Joseph Matthews – Consistent Close


If you are one of those “sexually starved” guys out there who’s had a hard time figuring out how to get a girl into bed, then this could be the single most important letter you’ll ever read! File Size:  338.21 MB, Format File: 3 CDs – MP3

Joseph Matthews – Consistent Close

Joseph Matthews - Consistent Close

My Simple 3-Date System Will Show You, Step-By-Step, How To Get Any Girl You Want Into The Bedroom Without Having To Worry About “Screwing Up” Your Shot!
Do You Want To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams Into Bed As Fast As Possible?

If you are one of those “sexually starved” guys out there who’s had a hard time figuring out how to get a girl into bed, then this could be the single most important letter you’ll ever read!

Learn How To…

Eliminate Your Fear, Anxiety, And Nervousness
Know Exactly The Right Time To Go In For The Kiss
Destroy Last Minute Resistance
How To “Naturally” Get Her Into The Bedroom Without Objection
How To Keep Her Coming Back For More

No “Tricks,” “Lies” or “Manipulation” required. Just read this entire letter to find out how you too can get any woman you want practically BEGGING you to sleep with her…

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Dear Friend,

Imagine for a moment…

You are sitting across from the woman of your dreams, looking into her beautiful eyes.

Your heart’s pounding. There’s a lump in your throat. You want nothing more than to reach over and kiss her right now.

But you’re afraid.

You’re afraid you might make your move too soon and scare her off. You want her to like you so bad, that the idea of making things “awkward” is just too scary for you to even think about.

So you do NOTHING.

“There’s always next time,” you think. “I don’t want to rush this.”

The next time comes along, and this time you make it back to your place. You want to move things into the bedroom, but you just don’t know how! You feel nervous and awkward. You want to get things moving, but you still don’t want to “blow it.”

Again, you let the moment pass. You think that next time, you’ll be able to make it work.

But then, the next time you get together, and you’re about to make your move, and something happens…

She says “I like you, but let’s just be friends.”


This scenario is actually much more common than you would think. In fact, it happens to over 73% of men. Why? Because…
If You Don’t Know How To Get A Woman Into Bed Within The First Three Dates – She WILL Lose Interest!

This is a FACT.

I know this, because it’s happened to me many, many times.

I used to suffer from the shyness, nervousness, fear, and uncertainty that comes with inexperience. I’d meet a great girl, but I’d never know how to get things “romantic” enough where physical intimacy just “happened.”

I always felt like if I tried to initiate getting physical, one of two things would happen…

1. I’d get rejected and come off looking like a desperate freak.


2. I’d rush things and blow my shot, and get stuck as the “platonic friend.”

In fact, these are very common fears most guys have. But what I didn’t know, back in my earlier days of desperation, was that if a man doesn’t make his move (and make it the right way) by the third time he sees a woman, she will think he’s not interested in her!

And she will automatically “disqualify” him in her mind, which will make her either dump him or peg him as just a “friend.”

Let’s face it – it’s up to the MAN to initiate the intimacy, otherwise, it just won’t happen.
Do You Know How To Get A Woman Into The Bedroom, Seamlessly, Naturally, And Without Objection Every Single Time?

Sometimes, us guys can “get lucky.”

When that happens, a series of events occurs that makes the woman just as attracted to us as we are to them, and eventually this leads to the bedroom.

But most men have NO IDEA how to make that a natural occurrence with every girl they date!

Instead, they rely on it “just happening.”

Let me tell you – relying on luck is a sure-fire way to get incredibly frustrated!

If you want to have true power and choice with your love life, you need to DESTROY fear and uncertainty, and know how to get the girl you desire into bed time and time again – no matter what.

