Guzz – Client Acquisition Cowboy 2.0


Guzz – Client Acquisition Cowboy 2.0

Guzz - Client Acquisition Cowboy 2.0

The most boring, but the best, most bulletproof, easy, high-demand, zero risk, and bulletproof way to earn your first $5k in 2023 is to book meetings with other companies.

To understand how the lead generation model works, first watch this video:

The best part about running an agency for lead generation?

It’s scalable as Fuck.

As long as you’re able to get there $5k per monthYou now have a proven method to make money online.

And then it’s just a matter of time, dedication and pumping up volume before you hit $10k, $20k, 50k+ months

Gusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst, how can I make $5k per month when I don’t know how to book meetings or get clients??

Well isn’t that just the beauty of running a lead gen business.

You get clients for yourself the same way that you get clients.

And I’ll show you how to do it in this pathetically cheap program.

Am I saying I’m the top 1 lead generation expert on the planet?


But I’m telling you that this program outlines every single thing I do at work to make it possible for me hit $31k per monthly.

My clients fucking love my.

Their business is in serious trouble when I get in touch with them. They don’t know how online meetings can be generated.

They NEED my assistance.

They are so grateful when I come in to print them meetings.

They can’t even survive without me right now.

*️⃣ Here is some of the results I get for my clients, and I will show you exactly how you can get the same results for your clients:

  • LinkedIn Campaign 1 (31.6% Response Rate):
  • LinkedIn Campaign 2 (45% Acceptance rate, 38.8% Response Rate):
  • LinkedIn Campaign 3 (47% Acceptrate, 50.1% Response Rate)
  • Cold Email Campaign 1 (8% Meeting Book Rate):
  • Cold Email Campaign 2 (11% Response Rate – 2.8k Cold Emails – Nothing Personal)

It is impossible to fake this.

You can use my exact strategies to not only sign clients with EASE but also get banger results for your clients and get paid a lot of money.

Join this program, implement everything I tell you to do and in about 100 days from now, it’s extremely likely that you could be earning anywhere between $5k-$15K per month simply be generating leads and meetings for other companies.

*️⃣ So the way I see it is that we have 3 potential people reading through this right now.

We have:

☞ A) The person who has never bought a course before and is still not sure about the whole internet wifi money thing. This person is still trying to figure out if this whole thing is a total scam and if it’s actually true that you don’t need a university degree or a crazy CV to start making money for yourself.

If that’s you, take a leap of faith man. I can’t really tell you anything else. We were so brainwashed as children by society that we instinctively call scam and BS any offer that is too good to true.

You won’t make a lot of money online if you try to start a business. But if you put in the hours, and work for it, there is absolutely zero chance you won’t start making money.

This program is not for everyone. “sounds too good to be true” Kind of thing.

This program is for people who are willing to work hard, learn a business model and make a living.

I believe that this model of becoming extremely skilled at generating leads/meetings in other companies is the highest value skill you could learn at the moment.

Everyone needs leads. If you have the ability to master lead generation, you’ll never need to worry about money again.

I am so truly grateful I took the leap of faith joining an agency program back in the day, and if you’re on the fence of doing it, please do it man. Join another’s agency program, if not mine. You won’t regret it.

Fuck working with someone else.

Fuck barely living, just getting by month to month on a pittish salary.

Fuck being an average person in your life, living only for weekends and loathing your job.

I hope not, and neither will you.

To spend this little money and earn up to $20k/month in 6-I’d say 12 months is a pretty good investment.

☞ B) The person who has bought a few courses and still isn’t sure how to make consistent income online.

You may have tried email marketing, FB ads, or something else but it hasn’t worked out.

You work hard every day trying to figure what works and what doesn’t, but nothing seems to be working.

I agree with you 100% on this one.

I was in exactly the same situation.

I believed that everyone would instantly give you money if you set up an email marketing agency or FB ads.

I was wrong.

That market is so freaking saturated that if you don’t know the ins and outs of outbound prospecting.

You’re done.

