John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles


John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles

John Bejakovic - Copy Riddles

A secret, but not so subtle, copywriting trick to create magical mechanisms

Here’s a copywriting tip you probably have never heard of. Then, I’d like you to learn how you can find dozens of similar tricks whenever you want.

Let me start it off with a little riddle.

How can three men, one who has been mostly dead all the day, storm a castle gate guarded with 60 soldiers?

Inconceivable, right? Even if one man happens to be a giant and another is a master swordsman, there are still many enemies. Success is Inconceivable.

What if you add a wheelbarrow to your assets? What if you have a magical, glowing fire?-protective, “holocaust cloak”?

It’s easy to see the impossible. Because this is what you can do:

Just load one of the three men — preferably, the giant — into the wheelbarrow. Wrap the holocaust blanket around him. Start rolling the wheelbarrow towards your gate… just as fear and doubt begin to creep into the hearts and minds of castle defenders… light the holocaust Cloak on fire.

“The Dread Pirate Roberts takes no survivors… all your worst nightmares are about to come true… the Dread Pirate Roberts is here for your souls…”

Presto. Presto.

You may recognize this scene as one from The Princess Bride, 1987. I am sharing it because it is a great illustration for a critical but often misunderstood copywriting technique.

The Mechanism.

The mechanism is: “how” This makes your solution more effective.

Without an intriguing, believable mechanism, your prospect crosses his arms, shakes his head at the claims you’re making, and says, “Inconceivable.”

You can smile confidently at your prospect with the right mechanism and say, “No, no. It’s really quite easy. All you need is a wheelbarrow and this magic cloak… and I’ll show you how to get both, for free!”

That’s when your prospect’s eyes get wide… he uncrosses his arms and leans in… and he nods to signal that you should go on with your message. That’s the power of a good mechanism.

How can you find a magical, fascinating, yet believable system? Let me show you how to do it. Take a look at this bullet:

A coffee grinder helps a former model get rid of all her cellulite! Page 8.

This bullet was written by A-list copywriter David Deutsch.

For reference, David’s copy has sold over a billion dollars’ worth of products. He has written for the biggest direct response publishers, such as Agora and Boardroom, and he’s had as many as six winning controls at the same time, each paying him big money in big chunks, in the form of monthly royalties.

The bullet above appeared in David’s sales letter for one of Boardroom’s million-Healing Remedies, health books for under a dollar And guess what — I tracked down a copy of that book. Here’s what page 8 says:

Maureen Klimt, an ex-fashion model, was determined not to have cellulite and started taking omega-3 fatty acids — in the form of flaxseed. Maureen grinds the seeds in her coffee grinder. She then sprinkles one to two tablespoons of the seeds on her oatmeal every morning, and then adds a bit of maple syrup.

After months of eating flaxseed oatmeal for months, Maureen says that her cellulite is gone. Maureen is a healthy eater and a regular exerciser, but she attributes her cellulite loss to the flaxseed.

Aha! So now David’s magical mechanism trick becomes obvious. The coffee grinder wasn’t the whole story. It was only one ingredient in a complex recipe that required many steps and ingredients.

You don’t want the entire recipe to be revealed in your sales copy. In fact, you don’t even want to give away the key ingredient (flaxseed in this case), if that’s all your prospect really needs to solve his problem.

What you want is specificity, intrigue, and a sense of humor. Look for the incidental ingredient. The coffee grinder that grinds flax seeds… the saran wrapping that holds the eczema poultice together… the wheelbarrow that allows three men, one of whom has been mostly dead all the day, to storm a heavily guarded castle.

And by the way, this incidental ingredient technique isn’t just great for selling cellulite-Be-gone recipes via sales letters. For example, here’s a subject line from a recent email by millionaire email marketer Ben Settle:

An easy way to use a pocket watch to book solid with paying clients.

Ben’s emails are famous for sexy subject lines, and you can see why. The subject line above is irritatingly intriguing, especially if you’re a freelancer hungry for client work.

So what’s Ben’s pocket watch secret? The email body reveals the secret:

Dan Kennedy’s wonderful book can be found here. “No BS Time Management” He makes a compelling case for punctuality in his book. Particularly, how people already are (even if subconsciously). “sizing” Your punctuality (or lack thereof) will determine how you feel. You’ll be able to hold your own in a world of unorganized wannabes.

Bottom line?

You want clients who love you and rave about you. Be punctual.

It is what separates the men and the boys.

You should pay attention to this:

In Ben’s body copy, there’s no mention of a pocket watch. But Ben hit upon that pocket watch by doing the same as David did above — zooming in on the solution… and then zooming in some more. The reader is now starting to wonder. “A pocket watch? Why specifically a pocket watch? Gotta find out.”

“Yeah ok,” I hear what you are saying. “This technique is cool, even though it’s kind of sneaky. But I can’t just zoom in all the time.”

