Jeffrey Yuen – Alchemy in Chinese Medicine (Ge Hong)


Jeffrey Yuen – Alchemy in Chinese Medicine (Ge Hong)

Jeffrey Yuen - Alchemy in Chinese Medicine (Ge Hong)

Clinical Applications Alchemy in Chinese Medicine.

  1. In the context Chinese medicine, understanding one’s ming-Life, constitution and the yun it is associated with-Individuals have the power to decide how they want to live their lives.
  2. A person may also decide that the circumstances are unacceptable. in The current circumstances of his/her life are overwhelming. He/she can make changes to his/her constitution to bring stability and maybe even freedom from the problems. in All aspects of one’s life, including health, fortune, and relationships.
  3. Since ming-Life is the result of the union of jing-essence entailed from one’s parents and the shen-Spirit bestowed by Tian-cosmos, the process of changing one’s constitution involves the transmutation of jing-Practice of dan can help you to find your essence-Alchemy or the transcendence shen-spirit in The discipline of chan-meditation.
  4. These practices eventually led to revelations which were then incorporated into techniques used by early Daoist adepts. Chinese medicine.
  5. Alchemy in Chinese Medicine, the concentration was dedicated to the transmutation jing-essence by influencing its mechanism of dissemination and transformation as determined by the individual xing-nature/temperament. Recognizing the “density” This is attributed to jing-In essence, alchemists were focused on how to create. “reactions” It would be used to distill, refine and reconstitute the product. “state” through the dynamics of controlling the fire and maintaining the level of dissolution via water – as portrayed through the use of moxabustion and hydration prior to, during, and after treatment.
  6. Additionally, it is important to recognize the correspondence between jing.-essence and the “solid” Nature of stones, alchemists experimented using different rocks and alloys to make potent changes in The environment eventually settles on the use jin-gold, yin-Tongs and silver-copper.
  7. These ores would be used in acupuncture. “illuminations” Would guide the guang-The shen is the light-spirit to modify or reform its cosmic mandate within an individual.
  8. From a clinical standpoint, alchemy’s role is important in Acupuncture provides a constitutional approach to acupuncture. It allows the patient to accept his/her life and allow for adjustments to fine.-Tune his/her existence.
  9. Based on the premise, that alchemy is the redemption of shen-spirit from jing-It is important to note that the ramifications of its use can be severe.-The process by which an individual understands the driving forces behind their lives and the motivations that unfold as they fulfill their purpose. Health is just one lesson.
  10. Alchemical Acupuncture & Alchemy in Chinese Medicine can be used in the treatment of congenital diseases, acquired challenges to the constitution/immunity, including auto-Conditions affecting the elderly population and immunity

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"This course is available and delivery within one day!"The use of such ores would be integrated into acupuncture, by which their “illuminations” would guide the guang-light of the shen-spirit to modify or reform its cosmic mandate within the individual.