Jody Samuels – Elliott Wave Ultimate 2023


Jody Samuels – Elliott Wave Ultimate 2023

Jody Samuels – Elliott Wave Ultimate 2023



Irrespective of who you’re, what methodology you subscribe to, or what buying and selling skill you at the moment possess, there’s one factor all of us have in widespread – all of us need to get in entrance of the large market strikes and develop our account whereas avoiding the chance that usually overcomes us.
All of us see these BIG MOVES on a chart and dream of the way to seize them, continuously trying to find strategies which may permit us to catch these strikes and use our account to generate a stream of money.
For some merchants its a actuality to make an absolute killing in only a few hours a day EVERY DAY – after which there’s the bulk. In actual fact 90% of all merchants who throw within the towel yr after yr accomplish that as a result of they by no means discover constant earnings.
Check out this image – the cornerstone of the “Ultimate” Wavy Tunnel PLUS Buying and selling System – That is your likelihood to lastly seize maintain of a way that has the flexibility to let you obtain your goals of constructing constant earnings buying and selling any asset class.
This can be a full system and methodology that can permit your buying and selling to afford you monetary freedom you have got all the time dreamed of. From paying payments to buying homes, this technique can grant you that potential.

Simplifies the Elliott, Fibonacci and Harmonics Evaluation into 1 Highly effective Buying and selling System that Generates Constant Earnings Throughout every Cycle!

Elliott Wave Concept is thought far and vast to be one of the correct technique of figuring out Market Reversals, Continuations and the ANALYSIS that has been relied on for many years for its skill to forecast LARGE market strikes. The issue is that by itself it may be very difficult.
Fibonacci is the TOOL used to pinpoint Market Reversal Factors and Continuation Patterns all primarily based on mathematical ratios from a Easy Fibonacci Sequence which appears to be like like this: 1+1 = 2; 2+ 3 = 5; 3+5 =8; 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, to infinity. The issue that merchants face is realizing which ratios work greatest and the way they’re utilized.
Harmonic Patterns is the third and closing piece to this Blueprint! Harmonic Patterns will help in exactly pinpointing Market Reversal Factors used for Development Continuation and Finish of Development Reversals. The issue that Harmonic merchants have is filtering out the low likelihood trades.
To be able to allow merchants to make use of these extremely profitable confirmed ideas the method of figuring out the “Ultimate” set-ups needed to be simplified. Nonetheless this “simplification” wasn’t one thing we simply got here up with in a single day – it was created by likelihood, and developed over a few years.

Over 30 Years within the Making, a Likelihood Assembly, and Some Good Luck!

This all began again within the early 1980′s when Jody Samuels was one of many first feminine Interbank British Pound Foreign exchange merchants on the market. She labored for JP Morgan and traded the GBP/USD fairly efficiently throughout the interval when the foreign money moved from 2.40 to 1.05 and again to 1.60. One in every of her colleagues was the Elliott Wave Analyst on the desk, offering day by day WAVE COUNTS and technical evaluation to the merchants. In actual fact, right now his Day by day Commentaries primarily based on strong wave counts assist hundreds of institutional merchants globally generate income.
Quick monitor to the late nineties, Jody attended a number of Las Vegas Buying and selling Conferences the place she realized from many buying and selling gurus and started finding out with Invoice Williams who taught her all concerning the Superior Oscillator and the way it could possibly be utilized to Elliott Wave evaluation, giving merchants the flexibility to trace waves with out being a wave depend professional. Quick ahead 5 extra years, she ventured into the web buying and selling group to “see what was out there in the retail world of trading”. That is when Jody realized that with just a little Elliott Wave data their trades can be a lot extra worthwhile.
This was the start of Jody’s quest to bridge the hole between the BIG BANKS and the LITTLE GUY and at last piece collectively the elements that will make up the Wavy Tunnel buying and selling methodology and permit the little man to make use of the identical Wave Counts BIG BANKS use to make hundreds of thousands in a simple to observe rule primarily based system.
However this isn’t the top of the story. Over the previous couple of years Jody start finding out Harmonic Patterns and made an superior discovery. When she mapped collectively the Elliott Wave Counts with Harmonic Patterns an enormous mild bulb went on and he or she was in a position to pinpoint with precision the top of the SWING MOVES. The “Ultimate” Wavy Tunnel PLUS System was Born!
Pinpoint Elliott Wave and Harmonic Set Ups Virtually Robotically at Your Desk, on Your Personal.
Earlier than Jody developed the six “Ultimate” Wavy Tunnel PLUS commerce setups she would wrestle along with her timing in moving into trades. It’s one factor to be fairly positive about Wave Counts and Harmonic Patterns, however its solely one other to show that data right into a set off entry, cease and revenue goal. It’s even more durable to forecast doable outcomes, and be ready for each doable situation.
Then at some point, all of it got here collectively when she was concerned in an internet buying and selling room, some charts on the display that screamed out, “This is your Elliott Wave Chart Setup!” That one fateful day made the connection in her mind between Elliott Wave Counting, Harmonic Patterns and the Chart Setup that led to the Six Wavy Tunnel trades.
What she turned keenly conscious of that day was that there have been a handful of setups that put all of it collectively in her thoughts. With all that data and knowledge a way for buying and selling Elliott and Harmonic Patterns was immediately born that would level out these set-ups so merely that anybody might do it.
The hole between the Huge Banks and their enormous greenback earnings and the little man was bridged!