Here are some of the things most guys do to get women into bed…

They’ll lie to her and tell her what she thinks she wants to hear to convince her its a good idea.
They’ll try and get her drunk to get rid of any inhibitions she may have.
They’ll pretend to be someone they’re not because they think she’s attracted to a certain “type” of guy.
They’ll take her out to fancy restaurants and buy her expensive gifts to try and “bribe” her into sleeping with them.
They’ll try and force themselves on her, hoping she’ll “just go along” with it.
They’ll get into a “relationship” with a girl they don’t really have any interest in, just in the hope that will lead to sexual gratification.
They’ll “buddy up” to the girl and pretend to be her “friend” when all the while they’re desperately hoping to get her to sleep with them.
They’ll hit the bars or clubs and try to find the most desperate girl they can at the end of the night, just to get their rocks off.

The list goes on and on.

Let’s face it – guys will try ANYTHING to get a girl to sleep with them. But if they only knew my simple method for “closing the deal,” they’d never have to resort to ANY of it!

Understand – getting a girl to sleep with you is not hard. Not if you know what to do, and WHEN to do it!
My Simple 3 Date Method Can Be Used By ANY Guy To Get Whatever Woman He Wants Into The Bedroom…

After much trial and error, I’ve stumbled onto a method of dating that has PROVEN, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to get a woman ready to have sex by the end of the third date a whopping 86% of the time.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are, or how much money you spend on the dates – if you follow my system to the letter, you’ll be able to get the girl you’re dating into bed.

And not only will you get her in bed, she’ll be eager, excited, and HAPPY to do it!

But more importantly, she’ll be up for coming back for seconds, thirds, fourths, and pretty much whenever you want her!

All you need to do is follow a very SIMPLE and STRAIGHT-FORWARD gameplan, so that the seduction unfolds naturally, logically, and without objection.

Trust me when I say: THIS SYSTEM WORKS.

I developed this system of dating through a great deal of trial and error. To be honest, I even made myself look like a dang fool sometimes trying to perfect it.

But I’ve gotten the system down to the point where, once I find a girl I like, I almost ALWAYS am able to move the action into the bedroom by the third date.
Don’t Just Sit Around Waiting To “Get Lucky” – It’s Time For You To Take Control And Get What You REALLY Want…

Too often, guys will know exactly what they want – they want to “get it on” with a particular girl.

But they have NO IDEA how to make that happen!

Some guys will just “give up” and hope things work out for the best.

Other guys will get desperate and make a fool of themselves trying to get the girl drunk or force themselves on her.

Either way, the fact remains – Most guys have no idea what to do when it comes to that crucial “late game” strategy of getting physical with a girl.

And because of this, they get FRUSTRATED.

They feel HELPLESS.

Then, they get DESPERATE.

Girls don’t know how easy they have it. They walk around turning DOWN sex time and time again. They could get laid whenever they want!

Most guys can’t.

In fact – I’ve even been criticized by women in the past when I bring this fact up. “Men are such dogs,” they say. “They only care about getting laid.”

Well, that’s not true. We don’t ONLY care about getting laid, right? We care about other stuff too. However, that other stuff tends to come into play only AFTER us guys are getting our sexual needs met.

For men, our emotions tend to follow our bodily responses. For women, it’s the opposite – their bodily responses tend to follow their emotional state. Because of this, men usually need their physical gratification satisfied before we can truly commit to a woman emotionally.

Women don’t understand this.

But it is important for YOU to know! A man should never be ashamed of his need or drive to be intimate with a woman. Why?
If You’re Not Getting The Sex You Want, You Will Be MISERABLE And LONELY For The Rest Of Your Life!

For men, sex is necessary to keep us healthy.

But more than that, sex is also necessary to keep us HAPPY!

Have you ever met a guy who hasn’t had sex in a really, really long time? He’s usually not a very pleasant person to be around!

In fact, studies show that there is a DIRECT CONNECTION between sexual frustration and male aggression.

Clyde Barrow, of the infamous “Bonnie And Clyde” duo, suffered from impotence and was unable to perform sexually. This is believed to be the cause of his violent, murderous nature.