You’re absolutely right. Your readers will get smarter if this trick is used in all your headlines, bullets, and subject lines. “Oh, it’s the teaspoon trick.” “Not the banana peel secret AGAIN.” “There he goes, trying to get me to buy by zooming in on a hairbrush.”

There are at least a dozen other methods that can produce magic mechanisms. These techniques can be discovered in a very clever manner. Copywriting legend Gary Halbert shares his advice.

“Really the best way for you to get the ‘knack’ of writing bullets is to read bullet-laden ads and then, order the book or product the ad is selling and study it till you are proficient in spotting the ‘source’ of the bullet.”

We did the same with Ben’s subject and David’s bullet. Because the fact is, it’s impossible to see the clever tricks the copywriter is using if you only look at the finished copy. Like A-List copywriter John Carlton once said:

“All the work that went into creating that finished product is invisible. There’s no curtain to peek behind once it’s posted or printed.”

Gary’s advice to look at both the final copy and the original source will allow you to peek behind the curtain. Bullets are the perfect format for this purpose for three reasons.

Bullets must be concise enough to convey the entire sales presentation in a few sentences. They also have page numbers that will tell you where to find the information. “secret.” Third, the best bullets were written in the most competitive markets by the best copywriters.

Many ultrarunners do this because they love it.-Gary’s advice has been followed by many successful marketers and copywriters who have benefited tremendously. Like A-list copywriter Parris Lampropoulos, who works on only three or four projects a year — but still makes millions.

Early in his career, Parris followed Gary’s advice himself. Parris continues to give advice to others.

“Do what Gary says. You’ll learn to write bullets. And you’ll make lots of money.” 

Ben Settle also followed Gary’s advice. It allowed Ben to see the possibilities. “mindset and psychology and ideas” Behind great copy. It became a success because of this. “very easy to learn the craft” and is probably why Ben’s subject lines are so good.

There you go. Here’s a quick shortcut to A-List your copywriting skills and do what Gary Halbert suggests. You can find sales letters written by the top copywriters. These letters will be full of punchy, sexy bulllets.

Get the books and courses you were sold in the sales letters. You will be amazed at the results.-List copywriters were able to create compelling and persuasive sales copy from boring and serious source texts. You can also hire a copywriter to do the work if you don’t feel like it.

You can have me do it all for your benefit. But let me introduce myself.

My name is John Bejakovic. I’m a copywriter. I have been doing this for six years.

Many of my clients have included 7-Figure and several other 8-figure businesses — among them supplement companies, real estate investment gurus, and direct response ecommerce brands.

I also write an email newsletter that has been called the “most underrrated email list in copywriting.” Many of the most successful copywriters and direct marketers working right now (including some of those in the A)-All the above-mentioned listers have signed up to receive my emails each day.

But it doesn’t really matter who I am. You may not be aware of the fact that I make a living writing content… that I work when and where it suits me (all over the world )…) and that last year I did exactly what I’m telling you to.

I was able to track down numerous bullets-packed, million-dollar sales letters. I then started looking on eBay, book sites, and online repositories for the books they were selling. Finally, I took it one by one, comparing the sales letters to the contents of the books.

The result was the best copywriting training I could have hoped to receive. I discovered copywriting secrets that I had not seen anywhere else, despite spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on copywriting training.

Since I don’t hold back much from the people on my email list, I shared many of the secrets I found with them. A few of my subscribers begged me to create an even bigger course based upon the information I shared. So I did. It was so simple. Copy Riddles. But hold on — I’m getting ahead of myself.

Because I’m not trying sell you anything Copy Riddles. At least not right now.

Copy Riddles It is not currently available. It is not available for enrollment at the moment.-Day stretch at the beginning of January 2022, January 2022

Today, all I want to offer is a place on my email list. You might sign up for my email list for two reasons.

If you are interested in learning more, Copy RiddlesIf you’re interested in finding out more about it, my newsletter will be the only way to get notified whenever I open up Copy Riddles for enrollment.

Second, even if it’s not something you want to do, Copy RiddlesEven if you don’t, you might still enjoy my daily email messages. As I mentioned, many of the most successful and successful marketers and copywriters read my emails every single day. If you’re curious, here’s a sample of the emails I’ve sent out recently:

Unexpected source: A copywriting breakthrough that is exciting There’s a well-known copywriter who writes a newsletter I usually can’t stomach. But a few weeks ago, he shared some absolute gold — so I highlighted it to my list.

The #1 most powerful personal discipline in the world. A success secret from Dan Kennedy’s book No B.S. The Time Management book has changed the way I live and work. You don’t even need a watch to do it… but you might be able to guess what it is.

A suicidally depressed copywriter explains how to have more fun. Just what it sounds like — a simple tip on making more money and being happier as a copywriter… by a successful, well-A well-known copywriter has suffered from serious depression in the recent past.

So if you like what you’ve read so far… if you want to read emails like the ones above… or if you want to join some of the best copywriters and marketers out there right now… then click the big red button below. Fill out the form with your name and email address, and you will get a spot on my email list — and hear from me later today.

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