I tried everything, but just couldn’t book a meeting, even if my life depended on it.

I went 6 months without any meetings.

Working 8-12 hours a days, solely focusing on lead generation

There are countless youtube videos that have been viewed, many courses purchased, and many books that have been read.

Until I finally figured out what actually worked and what didn’t.

I signed clients and was finally making some money. But then something funny happened.

After months of hating the lead generation process, I finally started to enjoy it.

I was now helping my friends book more meetings, and they even wanted me to handle their lead generation.

And that’s when I closed down the advertising agency, to start my lead gen agency.

This was hands down the best decision that I have ever made.

I made $5k my first month, $8k my second month, and $13k the last.

Zero case studies, by the way.

So if you’re currently running an agency/freelance business, and have been considering starting a lead gen business instead.

Please do it.

The demand is much higher.

I’m literally booking meetings on autopilot by just saying I do lead gen in my bio’s on my social media profiles.

And if you let me show you the exact strategies I’ve spent the last year coming up with.

There is literally no way you won’t be able to get banger results for your clients, and start making some serious money.

The fucking move of 2023 is lead gen agency

Don’t miss out on all the TikTok, email marketing agencies, and FB ads agencies.

Start an online company that the market actually needs.

☞ C)Someone who already owns a successful agency/freelance business but wants to learn how LinkedIn and cold email can be used to sign more customers.

Not really going to talk much about this person, you’re already successful.

Get this course to learn my secrets strategies for using cold emails and LinkedIn to flood clients’ and my calendars with sales meetings.

Skip ahead to the “How to book meetings section” Get overwhelmed by juicy strategies to book meetings in 2022.

You won’t be disappointed.

*️⃣ So if this all seems interesting to you and you want to finally start collecting WIFI invoices, here is what you’ll get:

  • All Essential Softwares at the Best Price
  • How to seamlessly onboard a client.
  • How to choose a profitable niche
  • Pricing your offer so prospects HAVE to buy it.
  • Here’s everything you need about scraping and finding the right people.
  • How to book meetings via LinkedIn
  • How to book meetings via Cold Email in 2022. (Not the old and obsolete way all the gurus haven’t booked one meeting in 5 years.
  • How to set up domains so that you don’t get spam.
  • How to create a value-You will have so many people recommending your service that they already have a copy of the document. (Yes, I’m serious. I closed a client via WhatsApp without ever speaking to him.
  • How to mass-send customized videos, without spending hours manually.
  • How to book meetings with DM’s without looking silly.
  • How to use a CRM to track and follow-up with every prospect that is available.
  • The secret cold calling 2.0 Method
  • VSL creation
  • Sales 101: How do you close clients?

*️⃣ A reason why you should buy now:

☞ There was a time that no one ran FB ads for ecom companies. Because of the low competition, it was very easy to sign up new customers back then. But what about now? It’s almost impossible to sign clients.

Email marketing was not common in the past. It was easy to sign up new clients back then, because there was so little competition. But what about now? It’s almost impossible to sign clients.

There was a time that TikTok was not popular. “UGC Agency”. It was easy to sign up new clients back then, as the competition was so low. But what about now? It’s almost impossible to sign clients.

There aren’t many people who run a lead generation agency like I’m going to show you.

This means that the competition is still very low. You can sign clients easily without case studies, and the demand for lead generation is so high that you can easily get clients. This level of competition might not last forever. If I were you, I’d start my lead gen agency journey immediately.

☞ This is the lowest price you will ever pay for this program.

I raise the price occasionally because I don’t want to see the program flooded with people who aren’t serious about growth.

I want winners in the community, and frankly, this product seems so outrageously overpriced.

This is not a marketing trick I use to convince you to buy the program. The program was originally priced at $150.

Buy now and you will have lifetime access to all updates I make to this program. Just to be clear…

*️⃣ Q and A Time!

What makes this course different than other courses?

99 percent of the courses you purchase are courses that were created 2 years ago-These courses were created 3 years ago and are very outdated in terms of how to actually acquire clients via the internet. Or the creator of the course has not been running a lead generation agency for a long time and doesn’t know how to book meetings using new softwares and tactics in 2022.

