Jay Vincent – The Ultimate HIT Home Workout


Jay Vincent – The Ultimate HIT Home Workout

Jay Vincent - The Ultimate HIT Home Workout

Jay Vincent’s HIT: Ultimate Physique
This course features a personal trainer and fitness model. Jay Vincent Shows you exactly how he exercises and what techniques he uses for his photo.-shoot ready physique.
These workouts have created a strong foundation. Jay He has been featured in Flex, Iron Man and Muscular Development magazines and is now a brand ambassador of leading fitness companies like Under Armour or MuscleTech.
The It is called revelation Jay This feat was achieved in 40 minutes of total training per week. This is not 40 minutes per workout. It’s 40 minutes for the entire week. This course Jay This video shows you how he gained muscle and ripped his body so that you can see exactly what he does. Ultimate Physique too!

Organized into 5 modules, with over 2,5 hours of content
14 of these are lectures Jay Vincent All the key concepts covered in the course explained
Demonstration Videos
You will find detailed exercises, high-intensity workout videos, advanced techniques, and sequences.
Key Routine
Jay’s Ultimate Physique workout tips, including how to adapt and make the exercise more challenging as you go along, and how best to target any lagging areas.

Train like a fitness model


Your best body is just waiting for you. All you have to do is apply the correct stimulus and do the right exercises using the right techniques.

All the procrastination and hopping from one routine into the next, hoping that the next one will somehow produce the results that you want, is over.

Don’t waste your time on programs that require you to do endless hours of work outs that don’t fit into your schedule or produce the results that you expect from putting in so much effort. There is no time to waste these days.

“But surely” You can ask: “the fitness models you see on Instagram, on stage and adorning the pages of glossy magazines spend hours a week, if not per day on honing their physiques?”

Jay Vincent is here to show you that you don’t have to use up all your energy or waste all that time; you can study, have a career, family commitments and a social life, and get your Ultimate Physique too- just like Jay does!

HIT Since the 70s, has been in existence in one form or another – tried, tested and repeatedly proven. Jay He is a key figurehead in a new generation HITers, and he is dedicated to spreading the message about how this is the only way to build muscle. ‘get ripped’ Keep your health in good shape. Here are his core principles:
INTENSITY: The The importance of intensity and the need for breaking through homeostasis. Learn how to achieve a temporary state in which your muscles fail during each exercise. Learn how Jay Focus on results.
STIMULUS: The It is essential to activate type II and fast twitch fibers. They are vital for muscle growth. Jay To maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, this video shows you how tension can be kept on your target muscles during each exercise.
NUMBER OF SETS The The ideal number of sets to do is one per exercise. Many trainers will ask you to do multiple sets of each exercise. This can lead to many wasted sets, which does not stimulate growth, but can eat away at your time and recovery. Jay He explains how and why one set is better than any other. You can do it right the first time, and then you can move on to the next set while others are still struggling with the first. You can get on with your life and reap the benefits by the time they’re halfway through their routine.
RECOVERY: Jay Details on why recovery is so important for muscle growth. Exercise can make you smaller or weaker. Jay Follow his instructions to learn more Ultimate The Physique workout program will require you to be off for at least 48 hours between sessions. Jay He also emphasizes the importance sleep, which is one of his key secrets for muscle growth success. This article will help you determine when you are most ready to do another growth stimulating workout. It will also explain how to tell if you should be doing three.-You can do it multiple times, twice, or even once per week.

Your instructor Jay Vincent

Jay Vincent He is a published fitness model, bodybuilder, and former college athlete.
Jay Discovered HIT During his quest to build a world-class physique, he discovered the best way to do it.
He owns two personal training studios in New York instructing HIT For all ages and physical abilities, workouts are available.
His mission is showing the world that HIT People can improve their bodies and health by following principles.

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This course is available and delivery within one day! Forget all the procrastination and the hopping and skipping from one routine to the next just hoping the next one will somehow magically produce the results you are looking for.