Joe Dispenza – The Alchemist


Joe Dispenza – The Alchemist

Joe Dispenza – The Alchemist

In medieval science, the alchemist was an expert at material transformation – most famously, turning base metal into gold. An alchemist can perform mystical changes at the highest levels in a deeper spiritual sense.

Beginning with a new breath practice, students will learn to switch between nervous systems – from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic. As they slow their breathing, they prepare the body to move into a creative state – and finally, to enter the infinite field of unlimited potential.

The Alchemist This article features Remko Arentz, composer and genius. “Alchemica.” Dr. Joe – based on our extensive research – “Alchemica” is a musical model of entraining the brain … leading to more coherence, synchronicity, and resonance. The The result is a musical and mathematical creation that increases order and energy in the brain.


☞ Introduction (4.06)

☞ Meditation (61:01).

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