If you think about this for a second, it makes perfect sense…

All that pent up male sexual energy has to be released somehow. Sex is an intensely physical act… but then again, so is getting into fights. If men can’t have sex, they will have to act out in order to release those pent-up urges in some way.

Because of this, I think it’s safe to say that if you go for long periods of time without sex, not only are you doing yourself physical harm, but you are also doing yourself a great deal of EMOTIONAL and MENTAL harm!

Lack of sexual release and intimacy can cause men to become bitter and resentful of women. It can cause them to become jaded, antisocial, and in some cases, even violent.

Here are some shocking statistics you need to know:

Men who get laid regularly are happier than men who don’t.
Men who have lots of sex, on average, get sick less often than men who don’t.
Men who get laid regularly are more pleasant to be around socially.
Men who have lots of sex suffer from far less stress than men who don’t.
Men who get laid regularly are more productive.
Men who have lots of sex are more attractive to women.
Men who have lots of sex tend to be better lovers in the bedroom.

So as you can see, there is no doubt that sex is a truly necessary thing for men to have on a REGULAR and CONSISTENT basis!

Men who go without sex for long periods of time will struggle mentally, physically, and emotionally, while the guys who get laid live happy, healthy lives!

So which type of guy are you?
Are You The Type Of Guy Who Wants To Get That One, Special Girl He Likes Interested In Getting “Physical” With Him?

Chances are you know a particular girl you’d love to get romantic with – but just how do you make that happen?

If you rush things, you might scare her off. But if you don’t keep progressing, you might lose her interest!

So you have to know how to introduce sexual attraction in a way that is simple, easy, and natural – so that you get the results you want!

Once you know exactly how to introduce sexual tension into the interaction, build up the girl’s feelings of trust and comfort, and escalate your physical interaction with her, you’ll be able to get romantic with this girl in no time flat.

Instead of being nervous and uncertain about your success, you’ll know for sure that you can get that one special girl ready and willing to go to bed with you – all within the span of just three dates.
Are You The Type Of Guy Looking For A One Night Stand?

Because you can actually ACCELLERATE my system so that you can pick up a girl and get her to sleep with you the very same night you meet her.

Do I recommend it? Well, that’s up to you. I prefer the three-date approach because I like to go after “quality women” as opposed to girl I can just “hook up” with.

This is because I am LAZY! Picking up a new woman every night is work! Why go through the trouble if I can call up a beautiful, sexy girl I’ve already slept with to come over instead?

But I realize not every guy is like me. Some guys like the challenge of getting a new girl every night. Some guys like the variety.

Because of that, I am going to SHOW YOU the best way to get a one night stand whenever you go out.

And trust me, you’re not going to BELIEVE how effective this method can be.
Are You The Type Of Guy Who Wants Three, Four, Or More Women On Call To Come Over Whenever You Want And Make Wild, Passionate, Monkey-Love?

One of the keys to sexual happiness for men is MULTIPLE WOMEN.

Now, I’m not talking about threesomes here. I’m talking about HAREMS. Large numbers of women who you can hook up with over and over again.

This is where TRUE power and choice in your love life comes into play.

Imagine, instead of having to go out and romp through the bar and club scene looking for a girl, all you’ll have to do is look at your phone and choose from dozens of women who actually WANT to sleep with you – whenever you want!

When you apply my system, not only will you be able to get women into bed, but you’ll also be able to get these women to want to do it again and again! This means the hard work is already done for you – you just need to give them an “invite.”

Part of my system is teaching you how to manage these large numbers of women, and how to narrow it down to the GOOD ones you’ll want to have as part of your life over and over again.

When you master this method, you NEVER have to worry about thinking “I wonder if I’ll be having sex tonight?”

Not only that, but all your friends will be INSANELY jealous when they see how many hot girls you have coming over every day because they can’t get enough of you!

