Firas Zahabi – A Man’s Guide to Throwing a Punch


Firas Zahabi – A Man’s Guide to Throwing a Punch

Firas Zahabi - A Man's Guide to Throwing a Punch

🥊 Introducing “A Man’s Guide to Throwing a Punch” 🥊

Every man needs to know how to throw a punch, and now you can learn from the best. Join Coach Zahabi, one of the most respected and successful trainers of all time, on an instructional journey that will take your punching skills to the next level, regardless of your current skill level.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll uncover the secrets of the art of punching. Coach Zahabi will teach you the key elements to master:

✨ Creating Rhythm: Learn how to create rhythm in your legs, upper body, and hands to avoid getting hit while delivering powerful punches.

💥 The Relaxed Shrug: Discover the secret of the relaxed shrug to avoid getting knocked out and increase your durability in the ring.

🏋️ Mobility vs. Stability: Understand the balance between mobility and stability for better control and agility in your punches.

🥋 Combat Jumping Jacks Drill: Develop power and rhythm with the Combat Jumping Jacks Drill, a game-changer for your punching abilities.

🚶 Footwork Drills: Master simple footwork drills that will significantly enhance your in-ring performance.

🥊 Perfecting the Jab, Cross, Hook, and Uppercuts: Coach Zahabi will guide you on perfecting these essential punches while minimizing exposure to counterattacks.

🛡️ Defense Techniques: Learn how to shield against strikes, parry straight punches, defend against hooks, and use the long guard and cross block to protect yourself.

🎯 Slipping and Shoe Shine: Master the art of slipping punches and the “Shoe Shine” drill for devastating body shots.

🥊 Shadow Boxing and Heavy Bag Work: Discover how to shadow box and work the heavy bag like a pro, and why the heavy bag workout is the best cardio machine in the world.

🤝 “Touch Spar”: Safely fine-tune your skills without injury with Coach Zahabi’s guidance.

👊 Street Engagement: Be prepared for real-world situations by learning how to position yourself in threatening situations, protect against sucker punches, and generate power when needed.

👊 Learn How to Hit the Bag Like Pro: Coach will show you how to work the bag like a pro! Exact combos are demonstrated with all the key details to help you execute them successfully!

📝 Comprehensive PDF Guide: The guide includes a PDF to help you design a boxing workout, covering the three essential elements of a good boxing routine. It also includes sample fitness routines for you to implement after your boxing workouts.

“A Man’s Guide to Throwing a Punch” is your ultimate resource for mastering the art of punching, self-defense, and achieving peak physical condition. Join Coach Zahabi on this transformative journey, and unlock your full potential as a puncher and fighter.

Prepare to step into the ring, both mentally and physically, and become the man who knows how to throw a punch with precision and power.

This instructional runs for 1hr and 40 with zero dead time or fluff and includes a PDF Companion Guide! You get the equivalent of what you would learn in a 5-hour seminar. Coach loves to get straight to the point. You will waste zero minutes watching this video. Every single minute in this video is educational.

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