Jean Houston – Unlock Your Quantum Powers


Jean Houston – Unlock Your Quantum Powers

Jean Houston - Unlock Your Quantum Powers

Mastering These 5 Quantum Powers Will Completely Transform Your Life

As soon as you begin to experiment with your Quantum Powers, your entire life will begin to shift away from patterns of struggle and disappointment and you’ll start to take more control of not only the flow of your day-to-day existence but your greater destiny, as well.

Jean is ready to be your guide to help you fulfill the promise your life made when you were born. Are you ready to let her?

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Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked to develop a process for training others to master all 5 of these Quantum Powers, and now I want to share that process with anyone who thinks they are ready to step into the new life those powers will provide.

I invite you to be one of the committed and evolved individuals who is prepared to download these powers, master them, and carry them forward into the world.

I can tell you that once you begin to unlock your own Quantum Powers, all the limitations you believed you had will, one by one, simply fall away…

And you’ll not only be able to accomplish the things you’ve always wished you could…but countless others you haven’t even dreamed of yet.

This is indeed the more “mythic” life you could be living at the end of the 7 weeks of this training program.

So if that’s the life you want to live, let me show you how to unlock your powers and embrace your destiny to become the “new human”—and not sometime in the distant future, but right here and right now.

If you’re ready to take this leap forward in your life by going through my training, I dare you to consider that it is indeed the Universe itself that is knocking on your door, inviting you to step bravely forward into this profound journey of discovery.

Participants Share Their Experiences…

“I finished my novel, got it published, and donated a portion of the proceeds…”

“Jean’s Quantum Powers training opened up a whole new realm of potential for me: I finished my novel, got it published, and donated a portion of the proceeds to people who are protecting our environment, all while accessing new levels of healing and new opportunities in my community and online.”

–Diana, British Columbia, Author

“Now I have the confidence and support I needed!”

“Before taking Jean’s training, I was struggling to find a mutual, loving, and committed relationship. During the training, I met the guy I’d been looking for for many years and have been with him for 6 amazing months now. I also have favorite exercises from the training that I use to bring me peace and guidance. Thank you, Jean! You’ve provided me with amazing tools that will be helpful to me going forward in all areas in my life and that are making all the difference in accomplishing my goals. Now I have the confidence and support I needed!”

–Camilla, København, Denmark, Coach & Team Trainer

“I felt as if there was an unseen force that was guiding me through this exciting journey”

“As a result of taking the training, I had the best winter ever in my life, with a tremendous amount of growth and fun, and there have been a lot of synchronicities happening since. I’ve also had chronic pain and fatigue for a long time, and before I started the training, I could barely make it through the day. Using what I learned from Jean, I was able to master 72 Tai Chi movements in only 10 weeks. My teacher was amazed by my progress and the pain almost disappeared! A year before I took the training, I’d started working on a book project, which was extremely difficult for me, for I’ve never had any training in creative writing, so telling the story in my second language—English—made the task even more difficult. Because of what I learned in the training, I quickly improved my English. I even won a speech contest and was invited to join the advanced speech club. I was given a lot of opportunities and support from people I’d never met, and I felt as if there was an unseen force that was guiding me through this exciting journey!”

–Sabrina, Ontario, Canada

“I am now more aware of how I need to spend every precious moment of my life with focus and care”

“Before the training, I struggled to love, accept and perceive myself as having value and worth. Now I eat the foods that nourish my body, go to places that bring me positive energy, and maintain relationships that bring me love and support. I am now more aware of how I need to spend every precious moment of my life with focus and care. I’m feeling more vibrant and I have energy to do more things than before, and I have even lost some weight.”

–Emily, Illinois, Stress Management Coach & Healer

“I’ve lost 30 pounds without even thinking about it!”

“Since taking the training, I’ve lost 30 pounds without even thinking about it!”

–Sandi, Anza, California, Graphic Artist and Author

“I was stuck in a place of toxic self-doubt, and I’ve now made significant changes to up-grade my state of well-being!”

“Before attending the training, I was stuck. The three books I’d written previously had been effortless and then writing suddenly became a struggle, so I stopped writing. One of the practices I learned in the training, Jean calls ‘tan tien.’ It’s a powerful cleansing breath to increase vital energy. It became my everyday practice. Because of this, my recent experience of ‘writer’s block’ is no more. I was stuck in a place of toxic self-doubt, and I’ve now made significant changes to up-grade my state of well-being!”

