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Jaws And Body Connection

Jaws And Body Connection

Jaw And Body Connection

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  • Gain an understanding of the full spectrum of how the jaw affects the whole body
  • Tutorials and infographics with graphic annotations
  • Access to our private members forum
  • A listing on our page for trainers (subject to certification)
  • All future modules and content updates are free
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Understanding the relationship between your jaw and your body is key to understanding how your TMJ can cause neck pain.

TMJ dysfunction can be caused by dysfunction in one or several muscles that hold the joint in place, which affects the pressure on the disc. And when it comes to the musculoskeletal system there’s really no such thing as isolation.

The impact of the jaw on your body is often overlooked in the health and fitness industry. However, they can be a crucial link in your progress.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Identify the impact of your jaw on athleticism
  • Understanding the role of mouthguards in intervention
  • Combine theory and knowledge to evaluate your own jaw health
  • Increase muscular strength, power, endurance, and stamina
  • Jaw rehabilitation can help you improve your balance and stability
  • Find effective strategies for relieving TMJ-related symptoms
  • Learn the connections between the jaw, teeth, tongue, and jaw.
  • Identify the factors that are involved in TMD and how they relate


1. Jaw Development

  • From childhood to adulthood
  • Early infancy: The development of the jaws and teeth
  • How the TMJ acts like a sensor in your posture-brain systems

2. Jaw and Posture

  • Jaw and shoulder mechanics
  • The link between your jaw and your thoracic spinal spine
  • Sagittal plane, jaw (latest research)
  • Your body’s resting postural alignment can be affected by how your jaw position affects it
  • Learn how to improve your training and ability absorb oxygen by using a combination jaw and tongue movements
  • Determine if the problem is at the jaw.
  • The reflexes that are associated with jaw and tongue posture: e.g. Rooting Reflex.

3. Tongue and Teeth

  • Occlusion and missing teeth: Causes and effects
  • Sinus development and nasal breathing

4. Mouth Breathing vs. Nose Breathing

  • Why mouth tapping doesn’t work
  • Mouth breathing: Physical, mental, and emotional consequences

5. Jaw for Sports Performance (The Missing Link).

  • Learn how to improve your training and ability absorb oxygen by using a combination jaw and tongue movements
  • The soft palate plays a critical role in determining nasal or oral airflow

6. Jaw and Power

  • A poor bite can have a negative impact on your strength
  • Anterior and post-mortem chain
  • The relationship between jaw and pelvis
  • Connection Between tightness/tension in jaw muscles and neck muscles

7. Jaw and Brain Development

  • Prefrontal cortex is experiencing an increase in oxygen consumption
  • The hidden epidemic behind shrinking jaws

8. Sympathetic and Jaw Overload

  • Heart output and nasal breathing
  • Inhaled nitric oxide has been shown to improving the lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen

9.  Digestion and Mouth Breathing

  • The function and relationship of the mouth to digestive health
  • Occlusion and missing teeth: Causes & Effects

10. Individualized Assessments

  • How to determine if your jaw is causing a posture imbalance
  • Learn the full range of the links between jaw and posture
  • Solutions: Exercises, strategies, and protocols to relieve pain, increase strength, improve cognition
☞ Dental occlusion, and body posture

The New York University College of Dentistry conducted a 2015 study that compared jaw positions while evaluating running gait. The study concluded that a well-aligned jaw resulted in a more symmetrical running pattern.

☞ Forward Head Position

Recent research has shown that changes in head and neck position can have a negative immediate impact on respiratory function.

Your ability to breathe through your nose is affected by the position of your tongue. This can affect your sinuses and your eyes as well as your head, neck, shoulders, and head.

☞ Lower jaw and Posture

Research has shown that your jaw, balance, and posture are all connected.

Numerous studies have shown that your posture and balance can be affected by your jaw position and how your teeth fit together.


  • MISSING LINK… Deliver unparalleled results to your clients by using a unique brain-based training approach.
  • LEVERAGE… Master simple and effective techniques that prevent injury and improve movement.
  • CREATE… Real change by positively impacting the lives of your clients.
  • DEVELOP… Strategies that create immediate and sustainable results every single time.
  • MASTER… A powerful technique that will drive a success mindset and business.
  • VALUE…Grow your business by effectively helping clients achieve results.

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