Part I – Elliott Wave Collection (4 Modules)

Module 1 – Elliott Wave Fundamentals
In Module 1, Elliott Fundamentals are introduced so that you simply develop a strong basis of Elliott Wave concept, grasp the essential wave patterns, and internalize the wave traits. You’ll obtain an introduction to Fibonacci purposes and the way they apply to wave counting, projections, and retracements. Lastly, you’re going to get a primer on counting waves and study the foundations to know when the depend is improper.
Module 2 – Impulsive Wave Patterns
In Module 2, Impulsive Wave Patterns are dissected, from the standard and most typical impulsive wave construction to the diagonal wave construction, usually discovered on the finish of traits. You’ll study the foundations and tips which apply to impulsive waves, together with the most typical Fibonacci projection tips to calculate targets on pattern strikes. Lastly, you can be given a step-by-step method for Figuring out the Finish of a Development in order that on the finish of this Module, you can be an professional at discovering the top of a transfer in addition to realizing when to be within the pattern.
Module 3 – Corrective Wave Patterns
In Module 3, Corrective Wave Patterns are analyzed, in order that after finding out the Zig Zags, Flats, Triangles and Mixtures you’ll develop into a seasoned corrective sample aficionado. You’ll study the Guidelines and Pointers of Corrective Waves and the Fibonacci retracement ranges that apply to every sort. By studying these continuation patterns, you can be tuned in to when the pattern will proceed and be sure you are on board early.
Module 4 – Placing It All Collectively
In Module 4 will certainly put all of it collectively for you. You’ll study the Elliott Wave Buying and selling Map which can give you a highway map for place sizing on a pattern transfer. You’ll discover ways to improve your place measurement throughout a Wave 3 and scale down throughout corrective strikes. Additionally, A number of Time Body Evaluation will present you the right way to conduct a prime down method so that you’re snug buying and selling on the smaller timeframe when you perceive the Huge Image. Lastly, the Day by day Buying and selling Journal might be launched.

Part II – The Elliott Wave Ultimate Methodology (7 Modules)