–Mary Elizabeth, Virginia, Intuitive Counselor

“I feel fully charged and inspired to live my sweet life to the fullest.”

“Thanks to Jean’s Unlock Your Quantum Powers Training, more has opened up for me than I ever anticipated, including an enticing job offer in my field of Children’s Literature that I wasn’t expecting at my advanced age of 70! I’m also much less afraid to ‘be me,’ even if that risks displeasing others. This is a very profound and significant shift for me, because co-dependency and obsessive ‘people-pleasing’ have been two of my weaknesses. I’m eager to see what other adventures await me and feel I have far greater resources to embrace whatever shows up. I feel fully charged and inspired to live my sweet life to the fullest. I may be 70, but I feel like 6, eager for adventure and bursting to share the gifts that have been granted to me!”

–Safiya, California, Children’s Literature Consultant

“The training provided everything I need to live a life of greater meaning, love and peace.”

“I now know more clearly what I want to do and have started doing it. Due to Jean’s teaching of how the Universe works, I see the big picture of my life and I feel more confident and peaceful with what is happening. That alone has given me so much positive energy and I’m truly grateful for it. The training provided everything I need to live a life of greater meaning, love and peace. I’m listening to it again and again!”

–Petra, Cologne, Germany, Health coach and editor

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Leading-Edge 7-Week Training Program:


How the Universe Really Works

Training Your Attention and Beginning to Unlock Your Quantum Powers


In the first week of the training, you’ll find out how the Universe really “works” in relationship to your life, and you’ll begin to see a very different reality than the one you see now. You’ll discover how to train your attention to see what the Universe is really offering you in every moment that you live.

Your life as it is now is in many ways like walking around in a dark house at night, bumping into furniture and walls and feeling a little tentative and uncertain. But in this session, I’ll show you how to find the master light switch and turn it on, flooding the house with light. Then you’ll begin to see the true reality of what’s there, the pictures, the furniture, the curling spirals in the rug.

Areas of your life that have been a struggle will begin to shift, and old obstacles will no longer be there. You’ll see more clearly the next steps in your life and your career, and you’ll realize whole new levels of possibility. Opportunities for growth and creativity and service and joy will open up all around you, and you’ll know how to best take advantage of them to allow them come to fruition. This first week will firmly establish the foundation for unlocking your Quantum Powers in the weeks ahead.


Quantum Power #1

The Power of Your Quantum Self


In the second session you’ll discover how to identify your Quantum Blueprint. This is the higher template of who you are in the fullest expression of yourself, and you’ll realize that you are truly not now nor have you ever been alone. You’ll know that you are living in partnership with the Universe itself—that you are in the Universe and the Universe is in you.

You’ll feel suddenly more at home in your own skin, and areas in your life where you’ve felt stuck—whether it’s trying to start a new business, or focus more time on your art, or find the right partner—will simply begin to open up and flow, because the power of the Cosmos will be generating that new reality with you. And when you walk into a room full of people, they will feel drawn to you, because they’ll feel your positive, creative and constructive energy, and they’ll want to be connected to it.

Once you discover how to become your Quantum Self and partner with the Universe in this session, you’ll have access to that power anytime you need or want it. You’ll be in a perpetual flow state, and it will almost feel like you are a whole new person who is living in a different, better, more exciting and inspiring world.


Quantum Power #2

The Power to Orchestrate Time

In the third session of the training, you’ll discover how to live your life no longer bound by the usual limited perceptions of time. You may already know people who have this power—people who seem largely unaffected by time as it unfolds for the rest of us. They never rush through life, and always seem calm, even in the most stressful situations. They have busier lives than most people, but are able to make extraordinary things happen again and again.

It’s all about entering what Jean refers to as “alternative time” where you can take two minutes of clock time and it will be equal to as much as an hour. Suppose you want to practice music, piano, or anything else. You find that in two minutes, it can feel as if you have had a full hour of practice. Whether you want to lose weight, quit a bad habit, be more focused on a project, take better care of yourself and your family… you can quickly and easily accomplish almost anything you want in far less time.

And what if you could actually go back and essentially rewrite experiences in your past that are burdens to you now, or fix mistakes and missteps you’ve made. Imagine the ripple effect it could have on your current life. This might sound impossible, but it isn’t, and Jean will show you how. In this session, you’ll overcome your limited perceptions of time, and that alone can transform your life.


