Julian Komar – Growth Traders Toolbox


Since the launch of the course I added more than 25 new videos with trades and market analysis. If the market offers something to learn I will add a new lesson. File Size:  9.16 GB

Julian Komar – Growth Traders Toolbox

Julian Komar - Growth Traders Toolbox

>300 videos with >25 hours in total

Get access to all the knowledge you need: Risk management, stock selection, watchlist management, stock screening, chart analysis, market analysis, buying / selling.
Learn to find and trade super-stocks

All super-stocks have something in common: Fast growing companies with innovative products or services. You learn how to identify and trade them early.
Regularly new content

Since the launch of the course I added more than 25 new videos with trades and market analysis. If the market offers something to learn I will add a new lesson.
Money back guarantee

If you’re not happy with the course, a full refund will be given for as long as you stick to the TOC. So there is no risk for you.
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More than 300 videos full of stock trading strategies and tactics.
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My own story …


In my more than 13 years of stock trading experience I learned a lot from other traders. I attended multiple mentorship programs to deepen my trading knowledge and experience.

Today I trade growth and momentum stocks with a systematic strategy and a holding period from weeks to months for winning trades and days for losing trades. That’s the style which perfectly fits to my personality.

I focus on discovering high potential, innovative companies which are able to grow their sales very fast and have a huge growth potential in future. That’s where my passion is! I spend 95% of all my energy in doing research and find potential super stocks.

In Growth Traders Toolbox I want to share my knowledge with you. You get insights into my own trading, inspiration for your own trading or a good foundation to start your trading career.

All the best for you!

What you will learn …

This is not a classical video course! It’s a school! New content will be release regularly.

Get access to over 300 videos with more than 25 hours in total + 300 pages analyzed charts to train your chart reading skills!

US stocks only, medium term approach – no day trading! Perfect for part-time traders.

Risk management: How to calculate the right position size and manage single trade and portfolio risk.

Using stock screeners: Be consistent in your stock selection and reduce work.

Fundamental & technical analysis: Find high potential stocks which can move strongly.

Chart & volume patterns: Learn to read supply & demand in the chart.

300 analyzed stock charts as example to train your chart analysis skills! Will be extended to 600 charts soon …

Content (will be extended regularly)

I will add more content regularly. Next topics: Example videos in TradingView / MarketSmith, Trading Psychology and Mindset …


How to use the video course

Golden rules

Reading list stocks and trading

Risk Management
Stock Selection
Watchlist management
Buying and Selling
Additional lessons
The Chart Book
Additional downloads

New lessons are added regularly!

I’ve added more than 25 new lessons since the course started! Look into the section “Additional lessons”.

It is important to me to add new lessons as soon as the market offers something to learn.

Lessons from of past trades.
Analysis of the current market.
Strategies and tactics.
Lessons requested by students.

What the course looks like

The course course contains videos (HD- and 4k resolution), charts and PDFs (downloadable), depending on the content.

The player is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

You can learn wherever you are and whenever you want.

Important questions

Yes! You should have a few years of stock market and trading experience. The content is easy to understand, but it requires that you already have basic knowledge about stocks and trading. If you have further questions, I like to answer them.

No! My approach is active trading. You need to observe the markets every day and do research at the weekend. You cut losing trades actively and manage your winning trades. That has nothing to do with buy-and-hold or long-term investing.

I only trade US equities because they are very liquid, there are low brokerage fees and you have access to a lot of information. I never tested the rules and approach with international stocks. So you have to do your own tests and see if they are applicable to stocks in other countries.

Yes. You always have the possibility to ask questions and discuss about the content. I really like to help you and produce new videos about topics that covers most asked questions.

That’s up to you. Growth Traders Toolbox is not a get-rich-quick video course. It’s about learning to trade seriously. Successful trading needs multiple years of practice and experience. Growth Traders Toolbox is a great foundation to start your trading career or deepen your knowledge.

I recommend several free and paid trading software in the videos. The most can be used in the free, non-paid versions. For more experienced traders I recommend paid software from Investor Business Daily, because they offer the access to proprietary ratings and fundamental data. I have no relationship to the companies and get no compensation from them!

I assume no! Generating all your income from trading needs years of experience, hard work, intensive planning and a lot of trading capital. The content I provide can help you to get on the right track and with enough capital and low expenses you maybe be able to generate all your income from trading, but that’s a long way to go.

No! If you want to classify my style, I am a position trader. I hold winning trades for weeks or months and losers for days. I rarely take profits with profit targets and let the profits run instead. I am not a short-term trader (hours to days) and not interested to do that. It’s not the style which fits to my personality.

No. I trade stocks which are related to the crypto business or commodity stocks. Sometimes I trade ETFs or trusts which owns crypto or commodity stocks. But I rarely trade cryptos, currencies or commodities directly. My approach always includes fundamentals and story research. That’s not given if you trade currencies or commodities.

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Get Julian Komar - Growth Traders Toolbox,  But I rarely trade cryptos, currencies or commodities directly. My approach always includes fundamentals and story research. That's not given if you trade currencies or commodities.