Icebreaker ZERO – Personalize your Outreach at UNLIMITED Scale with AI for $0



Icebreaker ZERO – Personalize your Outreach at UNLIMITED Scale with AI for $0

Tired of paying +$300/mo for 3,000 AI-Generated Icebreaker Lines for your Cold Outreach?

We run campaigns using this technology for our agency. AI Icebreakers can double our response rates across the board.

With another bill coming soon for $729/mo. We decided that it was more sensible to build it ourselves.

  • No VAs
  • No spelling mistakes
  • No hours of research & writing

Here’s a Python script our agency uses internally to allow you to create. UNLIMITED Icebreaker Lines using OpenAI.

*️⃣ Why use our script?

  • ☞ Scrape prospect’s websites & LinkedIn profiles to generate unique Icebreaker lines
  • ☞ Stop doing manual research. your outreach volume
  • ☞ Get 30,000+ AI Icebreaker Lines at Practically nothing-Costs
  • ☞ Adjust the GPT prompt easily your Icebreakers your Like
  • ☞ Create stronger relationships with your prospects at Scale
  • ☞ To double your chances of winning, you can use the Law of Reciprocity your Rates for replies
  • ☞ Add any other benefits you already know.

No-You must have coding experience!

You can follow a few steps and type a few sentences into a command prompt. Check out the video. for a demo.

And if on and-If you are unable to set it up, I’ll give you a call. with You will be set up personally. All of this is free.

*️⃣ FAQ

Q: Can you show me an example of the lines? your script generated?

A: This is a Gsheet with examples:

Q: Can you show me some results, homie?

A: Yes, we can amigo (can also offer live demo)

Q: Can I alter the output to suit my own style?

A: Yes, you can. Instead of creating a personalized line, you can instead. with “I love how” It is easy to change it “I noticed that” You can do anything you like.

Q: Can I use it? for eCommerce?

A: You can ask for GPT. “write a compliment on a product mentioned and how you would use the product”. GPT is a broad term that can be used in many ways.

Q: If it doesn’t work, or if I’m unhappy with the product, can I get a full refund? with The results?

A: We can work with you to resolve any issues. for After we have troubleshooted it together, we will refund you within 14 days.

Q: How do you deliver the files to me?

A: After completing the script, you can download it. your purchase. You will also find instructions on how to install the script and run it.

Q: Is it possible to update the OpenAI engine in future?

A: Yes. To update your script to adapt for future versions of GPT, you just need to edit one line that defines the engine to be used.

Q: How many company websites am I able to scrape?

A: You can scrape unlimited number of company websites.

Q: How many LinkedIn profiles are possible to scrape?

A: LinkedIn API is limited to 300 users-500/day. Rotating LinkedIn accounts will allow you to extract more data.

Q: Do you need programming experience to run this program?

A: I don’t think you do. This script can be run if you have a basic understanding about computers. with These instructions are provided.

Q: Can this be used? for Other languages

A: Yes, GPT3.5 supports most languages. If your If the website of prospects is in a language other than English, it will automatically translate the language into English and create a custom line. your Language of output desired

*️⃣ Original Content:

Here’s What You’ll Get in Icebreaker ZERO – Personalize your Outreach at UNLIMITED Scale with AI for $0

– Download Sample files

Course Requirement Icebreaker ZERO – Personalize your Outreach at UNLIMITED Scale with AI for $0
Real Value $ 149
One-Time cost: USD 89

Frequently Asked Questions “Icebreaker ZERO – Personalize your Outreach at UNLIMITED Scale with AI for $0

How much do you have to pay? for it?

  • Add the item as a Placement your Order and proceed to the checkout You can also buy additional products. You can then make one-Time payment
  • We accept all types Stripe Accepted payments include Visa Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, Diners Clubs, Apple Pay and Visa Mastercard. Paypal & Bitcoin please contact us.
  • All customers should be encouraged and supported to use PayPal to pay. Stripe & Paypal. Because it’s the best and most reliable option for your needs.

Is it safe? To use?

  • 100% Secure Checkout Privacy Policy
  • Communication and encryption of sensitive data
  • All card numbers can be encrypted at AES allows you to rest-256 and transmitting card numbers runs in a separate hosting environment, and doesn’t share or save any info.

How can this course be delivered successfully?

How long will it take you? To Get the Course

How to download “Icebreaker ZERO – Personalize your Outreach at UNLIMITED Scale with AI for $0?

  • Enjoy “Icebreaker ZERO – Personalize your Outreach at UNLIMITED Scale with AI for $0” On your account pages.
  • Only one file can be downloaded at One time. Sometimes you can download all files at All at once.
  • Save the files. Save the files to your smartphone. These files must first be saved to A PC and then synced on to Other devices, such as tablets and phones.
  • Online learning is possible. It is recommended that you download the files for Better results. You can also track how your Learning is moving forward. Download times are shorter in the mornings and before noon Pacific. Take care your device isn’t asleep during download.

What is the policy for refunds?

  • We’ll Bear The Risk, You’ll Take The Results…
  • Within 30 days of purchasing “Icebreaker ZERO – Personalize your Outreach at UNLIMITED Scale with AI for $0“, if you don’t get anything out of the program, or if your Order is possible without any problems. for some reason, you just don’t like the way it is. We are here for you. We appreciate your understanding. for your understanding.

Have more questions?

Our support team is unsurpassed Please don’t hesitate to Send us an email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

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"This course is available and delivery within one day!" If you can follow a few simple steps and type a few sentences in a command prompt, then you're good to go. Watch the video above for a demo.