Module 1 – Introduction and Overview
In Module 1, you’ll soar proper into establishing the Wavy Tunnel in your charts. We are going to assessment buying and selling the Market Cycles so that you simply perceive which Wavy Tunnel commerce setups apply to every cycle. Lastly, the Six Wavy Tunnel setups might be revealed – PW, FG, and BO-1, BO-2, BO-3 and BO-4.
Module 2 – Development Following Trades
Module 2 covers the 4 Development Following Break Out Trades – BO-1, BO-2, BO-3 and BO-4. Whether or not you get in on the pattern early or later, these 4 trades will present you the precise timing for entries and exits. You’ll perceive exactly the right way to set cease losses and decide your revenue taking exit technique. A number of market examples illustrate these 4 Development Following trades.
Module 3 – Finish of Development Trades
Module 3 unveils the 2 Finish of Development Trades, together with the Value to Wave (PW) and the Fill the Hole (FG). You’ll discover ways to spot the setup, set off the entry, set the cease loss, and take your earnings. These two commerce setups will spotlight low threat entry factors and numerous exit factors. A number of market examples illustrate these two Finish of Development Trades.
Module 4 – Commerce Administration
Warren Buffet stated, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” In Module 4, you study a commerce administration methodology referred to as the Three Profiteers, which is Fibonacci-based and easy to use. Discover ways to decide your Potential Revenue Space from the Wavy Tunnel setup so to set your revenue targets and your cease loss. As your place strikes into revenue you’re mechanically lowering your place and shifting your cease loss into revenue.
Module 5 – Buying and selling Stay
In Module 5, we’ll discover ways to superb tune entries value motion and candlestick patterns. Commerce setups might be outlined utilizing correct cash administration. Precise trades might be analyzed. Entries and exits might be established beforehand and a postmortem of precise trades might be introduced. Creating a private commerce plan can even be mentioned.
Module 6 – Elliott Wave and Wavy Tunnel Connection
Module 6 hyperlinks Elliott Wave counts with the Wavy Tunnel so that you simply start to grasp what impulsive and corrective waves appear like in Wavy Tunnel land. The Wavy Tunnel with the Superior Oscillator offers you an automated visible of what “Wave” we’re in. Therein lies the ability of utilizing this masterful setup. Additionally in Module 6 we’ll introduce Renko charts to scale back the noise from the value motion. It is possible for you to to commerce the Wavy Tunnel with Renko charts!
Module 7 – Wavy Tunnel PLUS
Module 7 refines the unique Wavy Tunnel setup by introducing the Bungee and Semaphores. These indicators enhance the entries and exits for the six Wavy Tunnel Setups.  They’re used day by day within the buying and selling rooms to search out trades and assist construct dealer confidence. We additionally introduce a variation within the oscillator to enhance the Superior Oscillator to superb tune entries. Lastly, you’ll examine instance after instance of this highly effective Methodology so that you’re prepared to drag the set off instantly following this course!

Part III – Fibonacci Primer (2 Modules)

Module 1 – The Sequence
In Module 1, you’ll perceive the background behind the Fibonacci Sequence. You’ll have a look at the Market Cycle to see how the market expands and contracts in proportion to Fibonacci ratios. You will note how Fibonacci performs a job in Elliott Wave and Harmonic Concept.
Module 2 – Growth and Contraction
Module 2 explains the background behind Fibonacci Numbers in Ratio Evaluation. You’ll perceive how Fibonacci Retracements play a job in Market Contractions and Fibonacci Projections in Market Expansions. You’ll assessment the speculation behind the Elliott Retracement and Development Waves.

Part IV – Harmonic Patterns: Develop into a Conductor! (6 Modules)

Module 1: Fibonacci Overture
In Module 1, you’ll perceive the background behind Harmonic Patterns. Revisit Fibonacci within the context of the FIBO relationships in Harmonic Patterns. Study Harmonic Sample particulars for Development and Finish of Development Setups. Start picturing your self Driving the Waves and Cashing in on Earnings utilizing the Wavy Tunnel with Harmonics.
Module 2: Harmonic Chord AB=CD
In Module 2, you’ll start Harmonic Sample examine with the essential constructing block, the AB=CD sample. Revisit Fibonacci within the Context of the AB=CD Converging with a Key FIBO Degree of a Prior Swing Transfer. Study Particulars for plotting the AB=CD Excellent and Alternate Patterns. Internalize Trying Left for Affirmation and Start to Acknowledge Time and Value Symmetry.
Module 3: The Retracement Sample Quartet
On this module, you’ll depart understanding the background behind the Retracement Patterns. You’ll apply Fibonacci Ratios to search out Retracement Sample Value Targets within the Convergence Zone. Study Particulars for plotting the Gartley, Bat, Reciprocal AB=CD and 5-0 Patterns. Draw out Patterns with Examples.
Module 4: The Extension Sample Suite
On this module, it is possible for you to to tell apart between the Extension and Retracement Patterns. You’ll apply Fibonacci Ratios to search out Extension Sample Value Targets within the Convergence Zone. Study Particulars for plotting the Butterfly, Crab, and Three Drives Patterns. Study to see these patterns within the context of the 6 Wavy Tunnel setups.
Module 5: Wavy Tunnel PLUS Orchestra
On this module, you should have a radical assessment of pattern and finish of pattern commerce setups. Additionally, you will see which Harmonic patterns slot in with the Development trades and the Finish of Development Trades. Lastly, you’ll develop a blueprint for superb tuning the 6 Wavy Tunnel setups with the Harmonic Fibonacci targets. You’ll actually perceive what it means to see the identical market with totally different lenses!
Module 6: Case Examine Triad
In Module 6, you should have the chance to assessment and study from 3 Case Research. Develop into a Conductor in your Buying and selling Enterprise!

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