Igor Ledochowski – Practitioner of Mind Bending Language



Igor Ledochowski – Practitioner of Mind Bending Language

Igor Ledochowski - Practitioner of Mind Bending Language

Announcing Igor Ledochowski’s BRAND NEW Live & Online 6-Day ‘Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Certification’ Where You’ll…

“Discover How To Covertly Influence &
Inspire others in any conversation
Use My Brand New On-The-Fly’
Mind Bending Language System!”

Dear Friend

Do you want to know the truth?

Although it is not something most hypnosis instructors like to talk about, I think it would be. Hypnotists are extremely helpful (or anyone looking to motivate or inspire others).

So here it is:

The most effective and fastest way to influence people in any given area of Your life is to do this completely and totally… COVERTLY!

Let me tell you.

Your UNCONSCIOUS is the part of Your mind with the most control Your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and decisions.

You can think. of It’s just like the brain. “command center”.

There is one problem.

You can’t reach the unconscious without first getting past it conscious mind.

It’s a kind of thing of It’s like trying to get into a fortified castle. First, you would have to get past the guards, whose main job it is to “filter out” Unwelcome visitors

Only then can you go to the inner walls of The castle.

The conscious mind, in the same way, is Access to the unconscious mind is extremely guarded and difficult to obtain..

You will likely face resistance and doubt, even if your intentions are positive!

That’s why the best way to SLIP INTO the unconscious mind is to do so…UNDETECTED!

You can bypass the “gatekeepers” of The mind and Get straight to your unconscious where you can then transfer someone to take the types of You want them to do the things you want.

It’s like having your very own…

“Invisibility Cloak” In the
Unconscious Mind

Which is EXACTLY what it is when you use Mind Bending Language. 

In fact, I’ve seen hypnotists and salespeople, coaches, parents, and spouses get grounded.-This covert hypnosis technique can produce amazing results.

What is the secret to their success?

Spontaneously “blending” Mind Bending Language In ordinary conversations.

That’s right.

When you can, the real magic happens Naturally, seamlessly, and effortlessly “mix in” Mind-bending questions, patterns, and phrases Without overthinking or second-guessing, get into your conversations.-Guessing yourself.

Many hypnotists are unable to do this unfortunately. “on the fly”.

They Don’t get bogged Down Refer to the principles Behind It is a mind-bending language that enables you to understand how it works.

It They are often beaten up and miss out on great opportunities to use mind-bending language in everyday conversations, coaching, or hypnosis sessions that could be helping real people solve REAL problems.

It’s a shame.

Because beauty is everything of Mind-bending language is something you can achieve. don’t need to understand WHY or HOW it works… 

Just as you don’t need understanding, What’s beneath the hood of a Ferrari in order to drive one. 

It is far from it.

To use successfully Mind Bending LanguageAll you need to do is to follow these steps: Ground-Breaking “MBL Formulas” you simply fill in with ANY problem and outcome…

Instantly generate the EXACT questions, phrases, and language patterns Blending can help you to change perspectives, overcome problems, and instill new ideas. of thinking.

This is exactly what you will find in my upcoming 6-day LIVE & ONLINE certification training.

The NEW “on-the-fly” This exclusive live event reveals the system Mind Bending Language So simple and easy to use, that even after this training, Even a complete beginner will have the skillset and confidence to succeed. You can connect to the unconscious of anyone and influence them to take the actions you want in everyday conversations.

Here’s What You Can Expect From This
6-Day Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Certification Live Training Event