Quantum Power #3

The Power of the Quantum Mind


This fourth session will focus on profoundly enhancing your ability to learn and develop new skills. If you ever feel like certain things are difficult to learn, or even that specific skills are beyond you, Jean will show you remarkably effective techniques for gaining skills you need to be able to advance your personal projects and your career, without the need for spending years in schools or formal training programs.

She’ll teach you a technique that will admit you to what she calls the University of Consciousness, allowing you to access the true power of your imagination and become a receptor to new arenas of knowledge and skill, even allowing you to call on imagined masters of the skills you need to learn, and who will teach you all you need to know.

You can call on these experts to help you think outside the box on a work project, become more comfortable speaking in front of large groups, or further develop your art. Students she has taught these techniques to have experienced unprecedented advancements in their abilities and knowledge that they have then carried forward into their lives. And you’ll find out how to access this power, as well, whenever you need it, to absorb all manner of new spiritual, intellectual, artistic and physical skills.


Quantum Power #4

The Power to Manifest Whatever You Need


In week five, you will discover how to attract the resources and the people you need to help you succeed at a higher level in your life. We are all connected at the quantum level, all bonded together by the Universe, and in this session you will realize just how not alone you truly are, which is wonderful, because so much of what you’ll want to accomplish requires partnership and teamwork.

Jean will train you in techniques for reaching out through that Universal connection to attract the right people and resources to aid you in any mission you are drawn to undertake. Whether it’s a dream client you’d love to work with… a charity project to help feed underprivileged children … or an inspiring new creative project… you’ll be able to recognize the signs and cues guiding you in the right direction, and suddenly things will synchronistically come together and you will quite simply manifest what you need—and quite often what you didn’t even realize you needed until there it is beside you, ready to be of service.

And once you are truly inside this state of flow, you’ll not only better know exactly what you need in order to accomplish your goals, you’ll know how to ask the Universe for the support you require, and in a way that actually gets results. And you’ll also bring out the best in those around you, inspiring and guiding them to operate at their own higher abilities, so you can together create better lives for yourselves, and a better world for everyone.


Quantum Power #5

The Power of Quantum Healing and Endless Energy


In this session, Jean will show you how to develop abilities that will truly energize your body and mind. In our fast-paced modern world, life can sometimes take everything out of you, and you’re left feeling spent with nothing more to give. But it’s possible to tap into a deep reservoir of energy that is provided by the Cosmos that will refresh you, and light you up again, no matter how drained you were before.

This power will also allow you to experience increased bursts of inspiration and creativity so you can accomplish more at optimum energy levels and no longer experience the diminishing returns that happen as your energy lags over time.

During the session, you’ll also develop profound healing and energizing techniques, allowing you to more clearly “feel” into issues that arise in your body and intuitively know how best to approach them. Many of Jean’s students have reported being able to dramatically quicken their healing process by using these techniques. Just imagine what could be possible if you had this power at the ready in your daily life.


Your Unique Genius

Integrating Your Quantum Powers into Your Life


This final week of the training is about setting you on a course to fully integrate your newly acquired Quantum Powers into every aspect of your life, allowing them to manifest what Jean calls your own “unique genius.” By the time you reach this session, you will already be operating at a whole new level of power, creativity, attraction and influence, with new possibilities opening up for you at almost every turn.

When you look back at the person you were before you started this journey, you will be so amazed at how held back by limitations you were that you may hardly recognize yourself. You will have the capacity to make a much larger difference in your own life and in the lives of others, and in the world, than you ever thought possible, and your life will truly begin to take on a mythic quality, as your actions will become heroic in ways both subtle and profound.

Jean will send you off into the world as a deeply conscious co-creator with the Universe—a transformed human being infused with your higher potential. On the everyday, practical level, things will flow so much more smoothly in your life. You will know how to expand time, attract the people and resources you need, and you will be able to learn new skills faster, gain more energy, and so much more. This is where you will truly begin to shine and be on your way to becoming a truly magnificent human!

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Mastering These 5 Quantum Powers Will Completely Transform Your Life. As soon as you begin to experiment with your Quantum Powers, your entire life will begin to shift away from patterns of struggle and disappointment and you’ll start to take more control of not only the flow of your day-to-day existence but your greater destiny, as well. File Size: 693.56 MB