Igor Ledochowski – Practitioner of Coaching and Practitioner of Life Coaching


That’s a whole lot of time wasted that could’ve been spent on improving your career, getting your health into peak shape or nurturing your relationships.  Format File: 22 VIDEOS, File Size: 25 GB

Igor Ledochowski – Practitioner of Coaching and Practitioner of Life Coaching

Igor Ledochowski - Practitioner of Coaching and Practitioner of Life Coaching

The Ultimate ”Hypnotic” Coaching DOUBLE Certification Training Over TWO 3-Day Modules – That’s 6 Transformative Days!

“Inspire Others At a Deep Unconscious Level To Ignite Their Inner Drives & Unlock Peak Performance!”

Igor Ledochowski

Dear Friend,

Sooner or later almost everyone goes through at least one or more of these draining experiences:
You hit a professional plateau
You feel lost in your personal life and question your relationships
You lose the drive and motivation to do anything but binge watch TV
You can’t seem to find the inspiration that once filled you with hope and purpose
You feel stuck and unsure of the next step to take
Your confidence fizzles out as you second guess your decisions
You start to feel as though your life lacks meaning
You develop a persistent and nagging feeling that you’re falling short of your potential

We’ve all been there.

Sometimes these “funks” can last anywhere from a few days to a couple months.

In some cases, it might even take YEARS to get back on track.

That’s a whole lot of time wasted that could’ve been spent on improving your career, getting your health into peak shape or nurturing your relationships.

The funny part is that most of us already know what we want to do (or should do) but don’t take the actions to follow through on our goals.

We tell ourselves we’re not smart enough, productive enough, good-looking enough, brave enough…

Even though what holds you back are not your capabilities – it’s the limiting beliefs stored deep inside the corners of your mind.

And that’s exactly why many people turn to coaching (and often with a “life coach”) to help them sift through the mental clutter and access a new growth phase.

Then, you can unlock peak performance in just about ANY area of their life!

(Plus you’ll not have to use the word “Hypnotherapy”, “Hypnosis” or “Trance” or any term that may not be appropriate for the person you are helping.)

That’s also why personal coaching has EXPLODED over the past few years.

Because finding someone who can help you get to the next level of your career, health, finances, relationships and many other areas of your life is priceless.

There’s just one problem…

Traditional approaches to coaching often fall short of helping their clients get the truly life changing results they promise.

In fact, the trap many coaches fall into (often without even realizing it) is focusing on action steps and to-do lists as a way to generate inner drive and motivation.

It might work for a while, but eventually the motivation and inspiration fizzle out and the to-do list ends up in a folder somewhere collecting dust.

That’s a shame because most coaches are fully committed to helping their clients:

They bring energy and focus into each session.

They listen intently.

They keep careful notes.

They truly want the best for their clients.

So what’s the mistake they keep making over and over again?

It’s this:

They focus all of their attention on the conscious mind and…
Completely Ignore The Unconscious Mind!

Needless to say, when a coach focuses ONLY on the conscious mind and neglects to peek behind the curtain into the unconscious…

The client often ends up disappointed, deflated and even more frustrated than before.

Because unless you can get the unconscious mind aligned and “on board” with your client’s conscious goals, you’ll keep falling short when it comes to helping them unlock their full potential.

Think about it this way:

Your mind is like an immense iceberg.

There’s the visible part you see floating up at the top….

However, MOST of the iceberg reaches deep below the surface. It’s the part you won’t see unless you strap on the right gear and dive underwater.

And when it comes down to it, the part you DON’T see is what determines how much of the iceberg you DO see at the surface.

In much the same way the visible results you get in ANY area of your life are all connected to the state of your unconscious mind which stores your self-perception, deepest desires, biggest fears and past experiences.

So in order to create long-lasting inspiration, enthusiasm and desire to act towards a certain goal and get VISIBLE results…

You have to make sure the unconscious mind is 100% FULLY committed.

More often than not, this means you have to access the unconscious and dissolve limiting beliefs, activate resources and heal traumas so your client can move forward into the future without getting stuck in the past.

Then, you can unlock peak performance in just about ANY area of their life!

In fact, that’s exactly what you’ll discover how to do in the BRAND NEW Double Certification Training Called:
Practitioner of Coaching and Practitioner of Life Coaching Double Certification Training

The double certification training gives you the exact framework you can use to gain access to the unconscious mind and transform limiting self beliefs, shift world views and create inner alignment so your client becomes completely focused and motivated in the RIGHT direction.