99% of course creators don’t run the business they tell their students to because they KNOW it isn’t a good business model.

So why should I buy from you?


I book more than 300 meetings per month with clients. I make over $30k per month doing what I SHARE in this course.

A bonus is that I will be there in Discord to help you every step of the way.

I can answer any questions you may have. Because I have seen all possible scenarios when it comes to lead generation in digital world.

You are purchasing a course by a lead gen expert who is very familiar with the game. This course will guarantee you results.

How many hours per week do I need to work for this job?

Depends on how much experience you have in business/sales/running an agency.

This business model allows you to work a few hours per week, relax by the poolside, and still make big bucks each month.


Not at all.

If you’re looking to start a business like this, I recommend another model.

However, if you put in a solid 4-You will be able to sign clients 6 hours a days and make serious money.

It’s not going to be easy but it will work if you put in the effort.

Participation is possible,-You have to be patient.

You have a huge market opportunity right now that you can capitalize on. I recommend you grab it and work hard on the business model for the next two years.-It might be too late if it is not done 3 years ago.

Isn’t the lead generation agency saturated?

Not the way I teach it.

There’s a reason I and my students can sign clients all the time, even though there are many other lead generation agencies out.

Most lead generation agencies don’t have any idea what they are doing.

My team and I have already booked over 10.000 meetings together and are well-versed in the details of this game.

We teach methods that work RIGHT NOW in 2022.

It is NOT the methods that worked in 2019 which are most successful.-Gene course creators are still in demand.

These are proven methods, which is why our students and WE can be so confident when pitching an offer.

It’s simply inevitable.

That is why the lead generation agency model has been so hard to sustain. Not even close…

Who needs lead generation agencies anyway?

A majority of B2B businesses need more leads. However, most lead generation advice content that people post on Youtube/Google is so bad.

Meaning it’s almost impossible for businesses to figure out how to make cold email/LinkedIn work.

B2B businesses are more than happy paying to solve this problem.

If you can help them solve this problem, you will be a valuable asset to their business.

How old should you be?

This can be done at any age. We have customers as young as 17, 18, and beyond. This business model is not based on age.

All you need is confidence, ruthless determination, and discipline.

How much effort are you willing to put in?

It is going to be difficult, I wouldn’t lie. You will need to learn a lot to be successful at this.

But I’m telling you, this is a bulletproof route to getting rich.

Trust me and dedicate the 2nd part of my life.-After three months of learning the things I teach in this course, you will see that this is your one-stop shop.-The ticket to financial freedom.

It’s not difficult to learn. 

It’s not difficult, but it takes time and a lot of energy. The program covers everything you need to run a successful lead-generation agency. You can confidently go through the course and be sure that you have everything you need.

We also have a discord community that allows us to help each other and share the lead generation secrets we have learned along the way.

Why am I doing this? 

I want to build a network of lead generation killers who can help each others learn and get rich.

It was a lonely journey when I started my lead generation agency.

I had to do everything by myself and had no one to talk to or to ping pong with.

That’s why I’m creating this network.

Some of the students that I helped with the lead generation model are the ones who teach me sometimes haha.

That was precisely what I hoped for with this program.

Is this possible remotely?

Yes, it is possible to do this remotely.

Since I started my lead generation agency, I have never had a danish client.

To work with my clients and team, I use tools such as Trello, Zoom, and Slack.

I have worked with clients all over the world, including the US and Canada, Ukraine, France, New Zealand and the UK.

What are the other costs?

The profit margins when running a lead-generation agency are incredible. A lead generation agency has almost no operating costs. A home or office is all you need. You also need a computer, Zoom, Calendly and a few outreach softwares.

I have yet to find a more profitable business model than the lead generation agency. I have tried many online business models.

In my first six months of running a lead-generation agency, I was only one.-The man show achieved $15k in monthly income while only paying $950 for softwares. The business was run without any other expenses.