(WARNING: If you follow my proven system for building and managing a harem of hot, sexy women, you might actually LOSE friends because of jealousy. Be careful who you brag to about your personal life.)
“I’m Not All About Sex. I Want A Great Girl And A Great Relationship Too!”

Good! Because my system is the PERFECT building block for a great, long-lasting relationship with any girl you choose.


Because with my system, you’re not LYING to anybody, you’re not MISREPRESENTING yourself, and you’re not TRICKING the girl into doing something she doesn’t want to do.

All you’re doing is…

STEP 1: Building Trust And Comfort.

STEP 2: Creating Intense Emotional Connections.

STEP 3: Generating Powerful Feelings Of Attraction.

When all these things are present, sex happens NATURALLY, and if you follow my system, you’ll be in the right position to have it happen time and time again.

But more than that – the girl will want to keep coming back!

With my system, you’re not “using” the girl for sex. You’re actually making her WANT to be with you, both physically AND emotionally!

At the end of the encounter, there will be no resentment or hurt feelings on anyone’s part. So if you want to continue on into a serious, committed relationship with the girl, you can now do so WITHOUT obstacle.

After all – the best way to get a girl into a relationship with you is to get her connected to you SEXUALLY first!

And with my simple system, you can do just that.
Don’t Let Society “Guilt” You Into Being An Involuntary VIRGIN!

Here’s something you may not know…

About 2% of the world’s male population will die without ever having sex.

Think about that for a second – 2% of all men in this WORLD will never get laid!

Now chew on this…

The average male will have a total of 4 sexual partners in his lifetime.

That means that out of all the time you have on this Earth, you can, on average, only hope to have sex with about 4 women.

So if you’re not unlucky enough to die a virgin, chances are you’ll have to fight and struggle your whole life to find just 4 women who will sleep with you.

And that’s only IF you’re able to overcome the social stigmas of trying to get into a woman’s panties.

Because of radical feminism and poor propaganda by both the mainstream media and worldwide religions, men feel GUILTY about their sexual urges!

And this guilt will actually impede you from getting laid as often as you need to in order to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally happy.

Because of this guilt that society forces upon us, some guys will never even REACH the standard “4 partners.”

And those that do will have to suffer through extremely LOOOOOOONG periods of no sex waiting to find the right woman!

In short: You are suffering from FORCED abstinence!

And anyone who’s been there knows – that is not a fun place to be!

(I should know, I used to be there myself!)

So that brings us to the point of this letter…
It Is My Mission To Help You Get A Much SEX As You Can Handle!

That’s right, I’m making it my MISSION to help you stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy by getting you some nookie.

No need to sugar-coat it. That’s why we’re here right?

Our bodies are telling us we NEED to have sex!

The problem is: Most of us don’t know how to go about getting it!!!!

There’s a reason why guys like to say they “Got Lucky” when they get laid. Because to the average man, his chance of having sex with a woman is the equivalent of winning the lottery.

It’s almost as if you have the same chance of getting a girl to sleep with you as you do stepping outside your door and getting STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.

In case you couldn’t tell – I don’t like those odds!

Relying on luck is not a good way to get what you want. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that’s a great way to ENSURE you NEVER get what you want!!!

But I’m here to tell you this: There’s a better way.

There’s a way to get laid anytime you want, by incredible women, over and over again.

And I’m going to share it with you right now…
Here’s Your Sure-Fire, Step-By-Step System Of Having Sex Whenever You Want! (And No, It Doesn’t Involve Hookers!)

During my adventures in the “dating field,” I have had the pleasure of meeting many incredible women.

And while I was doing that, I was trying to figure out the best ways to get these incredible women to sleep with me!

After much trial and error, I finally stumbled upon a system that allowed me to consistently get women into bed, over and over again.

What used to be “Work” now became “Fun.”

What used to rely on “Luck” now became a “Sure Thing.”

In fact, this system works so well, I hesitated sharing it with anyone else for fear it might get abused!!!

I’d say this single system is responsible for me having sex with at least 22 women this past year alone.