THIS is the kind of inspiration that literally carves out brand new pathways inside the brain so it can naturally restructure itself to form empowering beliefs and outgrow previous limitations.

And once you do that, your client will start to TRANSFORM into the kind of person they want to become.

You won’t need to-do lists.

You won’t need to make them watch motivational videos.

You won’t need to wonder if they’ve given up.

You’ll simply KNOW they’re on the right path because of the work you’ve done to bring their conscious and unconscious minds into FULL alignment.

In fact, here’s what you’ll cover in each of the two parts of this unique DOUBLE certification training:

PART 1 (The Practitioner Of Coaching) of the certification training gives you the essential tools and foundational elements of HOW to coach.

In PART 1 – The Practitioner Of Coaching – Live Certification Training You Will Discover…

Here’s a quick preview of some of what you’ll uncover:

The key skill you must have if you want to be a life-changing coach (without it, you’ll be okay, but never exceptional)
How to create rock-solid rapport so your client grants you access into their deepest fears and desires
Find out how to access the parts of the unconscious mind where inspiration can strikes and supercharge your client’s ambition
The kind of information you must have if you want to successfully activate someone’s inner motivation, drive and inspiration
The exact technique you can use to kick off your coaching sessions and conversations so they’re guaranteed to go smoothly
How to ensure your coaching conversations progress along the OPTIMAL trajectory without running out of steam
The secret to gaining access to areas of the mind usually reserved ONLY for those with “special permission”
How to manage your conversations to gain deeper and deeper access to the unconscious (this is where you’ll gather the materials you’ll need to activate hope and inspiration!)
The specific strategy and mindset you’ll want to adopt as a coach in each and every session
Your state of mind and emotions transmit to your client below conscious awareness… I’ll show you how to make sure you’re giving off the RIGHT signals from the get-go
The “detective mindset” that will help you pick up on clues from your client’s unconscious mind — this reveals what direction to steer your coaching session!
How to observe and recognize unconscious offers from your client (follow up on these and you’ll “strike gold” each and every time!)
How to use memories as FUEL so your client is filled with an infinite source of inspiration
Find out exactly what memories to focus on (and which ones to avoid!)
Spot the differences between an empowering vs. DISempowering goal
The key to making your client feel absolutely UNSTOPPABLE!
Make it easy and comfortable for your client to communicate with you and process their inner feelings and emotions
Make your client’s goals SO real they’ll start to feel themselves drawn into the future where their goals are already a reality
Turn your client into a PROBLEM SOLVING MACHINE so they find resources and solutions to any problem (they’ll be able to move mountains after this!)
How mental dissonance might be holding someone back (hint: it all comes down to FEAR!)
The DESIRE + INSPIRATION formula for success in any area of your life
And there’s much MUCH more…

PLUS, as a special BONUS you’ll get complete ONLINE access to the Deep Conversational Coaching Card Deck where you’ll discover the exact principles and language patterns you can “mix in” to your coaching conversations to inspire and motivate your client’s conscious and unconscious minds.

First of all, you get a deck of 64 cards… divided into 7 suits… with each and every card designed to activate your client’s unconscious mind so they naturally ‘slip’ into a mindset where they’ll readily agree with your suggestions… all while building trust and rapport…

Plus… you’ll see step-by-step walkthroughs of how to use each of the 64 cards in the deck so you can get the most out of the Deep Conversational Coaching Deck and effortlessly “install” the core principles and techniques into your mind.

Here’s a quick preview of the 64 power cards, which are split up into 7 suits…

10 Principles cards The first suit – Covers the foundational elements and principles behind any coaching session

9 Ratify Cards The second suit “Ratify” – Easily build rapport and make others feel understood and heard

9 Deepen Cards The third suit “Deepen” – Phrases and techniques to move someone deeper and deeper into the coaching conversation

9 Soften Cards The fourth suit “Soften” – Gather sensitive information and personal details without setting off mental alarm bells

9 Infer Cards The fifth suit “Infer” – Elegantly clarify key points and draw conclusions without interrupting the flow of your conversation

9 Empathize Cards The sixth suit “Empathize” – Make others feel fully understood using these phrases and questions

9 Revivify Cards The seventh suit “Revivify” – Extract memories to generate inspiration, motivation and self-belief

Each card contains specific words woven into powerful phrases you can use immediately.