What is the maximum amount you can earn and what is the timeline?

If you put your all into this endeavor and are willing to work hard, you can easily make anywhere from $3k to $10k in the first 2 years.-6 months.

You can make anywhere from $10k to $100k per month after 6 months depending on how hard and fast you want to scale.

There are two choices:

1. You can keep doing what you are doing and add more clients.

2. You can provide additional services to your business such as building sales letters, funnels, and paid ads. These are all ways you can solve both sales and marketing problems for companies.

Although you will have fewer clients, these clients will still pay you more than a lead-generation agency.


Because you solve ALL of their marketing and sales problems instead of just the lead generation issue.

It is easiest to start by obtaining case studies with businesses through lead generation agencies, and then transitioning into growth agencies.

B2B companies need to grow their lead generation. That is why I strongly believe that the lead generation agency is the best business model in 2022.

Can this work if you don’t have traditional education?

Yes, the program covers everything you need. I don’t have a degree and I have never ever been asked about my educational background ONCE. You don’t need a traditional education to make this work. You don’t need one. Makes no difference.

The funny thing about this program is that you won’t find the same stuff at any university or school.

I studied communication for nearly three years back in the day. I have friends who have studied sales and marketing for years.

My friends and I have never heard of B2B marketing.

This type of marketing is not taught by anyone.

Will this work if I’m outside North America?

Yes, I’m from Denmark. If I can make it work for you, it will.

Is there any guarantee of success?

Yes, of course. 

If you implement all my strategies from my program, and you don’t sign any clients in the first 60 days, I’ll refund you everything, no strings attached, no questions asked.

But, you have to show me that you actually tried.

Do not buy if youre not interested in working hard and creating a cashflow company that could bring you $5k-20k+ per month.

If you manage to screw up this business model using the strategies in this program I provide, I don’t know how to explain it to you.

If you do this, then you have to be doing something seriously incorrect.

I’m confident that this works. If it doesn’t, I won’t take your money. Don’t worry.

You waive all rights to charge by purchasing this course-You can get your purchase back with your credit card processor.

If I have proof that your client has not been reached within 60 days, I will refund 100% of the amount. But only if I see the proof.

I will not accept anyone who thinks they can buy my course, take all the content and then chargeback me.

The course content is too valuable to be ignored.

BUT if you’ve read this far..

Now it’s your turn

Is it blue pill or red pill? (Sorry, little cheeky morpheus reference).

But, seriously, you need to make a decision now.

There are two options…

1: Continue down the path you’re already on.

The easy way.

The path you already know so well.

You go on with your life. You never make any decisions.

It won’t work because thousands of people already use the strategies that you can find online for free.

Am I telling you that you can’t make it work without buying the course?


I promise you, you’ll be able to reach $5k/months and $10k months, or even $20k, a lot faster.

All the knowledge I’ve acquired (around $15k over the years) will be yours.

You’re missing so many months of failures that I had to go through.

I guarantee that you will close a client in 60 days after joining.

What are you waiting to lose?

2: Path two: Escape from the average life

You end up purchasing this course and you will finally start actually getting meetings booked into the calendar, you will finally start collecting money from clients that can’t wait to get started with you and you finally start living the life you’ve always wanted.

You can live your life without having to listen to your boss and be free to do what you want.

A life that goes beyond waking up and going to work every day-17 and then going home exhausted, and then watching Netflix for 4 hours before going to bed.

You can look forward to a life where weekends and holidays aren’t the only things that you have to look forward too.

A business model that will allow you to make as much as you want is possible if you are willing to work hard.

This program may seem expensive to some.

That’s what I 100% get.

But what about the cost of not doing it?

To live the life you want, you must be able to drop out of school and leave your job.

Do you really want your life to be like the guy who sits there thinking 10 years from now?

“Man, what would my life have looked like if I just decided to invest in myself, and start that business?”

Don’t be that guy.

I took the second path 21 months ago, now it’s up to you.

You must make a decision right now.

Are you on Path 1 or 2

We hope to see you in the program.


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