Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 5


Format File: 9 MP4 File Size: 7.445 GB Get ready to move into the best feelings of your life.

Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 5

Glenn Ackerman - Energy Awareness Training Level 5

Glenn Ackerman, the author and founder of Energy Awareness Training, has been certified in and taught multiple disciplines in the personal development field for over 20 years. He has been teaching and training students all over the world who are committed to living their best life.

What You Will Learn & Benefits of Level 5 Awareness Training:
1. Energy Propulsion Systems: The ability to put yourself in the highest states of confidence, strength, productivity, personal power, bliss and inner peace. Get ready to move into the best feelings of your life.
2. Energy Projection: The ability to project HVE to others and to increase your own HVE by sharing it with others. You will learn how to create and project your HVE Energy in business, game and for your personal health and well being and for those you love.
3. EPR #4: An advanced method to clear your energy fast. It can also be used as a method to clear stubborn and hardcore LVE that just doesn’t want to go away. I use this everyday and now you will also.
4. Platform enhancement and advancement for Level 5. Upgrading and enhancing your daily platform with the new content being taught.
5. Energetic Warrior Charisma Training. This is a new course I will be teaching separately in the future for $5000, but I am including it here for this class as a bonus because you made it thus far. You are going to break out of your comfort zone and create a whole new reality for yourself with the personal power you will ignite from this course. You won’t even recognize the old you because the new you will develop steel balls to move into any situation and establish yourself as the Alpha male projecting HVE to all and making people feel good about doing what you want them do.
Level 5 is the gateway getting into Jedi mind HVE warrior content. We are heading towards advanced realms!

 Here’s What You’ll Get in Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 5

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