What’s more, they’re definitely a handy and fast way to master a new skill.

Whenever you’ve got a spare minute you can look up the cards on your phone and effortlessly inject this little-known knowledge into your mind to make any of your interactions more inspiring!

Then PART 2 (Practitioner Of Life Coaching) of the certification training will go even more in-depth so you can use your coaching conversations to help others improve their health, wealth, relationships, sense of purpose and much more.

In PART 2 – Practitioner Of Life Coaching – Live Certification Training Will Reveal…

The 6 key areas of your client’s life you can transform and improve to boost happiness and well being
How to move past the “persona” your client presents to the outside world and gain profoundly deep insight into the hidden parts of their personality
Start to unlock your clients potential and maximize their performance across their health, career, finances, relationships and more!
LASER focus your conversations into specific areas where you can move your client towards better ways of behaving and feeling
Make your client’s life feel so thrilling and exciting they’ll leap out of bed in the mornings eager to start the day
LOTS of examples and demonstrations on how to recognize the all-important “unconscious moments” (the offers the unconscious makes) so you know exactly what next steps to take at each stage of your session
Make your clients feel absolutely COMPELLED and driven to succeed
Uncover your client’s BIG dream and what’s really holding them back from turning it into a reality
Deepen your client’s sense of purpose (this is the stuff of MAGIC when it comes to coaching!)
Discover the exact language patterns and techniques you can use to encourage your client to naturally develop new ideas and perspectives
Make it easy for your client to figure out EXACTLY how their health is helping or hurting them and the changes they might need to make
Find out how to coach someone to adopt the right mindset and motivation to GROW their wealth
Empower your client on a subconscious level so they can take their career to the next growth phase
Gain the tools and know-how to help someone feeling unfulfilled at work or in their relationships
Guide your clients through difficult periods of their life where they feel lost
Again, there’s much MUCH more…

You will also get ONLINE access to a special BONUS Life Coaching Card Deck filled with the exact themes you can use in your coaching sessions to improve practical life areas of your client’s life.

You’ll get a deck of 60 cards… divided into 6 suits… with each and every card designed to improve a specific area of someone’s life.

Plus… I’ll SHOW YOU how to use each of the 60 cards so you can get the most out of the Life Coaching Deck.

Here’s a quick preview of the 60 power cards, which are split up into 6 suits…

10 Personality cards The first suit “Personality – Use these revealing questions to uncover fascinating parts of your client’s personality in minutes

10 Purpose Cards The second suit “Purpose” – Ignite your client’s sense of inner purpose and fuel their desire to go after what they want most in life

10 Health Cards The third suit “Health” – Help your client assess the state of their health in an objective way and pinpoint specific areas to improve

10 Wealth Cards The fourth suit “Wealth” – Understand your client’s relationship to money and what their financial goals look like

10 Relationships Cards The fifth suit “Relationships” – Uncover the state of your client’s relationships and pinpoint how they can improve the quality of their life through their relationships

10 Career Cards The sixth suit “Career” – Use these questions to gain insider access into your client’s career goals, dreams and fears

Something else you’ll want to keep in mind…

The format of this 2-part certification program is different to most online trainings I’ve held before.

Here’s what I mean:

The Practitioner of Coaching (Part 1) of the certification training takes place over a 3-day module and ends with an optional certification exam. (Module 1 is from January 21st to 23rd.)

Then the Practitioner of Life Coaching (Part 2) of the certification training takes place over another 3-day module ending in an optional second certification exam. (Module 2 is from February 4th to 6th.)

This is an exciting opportunity to really immerse yourself over 6 days ( 3 days x 2 modules) into the exciting world of life-changing coaching strategies and techniques!
Let’s Talk About The Certifications:

Firstly, it’s optional.

You can decide whether or not to do the certification process at the end of part 1 or part 2 of the live training event. Part 1 will certify you as a “Practitioner of Coaching” and Part 2 will certify you as an “Practitioner of Life Coaching”.

If you then pass the certification (which is one of the many benefits to attending the live training) you will have the Hypnosis Training Academy (the “Harvard” of hypnosis training) certification to your name.

But, here’s the thing:

Not just “anyone” can attend the Practitioner of Coaching & Practitioner of Life Coaching Certification Trainings – you must qualify by meeting these 3 criteria:

You must possess a serving attitude in all that you do.

