Jeferson Guaresi – The Newbie-To-Professional Lasso Guard


Jeferson Guaresi – The Newbie-To-Professional Lasso Guard

Jeferson Guaresi - The Beginner-To-Pro Lasso Guard

Quantity 1
Intro 0
Getting Into The Lasso 0:24
Choices From The Lasso 6:16
Higher Physique Management – Triangle From Lasso 12:08
Omplata From Lasso 18:21
Shotgun Armbar 25:48

Quantity 2
Sweeps – Overhead Sweep 0
De La Riva Sweep 6:06
De La Riva Come Up Sweep 10:46
Lasso To X Guard 14:53

Quantity 3
Inside De La Riva – Reverse De La Riva Lasso Dump 0
Berimbolo 5:56
Inside De La Riva Come Up Sweep 12:17
Saddle Entry/Saddle Kneebar 16:53
Overview 26:26
Ideas And Drills 30:06
Outro 39:21

Go From Newbie To Professional Degree Lasso Guard With Jeferson Guaresi And His Should-Have Lasso Tutorial Detailing Entries, Sweeps, Submissions, Combos, And MORE!

  • Jeferson is a Murilo Sanatana black belt, 2021 World No-Gi Champ, 2021 Pan Am Champ, and is completely RUTHLESS with theLasso Guard!
  • Constantly get to Lasso Guard and perceive what your choices are.
  • Dominate the opposition’s higher physique and open up triangles, omoplatas, and lightning quick shotgun armbars!
  • Shutdown passing makes an attempt with stifling controls and an entire arsenal of sweeps at your disposal with Guaresi’s battle-examined Lasso system.
  • Use Lasso Guard to transition to different highly effective positions like X-Guard, De La Riva, and DLR variations!
  • Add one other layer to your Lasso Guard with the within De La Riva place and it’s many off-balancing assaults.
  • Take Your Lasso Guard To The Highest Degree With Jeferson Guaresi’s Distinctive And Simple-To-Observe System That Builds You From Newbie-To-Professional!

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"Shutdown passing attempts with stifling controls and a complete arsenal of sweeps at your disposal with Guaresi’s battle-tested Lasso system.