Now, you may not think that’s a lot. However, that’s over FIVE-TIMES the number the average man gets in his LIFETIME.

Not only that – I slept with those 22 women MULTIPLE times! These weren’t one night stands. These were relationships I had that allowed me to tap into a well of sex whenever I wanted.

So with those 22 women, I probably enjoyed hundreds of amazing sexual experiences, all over the course of just a single year.

Sounds good right?

Well, it’s going to get even better, because I’m going to teach YOU how you can do the same thing!

I call this method the “Consistent Close.”

It’s a step-by-step system for “closing the deal” with your women. No more relying on luck to ensure a bedroom tryst. Now, you’ll know exactly what to do to get exactly what you want!

In Consistent Close, you’ll learn…

The fallacy of the “Shallow Hal” Effect and how it can PREVENT you from not getting laid (learn to avoid this trap, and you’ll instantly increase your success with women)
The one secret every “Jerk” uses that gets women to eagerly hop in the sack with him – and guess what? You don’t need to be a Jerk to use it!
The difference between you and a goat (yes, a goat!) and how that can get you laid
The single biggest thing holding you back and keeping you from experiencing lots and lots of sex with women right now (and how to easily remedy it!)
Why having had sex once or twice doesn’t mean you’re not STILL a Virgin!
The biggest excuses men make that actually causes them to self-sabotage their chances of getting laid
How to not become a“40 Year Old Virgin” (trust me, the reality isn’t as funny as the movie)
The two most powerful emotions that will destroy any chance you have at bedding women and how to keep from experiencing them.
The single, fool-proof technique to eliminate ALL fear of success so you can confidently get sexual with women any time you want.
How to break out of your bad training and become so confident with women in the bedroom, they’ll think you’re a real don juan!
The single, most powerful way to quickly and easily build confidence that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner
Why settle for just ONE woman when you can use a few simple techniques to have MULTIPLE women coming over, night-after-night, to hop in the sack with you
Why going out to bars and clubs every night to pick up women is a BAD idea, and how you can have women come directly to YOU.
The secret a cross-dressing feminist lesbian discovered that will make you never want to waste your time in a bar or club ever again
The best places to meet women for sex (they’re not what you think they are)
A Step-By-Step, “Idiot Proof” Game Plan to get a woman to sleep with you in just 3 dates
The single biggest tool every man can use to easily get women ready to sleep with him (Hint: it has something to do with your cell phone!)
How to make out with a girl in such a way that she gets hot and horny for you in 10 seconds flat.
How to completely by-pass any last minute resistance from the girl and move right into the bedroom.
The three rules you MUST follow to completely ELIMINATE buyer’s remorse and keep the girl coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths…
And much, much more…

I seriously can’t cover everything you’ll learn in this short letter. I can only tell you this:

Consistent Close WILL Get You Laid!

But Don’t Take My Word For It…

Check out what other people who’ve learned the Consistent Close method have to say:

“Joe, I just got off your call and I gotta say – WOW! You’ve really broken getting laid down into a science. I wish you could teach this stuff in high school, because I sure could have used it years ago.”

-Bill F.
Student, Miami FL

“Joseph – just wanted to give you a status report. Used your Consistent Close method on a few women I’ve met and so far I’ve slept with two and am close to closing a third. I’m still trying to perfect it because there’s been some speed-bumps along the way, but overall, I am amazed at how well it works!”

-Jack W.
Sales Assistant, Los Angeles CA

“So after going through the course I was looking through my notes, and you covered some really profound stuff. Just the way you talked about building confidence with women and all the tricks you can do to eliminate your fear and nervousness and just go for it (something I’ve always struggled with) were really eye opening. For the first time in my life, I honestly feel like I have the courage and know-how to walk up to any woman and get her to sleep with me. THANK YOU!”