You must also have very high standards for yourself and your ability to perform well in life.

At the Practitioner of Coaching & Practitioner of Life Coaching Certification Trainings you will spend 6 amazing days with me and other top achievers and they will expect that you possess the same energy, enthusiasm and benevolent ambition as they themselves do.

You must be willing to invest in yourself.

The investment to attend the Practitioner of Coaching Training (3 days) is $2,997 & Practitioner of Life Coaching Trainings (3 days) is $2,997 too. All up that’s $5994.

However during our 80%+ OFF Super Early-Bird Discount period you can SAVE $4,824 PLUS split your investment over 6 simple monthly installments of only $195 USD!

This is a live and largely PRACTICAL TRAINING in Coaching & Life Coaching (and how to “integrate” all aspects and nuances of deep conversational coaching together into a “whole that is greater than the sum of its parts”).

Are you willing to take some time to invest in yourself?

Of course you’re completely protected by our “Try It First 100% Money Back Guarantee”…

You can participate in this Practitioner of Coaching Certification Training with me, Igor Ledochowski for the entire first day.

And if at the end of day two of the training you are not completely satisfied, then you can request a full refund and get every penny you paid back. No questions asked. No problems.

If it’s not for you, just let me know.

No hard feelings.


Overall, the Practitioner of Coaching & Practitioner of Life Coaching Certification Trainings are designed for people (like you!) who find meaning and purpose in helping others overcome the struggles holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Now you might be wondering… what’s the difference between coaching and hypnotherapy, don’t I already know how to do all this?

Well, yes and no.

If you’re a therapist or hypnotherapist you already have a solid foundation in place and a good sense of how to work with others to understand their doubts, fears and limiting beliefs.

I’m willing to bet you’re pretty good at building rapport and you’ve likely helped others overcome many of the struggles and challenges holding them back from living a fuller life.

But here’s where the paths diverge:

While therapy and hypnotherapy tend to focus on healing past traumas, changing self-destructive habits, repairing relationships, working through painful feelings (and much more of course)…

Coaching means you not only help heal the past, but you create a greater focus on the FUTURE!

You clear the path towards the future outcomes your client wants because you’ll know how to…
“Recruit” The Unconscious Mind to Actively Create the Life of Their Dreams

Because let’s face it, there’s nothing more fear-inducing than the thought of reaching your old age and realizing you didn’t reach your full potential.

And as a Practitioner of Coaching and Practitioner of Life Coaching you can make sure others don’t have to ever find out what that feels like.

So if you’re “all in” and ready to take this exciting step in your life AND add a new powerful ‘string to your bow’ then just click on the “Reserve My Spot!” button below:

Places are very limited for these certifications (some of which have already been reserved) so it’s highly likely to get SOLD OUT!

Naturally reservations will go on a “first come, first served” basis so go ahead click on the “Reserve My Seat!” Button below right now and follow the simple instructions:

The NEW Practitioner Of Coaching & Practitioner of Life Coaching
Certification Training
Live & Online Training With Igor Ledochowski
From The Comfort Of Your Home!
January 21st – 23rd & February 4th – 6th, 2022

(Registration kicks off at 7:30 AM EST on January 21st)


Enroll me in the Practitioner of Coaching & Practitioner of Life Coaching Certification Trainings. I am ready and eager to experience 6 amazing days with Igor Ledochowski over TWO 3-Day Modules

The package I am getting includes:

I will be attending the Practitioner of Coaching & Practitioner of Life Coaching DOUBLE Certification Trainings LIVE & ONLINE with Master Hypnotist Igor Ledochowski
I will have the option of being certified as a Practitioner of Coaching (Part 1) and then as a Practitioner of Life Coaching (Part 2)

The event will run each day from 8.00a.m-5.00p.m EST USA time (that’s 1.00pm-10pm UK time and 2.00pm-11pm CET). Both two 3-day modules start on a Friday and end on a Sunday.

Plus, I will get Online access to the TWO bonus coaching card decks valued at $344 before the training starts
During our 80%+ OFF Super Early-Bird Discount period you can SAVE $4,824 PLUS split your investment over 6 simple monthly installments of only $195 USD!

I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 2 of the training! If this training doesn’t rock my world I can get a full refund – no questions asked!

I’m absolutely thrilled about this opportunity and am securing my place below before this unique training is totally sold out…
So please register me for this brand new training as soon as I submit the form below…

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