Erik Hoffmann – Create and Sell Your Workbook + OTO


Erik Hoffmann – Create and Sell Your Workbook + OTO

Erik Hoffmann - Create and Sell Your Workbook + OTO

How much did 1 pay? Workbook
My coaching business is now open
500+ Customers/Month
The Paid Workbook Strategy that works Build Your AudienceCover Your Ad Spend and Develop a Are you hungry for? Your Signature Offer

Imagine Filling up
Your Course/Coaching Program Without:
Big Long
(Read: 4 weeks planning and Be positive and believe that your launch will turn out well.
People in DMs
(Read: You feel like a door)-To-Door salesman asking people to buy their stuff before they slam the doors.
Posting content to Facebook Groups
(Read: fishing in somebody else’s pond with 1,472 other fishermen with the same “clients-getting” strategy)

*️⃣ The Workbook
This BUILDS Your Coaching Business
This little piece of content is powerful for building your coaching business and give your freedom.

Stop giving it away for free and Start selling it
The New Way to Thrive 2023:
Imagine getting 500+ Workbook Customers receive a MONTH for $0 Your Pocket!
How would you feel about upgrading these customers for your other courses / coaching offers.

And keeping 100% of your profit?

Because this strategy worked for me:
What would your experience be like?

You could be able to get 500+ NEW customers for your workbook each month
You can save ZERO dollars on your pocket
You can also upgrade them to your signature deal
While KEEPING the entire signature offer revenue as PROFIT

What would this mean for your coaching business?

*️⃣ 3 Big Problems
When creating Your PAID WORKBOOK
☞ Problem #1
How to find the best-My workbook is a selling idea that attracts my dream customers and sells?
☞ Problem #2
How to quickly map out and Write my workbook content that creates a desire for my signature offer
☞ Problem #3
How to design a PROFESSIONAL-You can have a workbook and not spend a lot on graphic designers.
Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered:
The Workbook Toolkit

☞ The Strategy
On, in a short form-Point videos will walk you through the workbook and show you how to fill it out.
☞ The Workbook
Step by step-By-The workbook’s step-by-step process will help you to find your best workbook idea and Formulas can help you craft your content faster. and Checklists will help you make sure that you don’t forget any important details.

*️⃣ 4 Steps
☞ Step 1
Not every template or tool is going be a success.

I’ll show you how I find the best ideas. and Help you discover yours.
☞ Step 2
If you don’t know what to do, creating content can seem overwhelming.

I will show how to divide your bestselling idea in workbook frameworks, questions and templates. and checklists. You can create content 5x faster.
☞ Step 3
For your workbook, hire a graphic artist and The cost of a funnel can be quite high.

I will show you how to quickly and easily create a simple, fast, and easy website.-To-Use the edit template to create an Eye-Even if your not a designer, catchy design can be achieved.
☞ Step 4

Now you can promote your workbook.

Congratulations! 🎉 👏🏼Congratulations!

*️⃣ The Paid Workbook
Strategy Is a Perfect Way to…
☞ Build and get paid Your List
My workbook sales are not only covering my entire ad expenditure but also make a profit. My list is literally growing and I get paid. You can, too.
☞ Boost Your Credibility as a Coach
A workbook is an ideal format for helping people navigate your coaching process. Your Customers can achieve incredible results without you personally guiding. This increases your credibility.
☞ Create a Craving Your Signature Offer
Because they are seeing amazing results with workbooks, people want to continue. Because they want to achieve even greater results. Play bigger. This creates a desire for your signature offer.

*️⃣ From 0 To 1,594
… Without any Testimonials, Following or Content Marketing
When I started my coaching business in English (I’m not a native speaker) in march 2020, I didn’t want to:

  • Because it takes time, I prefer organic growth of my audience
  • Build a webinar and You can sell a $997 deal because webinars lead to fortune
  • run ads to a freebie because I wasn’t sure how many people would convert.

I wanted something that brought clients fast!

So I launched my mini funnel to sell copywriting scripts on February 28, 2020

… and started running ads.

Instead of selling video courses, I’ve been selling templates, step-By-step action plans, checklists, fill-In-The-Blank scripts and formulas. My clients get results quickly with content that works. and You can pack it in

How much did 1 pay? Workbook
My coaching business is now open
500+ Customers/Month
The Paid Workbook Strategy that builds Your Audience, Cover Your Ad Spend and Create a Craving Your Signature Offer

*️⃣ Original Content:

Here’s What You’ll Get in Erik Hoffmann – Create and Sell Your Workbook + OTO

– Download Sample files

Course Requirement Erik Hoffmann – Create and Sell Your Workbook + OTO
Real Value $ 499
One-Time cost: USD 125

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"This course is available and delivery within one day!" A step-by-step process in the workbook will help you find your bestselling workbook idea and craft your content, formulas will help you create it faster, and checklists will ensure you don't forget anything important.