-Jorge D.
Mechanic, Amarillo TX

“I’ve never had a problem getting laid before, honestly, because girls think I’m a pretty good looking guy. But it was always the girls who would initiate things. I never really knew what to do, it would just sort of happen. Now I’m juggling a harem of women thanks to your methods.”

-Peter K.
Personal Trainer, Indianapolis IN

“You’ve made sleeping with women so much easier than I ever thought it could be. I’m 48 right now, and juggling two women – one is in her 30s, and the other is in her 20s – all thanks to your course. Though I’m having amazing success, I still feel like I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!”

-William B.
Engineer, Oklahoma City OK

“Your course was phenomenal! I’m in college at the moment and I always see my friends hooking up with girls while I struggle with it. Now, I can see what they’re doing right and how it relates to what you talk about! They’re the exact same thing! I didn’t feel I needed proof that your methods worked, but now I’m confident they do.”

-Harry M.
Student, Michigan State

These guys have gone on to experience TRUE success in the “Nookie” department.

And guess what? If they could do it, YOU can do it too!
So What Exactly Is “Consistent Close?”

Simply put, Consistent Close is THE only guide you’ll ever need to master your late game closing method. This system will help you get almost any girl you desire into bed within the span of three dates.

It will help you build your sexual confidence, it will eliminate the uncertainty you feel, and most of all, it will make the entire thing seem “natural” to the girl you’re with, as if it just “happened.”

So let’s break down the entire course right now…
Three Powerful Consistent Close Audios

Recorded in crystal clear high quality MP3 format, my Consistent Close course spans three hours of some of the best late-game and closing techniques you’ll ever hear. These audios are meant to guide you on your way from meeting the girl, to dating her, and finally getting her into bed.

The Audios are as follows

Consistent Close Part 1: Gaining Experience

This audio introduces the Consistent Close method, and covers the secret to overcoming any guilt or fear you may experience when you are around women. This audio gives you a solid base you can use to meet women and lead them, both physically and emotionally, to where you want them to go.

Consistent Close Part 2: Knowledge And Method

This audio goes deep in depth on the various techniques and methods you can utilize to get women to sleep with you. It covers in detail the simple three-date method for getting women into bed, as well as confidence building exercises, what do do on your dates, and how to manage multiple women.

Consistent Close Part 3: Questions And Answers

In this audio, I’ll address the most common questions students have about how the Consistent Close Method works. Here, real students get on the phone and ask me about how to implement the method, and how they can relate it to their specific situations.

The Consistent Close Techniques Manual

In this manual, you get the entire Consistent Close method explained to you in detail for quick and easy reference.

In this manual you will learn…

The 3 Date Strategy of how to get a woman into bed after only three dates explained in detail
How to deepen rapport with women to ensure they always call you back.
The confidence shortcut – a quick technique you can use to jack up your confidence any time, no matter where you are.
The best way to set up a date with a girl and make sure she doesn’t flake on you.
How to pre-screen the women you meet so you know if they’re going to be the type of woman you want to be with.
How to initiate kissing and get a make-out going with the girl.
How to keep women from stealing your sexual power and retain control of every interaction.
How to overcome the sexual guilt society forces on you, and go after exactly what you want.
And much more…

The techniques in this manual are priceless. Not only will you get a clear, over-all picture of how the Consistent Close method works, but also how to implement it immediately.
The Consistent Close Presentation Notes

I don’t know about you, but I tend to learn best when I have visual aids to help guide me. That’s why I’ve included my visual presentation slides to accompany the audio portion of the course.

Now, you can follow along as you listen to me explain the method, and see the key points explained as they are discussed.

This is a great way to not only learn the material quickly, but to also reference specific portions of the method without having to refer back to the audios!
The One Night Stand Guide

Ever wanted to know how you could go out on any given night, meet a girl, and then take her home for some wild, crazy love-making that very same night?

Well, wonder no longer. My patented “One Night Stand” method will help you get from the bar into the bedroom within a matter of hours.

