Flux Academy – Core Design Skills


Flux Academy – Core Design Skills

Flux Academy - Core Design Skills

better design means better pay

From basic designs at low prices to beautiful, professional designs worth a premium

Is this you

  • You know you could find more & better clients if you could just produce better designs.
  • You can see a good design, but it is difficult to create it yourself.
  • Your Instagram & Dribbble feeds inspire you to create amazing work, but you feel you don’t know how.
  • You’re not very proud of your current portfolio.
  • You’re sick of just watching tutorials and not making any progress.

Let me now introduce you the core design skills.

You won’t recognize your work after this course

A small design project is required at the start of the course. Redesign it at its end.
Be amazed by how much you’ve grown as a designer.

*️⃣ What you’ll find

How TO Create
Unique Layouts

It takes more than creativity to create amazing layouts. They’re crafted with a lot of intention. Learn 9 principles to help you create captivating, compelling layouts for all your projects.

How to choose colors
That creates emotion

The color of a design project can make or break it. You’ll discover how to choose colors strategically, compose palettes that are both beautiful and functional, and how to actually use color in context.

How to Use Type
Create impact

The way they use type is what separates professional designers from amateurs. You’ll learn how to source, select, and pair fonts, and most importantly: how to work with them like a pro.

How to make your own
Images stand out

Imagery is one way to add depth to your designs. We’ll be talking about photography, illustration, and texture: how to source them, how to layer them, and how to integrate them to your designs.

How to put it
All together creatively

This is how to go from a blank canvas to beautiful design work. You’ll discover how to balance all the elements on your designs, easily identify what’s wrong with a project, and our 3-Step-by-step process to get your designs moving without white page syndrome

Fewer theories. More action.
*️⃣ Improve by spending your time doing what matters most: designing & getting feedback.

Because design principles are easily learned. But design skills can’t. They must be practiced.

Short videos that focus on the most important things

Demos that demonstrate how theory is put into practice

Quizzes to sharpen your design eye
Each lesson contains practical design exercises

You can get feedback on your work to improve and iterate

Your enrollment includes 12 months
Access to our community
Personal feedback

Our team will review and comment on your course work. You will receive thoughtful feedback that will help you grow.
Your home is your castle

Collaborate with other designers, make connections, and discover business opportunities.

Join our weekly office hours to get personalized support and take advantage of special workshops.

*️⃣ By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

☞ Stand out, professional-grade designs

☞ Pinpoint what’s wrong with a design and how to fix it

☞ Unlock your creativity, and discover new design possibilities

☞ Confidently begin projects from a blank canvas

☞ You can go from a creative brief into beautiful, original designs

*️⃣ Why you must improve
Your Core Design Skills

Super-Clear lesson structure with proven results

☞ To create stunning work, use the timeless principles of all master designers.

☞ You can increase your rates by improving the quality of your designs.

☞ Avoid making design errors that will make you look like an amateur.

*️⃣ Meet your instructor
Matt Brunton

Matt Brunton, a Designer, Strategist and Creative Director, hails from the north-east of England. He began full-time employment in 1995.-time as a Graphic Designer in 2004, and in the past 18 years has worked in agencies, on his own business, and in an independent agency.-House leadership and creativity roles

He splits his time today between creating educational content and teaching. Flux, his own branding studio and freelancing on top-profile campaigns with some of London’s leading advertising agencies.

*️⃣ Original Content:

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