Dr. Joe Dispenza – Inspire V1


Dr. Joe Dispenza – Inspire V1

Dr. Joe Dispenza - Inspire V1.

*️⃣ Inspire, Volume 1 – Ten Tracks to Master the Breath:

Dr. One of the core methods in Dr. Joe’s teachings is a breath called Pulling the Mind Out of the Body. This powerful practice is designed to move the creative energy that rests, dormant, at the base of the spine – and direct it to the pineal gland in the brain. In ancient practices, it’s known as kundalini energy.

Unwanted emotions are often stored in the body which blocks our energy. These emotions are released, transformed, and removed by this breath.-limiting emotions – and in so doing, frees the body from the past.

Dr Joe’s research has demonstrated that, when the breath is done properly, we can create high levels of coherent gamma brain waves. These gamma frequencies can help you achieve superheightened awareness.-Consciousness, and states that are blissful.

Inspire, Volume 1 This allows students to work with their breath in a variety of ways. Students can choose the type of guidance they need, select different songs to use in meditations, and even create playlists or shuffle the entire album. Some songs are faster to energize and inspire practitioners. Others have a slower beat, which allows students to take their time to find their own rhythm.

Inspire, Volume 1 was designed to improve students’ experience with this essential practice – until it becomes effortless.

For more information on breath, please refer Chapter 5 in Dr Joe’s bookBecoming Supernatural. Students also can find the breath described in detail – with step-By-step guided practice – in Dr Joe’s Online Courses for Progressive Students.

*️⃣ Inspire, Volume 1– Tracks:

1. Introduction (1:00)
2. Emerging Heart, featuring Dr Joe Dispenza (8:28)
3. Sueños de la Selva, featuring Dr Joe Dispenza (5:10)
4. Inferno, featuring Dr Joe Dispenza (5:15)
5. Tribal Trance initiation with Dr Joe Dispenza (5:15)
6. Refuge, featuring Dr Joe Dispenza (7:46)
7. Breathing Life, featuring Dr. Joe Dispenza (6:18)
8. Kingfisher, featuring Dr Joe Dispenza (7:18)
9. The Shaman and Goddess, featuring Dr. Joe Dispenza (4:47)
10. Cleansing with Dr Joe Dispenza (7:28)
11. Aspiration, featuring Dr Joe Dispenza (5:23)*️⃣ Pulling the Mind Out of the Body: The what, why and how of the breath:

To get the most out of any practice, we must assign meaning to whatever we’re doing. We clarify the It is important of what we’re doing so the Intent Value lies behind all of our actions. This turns on the prefrontal cortex – the seat of intention; the “game-changer.” Therefore, the more we know the things that are important to us, the better we can understand them. “what” The “why,” The “how” It becomes much easier.

This is an excerpt from Dr. Severin’s 2022 Basel Progressive Retreat. Joe We are guided through the process of naming the breath. “Pulling the Mind Out of the Body.” He breaks down the science and the technique, step by step, helping us assign meaning to the breath – the What The Why? – and refine our ability to do it – the how.

We’ll learn about the energy stored in our lower energy centers in the body – powerful enough to create life – and how to Liberate This energy is drawn from the base of your spine, climbed through each energy center, and then released into the brain.

Finally, because there is no greater teacher than experience, we’ll join Dr Joe in practicing the breath – in one slow, steady motion – to feel its power for ourselves.

Our research shows when we incorporate the breath into our practice and deliver more energy to the brain, we’re able to reach a state of “super-consciousness” By creating gamma wave patterns in the brain. As a result, there’s order and coherence in the brain, and our analytical mind quiets down. This is what we achieve. “relaxed and awake” state most conducive to mystical experiences … and vital for creation.

As Dr Joe In this important teaching: “This is not a passive breath. It’s a very engaging breath. It takes a little passion, some presence, and the desire to have the experience.”

Join in with 7,000 students as they learn how to go deeper into the breath – and tap into pure inspiration.

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