In this guide, you’ll learn…

Where the best places to get a one night stand are.
How to get physical with any girl extremely fast.
How to isolate a girl away from her friends.
How to get the girl back to your place (or any other place).
How to deal with any last minute resistance.

No guess work required. If you’ve ever wanted to go for the “quick lay,” then this guide is definitely for you.
Text Messaging Secrets

When it comes to hooking up, probably the best tool any man has is the ability to text message girls and see who’s down for meeting up.

The proper use of text messaging can mean the difference between a night alone, and a night of passion with a beautiful girl. When you know the RIGHT way to use text messaging, you’ll learn…

How to be sure to have a girl come over whenever you want one.
How to create feelings of trust and comfort without having to spend hours on the phone.
How to keep in touch with multiple women without having them monopolize your time.
How to keep any girl “on the hook” and coming back for more.

Knowing how to use text messaging to keeping your “hook ups” alive and wanting more is VITAL to having a thriving sex life.
How To Be An Expert Kisser

Let’s face it – knowing how to properly kiss a girl is crucial to going further with her. Most women can tell how good a lover a man is based on how good of a kisser he is!

When you learn my time-tested kissing tips, you’ll learn…

How to kiss a girl EXACTLY the way she wants to be kissed, every single time.
How to use your mouth to “stimulate” other parts of her body (and mind!).
When to use your tongue, and more importantly – HOW to use it, the right way!
A simple secret to keeping your breath fresh and clean every single time.
Simple tips for getting her incredibly turned on when the two of you are “close.”
How to discover the signs that she is ready to be kissed.
And much more!

This guide will take all the guess work out of kissing. If you know how to properly kiss a girl, you’ll know how to get her into bed in no time flat!
Dealing With Last Minute Resistance

Sometimes, a woman is going to stop herself from completely “giving in” to your charm. When this happens, she’ll raise some type of reason why she SHOULDN’T go through with having sex with you.

At this point, you have two choices – you can either give into the objection and blow your shot…

OR – you can destroy the objection, make the girl realize she WANTS to sleep with you, and hit the ball out of the park for a guaranteed home run!

Here you’ll learn…

Why women raise objections to sex and what it means.
How to set up the interaction so that you NEVER have to deal with objections.
Simple things you can do to put her at ease every time.
The most common objections women raise and how to deal with them.
How to deal with “unexpected obstacles” to make sure they don’t ruin your shot.
And more!

If you know how to deal with last minute rejections, you never have to worry about things falling apart at the last minute.
The Quick Recovery Technique

Sometimes, you might push things too far, and the girl might get worried she’s making a mistake. When this happens, you need to recover FAST.

If you don’t, chances are you’ll blow your shot and possibly never get it back.

When you use my patented”quick recovery technique,” you’ll have a way to make sure you can recover from almost any mistake, no matter what!
The “Morning After” Method

After every love-making session, you’ll always be faced with “The Next Day.”

This is where you’ll either want to safely get rid of the girl and never see her again, or you’ll want to keep the connection strong so she’ll keep coming back for more.

I’ll show you how to do both using this simple method.

Here, you’ll learn…

How to make sure the girl’s feelings always remain positive towards you, no matter what.
How to keep the girl from “locking you into” a relationship you might not want to be in.
How to make a “clean getaway” should you never want to see the girl again.
How to end the morning on a good note to make sure the girl wants to continue to see you.
How to keep communication alive so the girl never feels “used.”
And more…

The morning after the first hook-up is a crucial time. Even if you never want to see the girl again, you must make the break as gently as possible. And if you DO want to see her again, you have to set the stage to keep her coming back.
The Science Of Sex – How To Improve Her Pleasure

Finally, one of the most important skills a man can master is knowing how to please a woman in the bedroom.

But also – it’s about knowing how to make sure YOUR pleasure is never ignored either!

Every girl is different, which is why its important to know how to “read” the woman you’re with and determine what she likes, and what she doesn’t. It’s also important to know how to communicate to her how to please YOU.

