Dr. Sheldon Deal – Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 1


Dr. Sheldon Deal – Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 1

Dr. Sheldon Deal - Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 1

This course is a home study program that will teach you how to use AK methods to effectively and efficiently eliminate pain and dysfunction.

To revolutionize your practice with these powerful methods, study with one of the top experts in the field.

This nine-page guide contains 55 shortcut techniques that work.-Hour program professionally filmed, edited using three high quality editors-Definition cameras allow you to clearly see the process. These can be viewed as many times as you’d like and you can access them whenever you need to understand the information.

This is a great option for anyone who uses muscle testing in their practice and wants to work smarter, rather than harder, to achieve longer lasting results in a shorter time.

To ensure you master each skill, you will be given assignments and quizzes. You’ll also have 7 hours of additional webinar coaching sessions with Dr. Deal Get answers to your questions, and additional insight.

What you will learn in each class of AK Shortcuts Part 1
Class 1
Understanding the body’s electrical field
How to accurately test for indicator muscles and how to remain neutral so as not to bias the test
Use this tool to make your work smarter and not harder
Therapy Localization is used to determine where to work
The Priority Mode allows you to determine what needs to be done first
To see if additional work is required, use the More Mode
Use Pause Lock to make your job easier
Hand Modes can be used to determine if structural or nutritional corrections, as well as emotional or electrical corrections, are required
Surrogate Testing for those who are unable to test
How to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Ionization imbalances that can affect the brain and body
How thoughts affect the neuropeptides, and the body

Class 2
There are many acupuncture shortcuts you can quickly locate:
Balance is required at which acupuncture points
Which side has more energy meridians?
Which meridians are currently under energy? On which side of your body are they located?
The fastest way to balance all meridians in just seconds
How to clear every point of a Meridian
Which acu points will balance all meridians
Lasers and magnets can be used to balance acu points
Sound and color can balance chakras
The color bracelets for every day and the color colors
How to ask the body questions
Class 3
Temporal tapping and its applications
How to locate and fix electrical field leaks
Correcting narcolepsy, fatigue
B Vitamins and how they can be applied to specific conditions
The heart hug is worth it
How to reset your body clock
How to correct allergies within 30 seconds
How to get rid of addictions
Treating allergies for what you don’t want to give up
The 5 Energy Circuits to combat fatigue

Class 4
Color and its relationship to musical notes
Programming crystals to heal
Three different adrenal conditions can be treated
TMJ treatment to clear 72% off a patient
Applications for eccentric & concentric muscle tests
Technique for Injury Recall
How to test and lower homocysteine levels
Class 5
How to Correct Stress Syndrome
Here are some nutrition tips
Two-point nutrition and Ridler reflexes
How to correct spinal fixations
Key acupuncture points that can relieve headaches
Correcting hearing problems
Health benefits of Niacin
Five-minute phobia cure
For each blood type, nutrition
Farewell to nutrition-Nearness and sidedness-Sideness
Treating Parkinson’s disease with acupressure
Rapid Eye Movement test to determine ICV and Houston valve
How to correct sleep apnea and snoring

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"This course is available and delivery within one day!"There are 55 effective shortcut techniques in this nine-hour program, professionally filmed and edited using three high-definition cameras to clearly see how each procedure is done.