Jack Hopman – Google Ads Certification Academy


Jack Hopman – Google Ads Certification Academy

Jack Hopman - Google Ads Certification Academy


Grasp Courses:

  • Coaching #1: Fundamentals of Google Ads
  • Coaching #2: Create a Google Ads supervisor account
  • Coaching #3: Create a Search marketing campaign
  • Coaching #4: Create Name Solely Marketing campaign
  • Coaching #5: Google Advert Extensions
  • Coaching #6: Use Key phrase Planner
  • Coaching #7: Set Your Key phrase Match Sorts
  • Coaching #8: Add Unfavourable Key phrases To Campaigns
  • Coaching #9: About Advert Scheduling
  • Coaching #10: How To View The Search Phrases Report
  • Coaching #11: Set Up A Shared Funds
  • Coaching #12: Set Up Conversion Monitoring
  • Coaching #13: Edit Your Marketing campaign Settings
  • Coaching #14: Demographic Focusing on
  • Coaching #15: Create Your First Show Remarketing Marketing campaign
  • Coaching #16: Set Up Your Remarketing Lists For Search Ads Marketing campaign
  • Coaching #17: Create A Responsive Search Advert
  • Coaching #18: How To Create A New Search Marketing campaign With A Dynamic Advert Group In Your Search Marketing campaign
  • Coaching #19: How To Create Your Dynamic Ads
  • Coaching #20: Use Segments In Your Tables
  • Coaching #21: Add Or Take away Columns In Your Statistics Desk
  • Coaching #22: Obtain Campaigns, Advert Teams, Ads And Extensions, Or Key phrases Efficiency Report
  • Coaching #23: Handle Entry To Your Google Ads Account
  • Coaching #24: Google Ads Certification

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"How To Create A New Search Campaign With A Dynamic Ad Group In Your Search Campaign