In this report, you’ll learn…

How to arouse a woman and get her ready and willing to do anything you want.
Simple tips on making sex last longer.
How you can use your fingers to drive a girl wild.
Oral Sex secrets that will make any girl want to reciprocate immediately.
Sex positions to increase her (and your) pleasure.
And more!

I’d go into detail about ALL the techniques this report contains, but I don’t want to get too raunchy. Let’s just say that if you can’t get a girl to exclaim how you’re the best lover she’s ever had after using these methods, I’ll eat my hat!
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If you sign up for my course before Midnight, Saturday, August 28, 2010 , I’ll also give you 3 special bonus audios that are sure to blow your mind.

In these three audios, I interview my good friend, Sex Technique Expert David Van Arrick about some incredible things you can do to make bedding women WAY easier than you ever thought it could be.

Please keep in mind – David is one of the few guys I’ve ever met who’s had to be HOSPITALIZED because he was having so much sex! (Seriously, he actually hurt his spine because he was having back-to-back sex sessions with 3 different women!!!)

So if anyone knows their stuff when it comes to the bedroom, it’s David.

In these three special audios, we discuss…

Audio 1: The Fundamentals Of The Romantic Hero: Ever wonder how some guys just naturally seem to get women attracted to them without even trying? Well, David and I break down what we call the traits of the “Romantic Hero” in this special audio session where we talk about the exact attitudes and beliefs that you can adopts to make women drag YOU into the bedroom!

Audio 2: How To Be The Romantic Hero: In a continuation of Audio 1, David and I talk about more traits of the Romantic Hero and how you can begin to train yourself to incorporate these traits in your every day life so you can start picking up women on autopilot!

Audio 3: Bedroom Escalation And Harem Management: In this audio, David and I discuss the process of getting the girl into bed, and how to manage multiple women. Once you start having incredible success with girls that Consistent Close will give you, trust me – YOU’LL NEED THIS!

And what’s even better is, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to these audios! No waiting for them to be shipped in the mail! As soon as you order the Consistent Close course, you’ll be taken to a special page where you can download these audios and listen to them on your computer or MP3 player.

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How Much Would You Give To Get Laid Whenever You Want?

It’s the unfortunate reality of our world that men are willing to pay pretty much anything to have sex.

Some men will go right to a prostitute, paying hundreds of dollars an hour for her company.

Some guys will try spending their money buying the women they’re attracted to expensive gifts and taking them to high-priced restaurants to try and “bribe” them into sleeping with them.

Some guys just can’t afford to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars to get laid, so they have to suffer and struggle alone, hoping they can “get lucky” one night.

Look – what I’m proposing here isn’t about PAYING to get laid. It’s about investing in yourself so that you have the ability to get laid whenever you want, without having to shamelessly waste obscene amounts of money to do so.

In fact, I’m convinced people should teach these tactics in school so future generations of men don’t have to suffer like we do. Sadly, that’s just not the case. No one ever taught you how to get a girl into bed. You had to learn through guesswork and hearsay, and even then, you probably struggled because you got some things wrong.

But now, you can LEARN the right way to do it!
I’ll Make It Simple: If You Don’t Get Laid, I Don’t Get Paid!

You can finally complete your romantic education, and get what you want time and time again – without worry.

Because this course is so deadly effective, I would be well within my rights to sell it for upwards of $500 a pop.

But I don’t want to do that. After all, my goal is to help you get laid, remember? And I wouldn’t be achieving that goal if I made this information so expensive, no one could afford it!

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As soon as you sign up for the Consistent Close course, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the course materials and my proven techniques. No waiting around for anything in the mail! This mean’s you’ll be able to start wooing women into the bedroom right away.

As you can see, you get an incredible price break – for a limited time only! These methods are worth their weight in gold, and I won’t be making this offer available much longer – so take advantage of it right now.

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