health
  • How your gut can help prevent the onset of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers and other illnesses.

How a Healthy Gut can Make Your Happy


Recent studies reveal that alterations in gut microbiome significantly improve emotional behaviors such as depression, anxiety, and stress-related behaviors.

We’ll cover:

  • How, across many different disciplines, the gut is emerging as a key mechanism for improving mental well-being
  • How emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety are frequently linked to gut disorders
  • Easy ways to help support health-inducing gut functions and relieve stress

How a Healthy Gut Can Help Your Brain Work Better!


It’s often said that the gut is the second brain. Many people do trust their “gut feelings” over logic and there may be a good reason for that! Your brain communicates with and receives feedback directly from your gut’s nervous system.

We’ll cover:

  • The functioning of your gut’s nervous system, the Enteric Nervous System
  • Energetic tools to support your gut’s nervous system.
  • Ways to work with your gut energy to improve motivation and other higher cognitive functions

The Gut to Brain Access


The role of the gut to brain axis is to monitor and integrate your gut functions. It also helps link the emotional and cognitive centers of your brain with peripheral intestinal functions and mechanisms, including immune activation.

We’ll cover:

  • Evidence that suggests your gut microbiome has an important impact on your gut to brain axis
  • How this occurs directly via the central nervous system
  • How your gut picks up on your emotions and important Energy Medicine techniques to help you bring them back to balance

Ways to Tackle Stress


Recent studies show that 85% of all disease or illness is related to stress. Prolonged stress over time increases inflammation and, via the Gut to Brain Axis, greatly impacts your digestion and gut health, sometimes to the point it’s impossible to heal.

We’ll cover:

  • Your nervous system’s response to prolonged stress
  • How stress impacts your Autonomic Nervous System and keeps you in “Fight or Flight” mode
  • How stress also impacts your digestion and gut health causing inflammation and disease

The Power of The Vagus Nerve


The vagus nerve facilitates two-way communication from the brain to every organ in your body.  20% of the signal travels from the brain to the gut and 80% of the signal travels from the gut back to the brain.

We’ll cover:

  • The pathway of the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in your body
  • The ability of the vagus nerve to network the brain with the stomach and digestive tract
  • Simple yet powerful Energy Medicine techniques to balance and support your vagus nerve
  • Why the vagus nerve is the stress-relief answer we’ve been looking for.

Rest, Restore, Relax, Digest


The Parasympathetic Nervous System is your “Rest, Restore, Relax, Digest” response and it is within this system that your vagus nerve functions. Relaxation and happy hormones like serotonin, melatonin, and oxytocin are released here, as well as pain reducing endorphins.

We’ll cover:

  • How Donna Eden sees the vagus nerve bridge between the physical and the energetic worlds.
  • How to support and maintain good vagal tone
  • The hormones associated with your Parasympathetic Nervous System

Maintaining Gut Health


Good gut health involves maintaining the optimal balance in your digestive tract. This means that looking after the health of your gut microbiome is vital for physical health, mental health, immunity, and more.

We’ll cover:

  • How to energy test your food so you know what’s good for you.
  • The important role hydration plays in a healthy gut and an energetic tool to tell if your body needs more water.
  • Energetic support for good gut health

Chakras and Gut Health


One way to support your digestive system is to support the individual digestive organs that make up this system. An important way to do this is using chakra clearing to support individual organs.

We’ll cover:

  • The key chakras involved in healthy digestion
  • Specific ways to clear chakras governing individual digestive organs
  • The important role your throat chakra plays in metabolism

In Conclusion


With the basic knowledge from this course and a recognition that taking responsibility for your health is both possible and important, you can readily help your gut microbiome remain healthy and stable so it can help you remain healthy and stable! 

We’ll review the important and easy ways to create and support a healthy gut at physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels.

And we’ll show you how to take what you learned out into your every day life so your gut can support vibrant health, a well-functioning brain, and happiness.

What’s it worth to you?

If you are struggling with gut issues, you know how extremely debilitating they can be.

They affect your overall quality of life. You may find it difficult to engage in activities you enjoy, socialize with friends and family, or travel.

Plus, chronic gut issues often require ongoing medical care, including frequent visits to doctors, specialists, and hospitals. These medical expenses can quickly add up, especially if you require expensive treatments, surgeries, or medications.


It can be hard to know where to turn when you are in pain. Even if you are looking for alternatives to medication, supplements and alternative practitioners can also be costly. The cost of just an initial consultation with a naturopathic doctor is $363/hour.

But what if for far less than any of those costs, you could learn to heal yourself?

What if by taking this class, you could begin an empowering journey to use your body’s own healing energy to relieve your gut symptoms?

And not just relieve them, but actually get at the root cause of the problem so they don’t keep coming back.

Imagine how great that would feel?

What would it feel like to become an expert on your own body? To activate your own inner healer…

With Energy Medicine for Gut Health, you don’t have to just imagine healing.

You can make it happen and get the relief you’ve been looking for.

Right now, you can receive 48 techniques to heal your gut for just $345.

And there’s even more when you register today…

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