  • Find out about the Simplest and easiest way to learn mindbending language (It’s SO easy once you know the secret!)
  • Beginning on DAY ONE, you can begin to use advanced mind-bending language Complete “out of the box” method that doesn’t require previous experience or preparation
  • Explore the Ground-Breaking “Mind Bending Language Formulas” you can simply fill in with any problem and outcome and you’ll have all the language patterns ready to go!
  • Learn the skills you need to bend language with your mind You can be subtle enough to make a good boardroom conversation, or you can be intense enough. To make a university philosopher suffer through sleepless nights trying not to get over what you said. It’s up to you!
  • Develop a “mind bending” Intuition So hypnotic language patterns, questions and questions are easy to forget of You naturally engage in conversations (your influence is irresistible… but totally covert!)
  • Run Complete Mind Bending Coaching conversations Sessions with ease
  • Ask your questions elegantly and naturally… even if you’ve NEVER used mind bending language in the past!
  • Induct instant covertly Within a single conversation. It’ll happen naturally and organically without setting off mental “alarm bells”
  • This system is available Nothing Your subject will say Immune to the “MBL breakdown” you’ll discover in this training!
  • Get a natural intuition Learn how to adapt mindbending language to suit your situation and conversation partner
  • Use MBL questions to “pinpoint” The real issue People are stuck in their current thinking and actions because of their beliefs about it.
  • Induce lightning fast trances, Only one question!
  • Mix mind-bending language into conversations Do not get frustrated or confused
  • Find out more mind bending “spins” that are so powerful you can use them with complete strangers… and Leave them begging for more
  • Your curiosity about others will become your superpower. You’ll gain a whole new way to think about and communicate with people that lets them You can escape your own limiting beliefs
  • Unconscious creativity can be triggered effortlessly “aha moments” Make your conversations more meaningful and memorable by including them in your conversations
  • Increase your leadership ability exponentially As others begin to admire you for your ability and drive to make a difference, they will also start to look up at you.
  • Create “hidden trances” so you influence and inspire others… In a totally secretive manner!
  • Become a certified Mind Bending Language practitioner — you’ll be one of Few hypnotists have the ability to coach people to deep transformations using MBL.
  • Unimaginable, almost immediate changes are possible someone’s feelings, emotions, thought patterns and behavior
  • Use it immediately Mind Bending Language At an advanced level Positive transformations can be achieved At the unconscious level
  • Talk to a friend. Deep sense of Confidence and purpose… knowing you’re always just one question away from inducing a deep insight or transformation
  • You can quickly (and comfortably) influence results In almost any location of Your life will be full of dealing with other people
  • Participate in regular online activities “break out” 1-To-1 practice session Where you’ll learn by actually doing!

You can also choose to take the certificate at the end (which you can do )… optionally).

It will make you a certified as a Practitioner of
Mind Bending Language

That way you’ll join a Select group of Hypnotists Participants who have completed this transformational program. You will be able coach others and help them master mind-bending language.

And as an exclusive SPECIAL BONUS…

You’ll also get Online Access to TWO NEW BRANDS Mind Bending Language Solutions Decks With the exact questions, phrases, and language patterns you need to use in your conversations, you can induce rapid trances.

All you need to know is the problem, outcome or behavior someone wants to change… and the rest is a breeze.

Just plug them into each question/phrase and you’ll have the exact phrases or questions you want. Reduce problems, resolve issues and transform behavior.

Your first set of Cards include the FREE Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Patterns Deck with 60 cards. Here’s a quick preview of the 60 power cards, which are split up into 6 suits…

10 Space Cards – Empowers you with the language patterns to change someone’s perception about WHERE their problem exists.

10 Time Cards – Allows to dissolve existing constraints of time surrounding your subject’s problem.

10 Energy Cards – Lose yourself-doubt and loosen the unconscious mind’s grip on any problem.

10 Matter Cards – Call into question the existence of a problem or issue and transform the mind’s perception of It is possible.

10 Identity Cards – Provides a fast track to personal transformation through changing the way someone feels, thinks, and acts.

10 Specialty Spins Card These language spins will allow you to go BEYOND the original patterns, and take your mind-bending language to the next level.

Your second free (online access) Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Modifiers Deck Includes 81 Cards You can modify the core language patterns to create endless variations, so you don’t sound boring or repetitive.

Here’s a quick preview of The 81 power cards, These are broken up into 5 suits…

16 Mind Bending Cheat Codes Cards – Distract someone from their core problem and cause their attachment to it to dissolve.

21 Mind Bending Quantifier Cards – These quantifiers can also be added to your patterns. You can use them interchangeably to improve the “mind bending” Nature of your questions.

20 Mind Bending Energy Cards – You’ll start to use these modifiers in an intuitive way and bring a special “mind bending” You can bring energy to any conversation!

13 Mind Bending Connector cards These seemingly simple connectors combine neurological opposites and give your unconscious mind the chance to turn your problem around!

11 Mind Bending Time cards – Manipulate the concept of Time is the ability to transport someone into the past or present to fix a problem or change their relationship. This is time travel at it’s best!

Each card comes with examples to help you quickly understand how they work when you speak or write.

They are also a quick and easy way to learn a new skill.

All I ask is for your cooperation. Use your influence with caution. Because mind-bending language is extremely powerful and can have serious consequences for your subjects.

So if you’re ready to use this tool to be a force for good and multiply your positive influence then I invite you to join me for this rare opportunity.

The Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Certification lasts for 6 days (Split into TWO 3 Day “Long Weekend” trainings).

This training is worth a fair $3995.

However during our 70%+ OFF Super Early-Bird Discount You can SAVE $2825 and split your training investment. 6 easy monthly installments of Only $195 USD

And now, listen:

You don’t even have to make your final decision right now.

You have until the end of The 2nd Day of The live online training will help you make your final choice.

If you get to the end of the 2nd day you don’t feel like you are having THE best hypnosis training you have ever had – you say the word and you’ll receive a full refund on your registration investment. Because I’m putting all the risk on my shoulders and giving you a….

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Right here’s What You’ll Get in Igor Ledochowski – Practitioner of Mind Bending Language

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