Gustavo Castaner – Soul Mission Fulfilled Membership


Clear the highest priority auric attachments you have picked up from people, places, times, things and events. Close openings in your auric field that absorb other people’s negative energy,

Gustavo Castaner – Soul Mission Fulfilled Membership

Gustavo Castaner - Soul Mission Fulfilled Membership

What Can You Experience Through The Soul
Mission Fulfilled Membership Portal?

Cleanse Your Aura

Clear the highest priority auric attachments you have picked up from people, places, times, things and events. Close openings in your auric field that absorb other people’s negative energy, spill your Life Force away and cause you to feel tired and restless. Calibrate your chakras, remove discarnates and other foreign entities from your field.

Clear Your Karma

Clear karmic imprints from this and past lifetimes that keep you stuck and impede your evolutionary progress. Clear the karmic imprints that you inherited from your parents at birth so you don’t have to walk THEIR karma. Be free from unworthiness, undeservedness, poverty consciousness, shame, guilt and victimization. Align your Free Will with SOUCE Will and make decisions in line with your Higher Self.

Unplug Your Mind From The Matrix

Clear unnatural seals, implants and DNA blockages that connect your mind to the matrix. Activate your 12 strand DNA to access higher aspects of your multidimensional awareness, embody your Soul’s purpose and raise your frequency to attract a higher grid of people, places, times, things and events. . Activate your Golden DNA to become a frequency holder for the ascension of Earth and humanity.

Cut All Cords of Attachment

Clearing cords of attachment is the first step to freedom. Stop other people from siphoning your energy and bring a resourceful completion to past unresolved events that keep being projected onto your relationships. Allow the spiritual ties between you and other people to blossom.

Transcend Your Emotional
Pain Body

Your pain body is an energy vampire that takes over your mental and emotional bodies to feed from your discordant thought forms and the reactions of other people. The pain body loves to create drama and feed from pain. Clear the soul fragments and past painful events related to the SOURCE of your pain body and become more present, peaceful and centered.


Master Your Relationships

Clear all your past relationship baggage and painful experiences like: betrayal, abandonment, heartbreaks, rejection and abuse. Get out of relationship karmic loops, raise your frequency and manifest the relationship you have always envisioned with your current partner or a new relationship if you are single. Relationships are the greatest opportunities to grow, evolve and experience a higher giving love.

Annihilate All Your Fears

Fear is the only thing that can stop you from moving forward. Clear all the highest priority fears from this and all past lifetimes so you can embody a state of courage and take inspired action. Imagine how your life would be if you were free from the fear of failure, fear of death, fear of criticism, fear of not being good enough and the fear of not being loved. It is time to activate the ultimate sense of personal power and unleash your greatest potential!

Integrate Your Shadow Self

The Shadow Self is the part of you that is running in reverse. The shadow self only gets stronger when you try to hide it or repress it. Clear the soul fragments and imprints related to the SOURCE of the shadow self archetypes and personas like the Professional Victim, Absolute Perfectionist, The Martyr, The Rescuer, Compulsive Destroyer and more. Transcend those aspects of yourself that sabotage your progress and keep you stuck in a karmic loop.

Activate Your Heart Chakra With Unconditional Self-Love

Clear all soul fragments related to resentment, betrayal, judgment, hatred, guilt, shame and trust issues that prevent your from fully opening your heart chakra and melting in unconditional self love. Experience the bliss of melting in Divine Love and let your mind surrender to your heart’s intelligence and guidance.

Activate The Happiness Blueprint

Silence that inner critic and it’s diminishing thoughts. Clear all the highest priority energetic blockages that prevent you from being authentically happy and practice the scientifically proven simple techniques that will increase your sense of happiness. Being happy increases your ability to focus, concentrate, be present, be productive, be successful, reduce stress and have better relationships.

Advanced Higher Self Healing Techniques

Master the connection to your Higher Self, read energy signatures and clear the SOURCE of any energetic blockage on yourself and other people. These energy healing techniques will allow you to transcend both time and space to perform soul retrievals and heal soul fragments that were created in this and past lifetimes. Remove auric attachments, karmic imprints, shadow self archetypes, negative thought forms and energy blockages to any manifestation. Connecting to your Higher Self is the ultimate way to become sovereign and take control of your destiny!

Activate Your Higher Sensory Perception

Through the power of Sacred Geometry turn on your siddhis (spiritual powers), shift into multidimensional awareness, tune into higher wisdom information, receive guidance from your Ascended Master Self, calibrate your Merkabah and let your heart experience the state of At-One-Ment with the heart of the Divine Mother. Perceive the ultimate nature of your Self and reality with absolute clarity. When you have access to your higher senses it’s easier to make decisions in line with your Higher Self.

Experience The Amplified Field

During our live webinars you will get to experience the Energy Healing Amplified Field, as people from all around the world are connected to their Higher Self, support each other and share one intent. Whatever one person heals, everyone heals! You will be part of a community of highly committed individuals who are constantly working on themselves towards self-mastery and enlightenment. This creates a very high frequency field that amplifies the healing and alchemical powers of each energetic clearing and activation. Using our intents, we will not only raise our frequency but the frequency of the Earth as well!

Manifest Financial Abundance

Clear all energetic blockages like unworthiness, undeservedness, poverty consciousness, lack and limitation to finally get out of the scarcity karmic loop. Activate your DNA, chakras and auric field with the frequencies of financial and material wealth. And if you are an entrepreneur with a mission to assist other people and you have a service or product that can contribute to others well-being, then you will enjoy 25+ videos from my Spiritual Marketing Program where you will learn everything you need to know about websites, social media, webinars, membership sites, getting clients and more!


Just A Few of Our Powerful Features and Benefits…

Anytime & Anywhere

With the Ultimate Membership Program you can view all healing sessions from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Whether you are at home, traveling, on a break or even before going to sleep you can receive a healing session without having to wait.

My Personal Notes

You get access to my best notes and knowledge from years of spiritual studies and trainings on self mastery, manifestation, energy healing, consciousness, energy blockages, relationships and more! This information will help you cultivate the necessary awareness and state of mind to manifest what you desire.

Discover Your True Essence

All these sessions are intended to clear all the energetic blockages that prevent you from embodying your true essence and live life to your fullest potential. Witness how your frequency rises everyday and you manifest epic relationships, self mastery, higher states of consciousness, deep healing and much more.

Unlimited Abundance

Not only can you clear energetic blockages to manifest abundance and activate your DNA, chakras and auric field with the frequencies of wealth, you will also have access to the Affluent Spiritual Online Business Blueprint to know all you require to do in order to have a successful online business.

Like-Minded People

Join a community of individuals who have a high priority for spirituality, self mastery, evolution and creating a new Earth. Witness how the the field of energy healing is amplified when people from all over the world unite their intents to clear energetic blockages, heal the Earth’s grids and activate their DNA.

Lifetime Membership and Free Updates

Get unlimited access to the membership portal and enjoy free unlimited updates which include new videos, new healing sessions and activations (our latest addition In-Light-Ment is valued at $997). My intent is to create a membership portal that reflects the process of ongoing self actualization by providing you with fresh content and innovating technologies in the areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

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Gustavo Castaner - Soul Mission Fulfilled Membership Package

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