Felipe Pena Preguica – The Pena Back Attack System


Felipe Pena Preguica – The Pena Back Attack System: Retention, Management, Submissions

Felipe Pena Preguica - The Pena Back Attack System: Retention Control Submissions

Quantity 1
Intro 0
Understanding Attack/High Facet And Help/Backside Facet 1:40
Management And Retention – High Facet Retention 4:59
Arm Over Escape Counter 11:13
Backside Facet Retention Seat Belt Grip Change 17:24
Backside Facet Retention North South 22:48
Backside Facet Retention Variation When Opponent Bridges 28:51
Backside Facet Retention Arm Over Escape Counter 33:59
Back Retention Assessment And Drill 40:26

Quantity 2
Attack Facet Submissions – Rear Bare Choke 0
Bow And Arrow Choke 4:33
Kata Gatame 13:41
Ezekiel 22:47
Shoulder Lock 29:28
Tornado 34:54
Kimura From Tornado 39:50
Guillotine When Opponent Escapes The Back 46:14
Assessment 51:01

Quantity 3
Help Facet Submissions – Bow And Arrow Choke 0
Bow And Arrow Variation When Opponent Breaks Grip 5:07
Bow And Arrow Choke To Back Triangle 8:57
Wristlock From The Back 13:41
Armlock 19:48
The Pena Choke 24:17

Quantity 4
Calf Slicer 0
Guillotine From Help Facet 4:50
Particular Coaching 9:08
Stay Coaching 13:36

Management, Retain, And Attack The Back As Felipe Pena Exhibits You How He Grew to become One Of The Finest Black Belts Of All-Time From This Highly effective Place – Together with The Secrets and techniques To His Signature Struggle-Ending Chokes!

  • Back management is the strongest place to be in BJJ, and Felipe reveals you ways he controls and retains the place to offer you as a lot time as attainable to launch submission assaults
  • Felipe breaks down the distinction between the assault and help facet and the way you must function on every for submission success
  • Arrange extremely efficient chokes just like the bow and arrow, rear bare, ezekiel, and even Felipe’s signature Pena choke
  • See Felipe practice dwell as he movies a particular dwell coaching session so that you can see him utilizing this method in actual time in opposition to a resisting opponent
  • Felipe Pena is an elite black belt competitor, with a number of world championships in each gi and no-gi, and a famous experience at ending opponents from again place

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"Back control is the strongest place to be in BJJ, and Felipe shows you how he controls and retains the position to give you as much time as possible to launch submission attacks