Junny Ocasio – Reverse That Shit


Junny Ocasio – Reverse That Shit

Junny Ocasio - Reverse That Shit

Expertise a New And Distinctive Strategy to Method the Ok-Guard with Struggle to Win Bantamweight Champion and Murilo Santana Black Belt, Junny Ocasio

  • Achieved competitor and Unity Jiu-Jitsu standout Junny Ocasio reveals his unorthodox reverse Ok-guard system that will help you add one other harmful dimension to your leg assault sport
  • Assault from the within utilizing Ocasio’s personal distinctive reverse Ok-guard methods and connect with all your different favourite trendy guards in a single straightforward to observe system
  • Connect with the bottom 50/50, reverse De La Riva, shallow Ok-guard, and extra, that will help you develop a extra dependable system for attacking the decrease half and chasing the sub
  • Pair these wonderful entries with devastating submissions, inventive transitions, again takes, and extra, as Ocasio guides you with key particulars, ideas, and excessive degree instruction that you simply will not discover wherever else
  • Give your leg assault sport the last word improve by pairing this tutorial with with Ocasio’s different installments within the inventive thoughts collection to get a full 360 view of the sport of one in every of BJJ’s most technical and distinctive rivals

Quantity 1
Intro 0
Introduction. What’s Ok guard 0:39
What’s Reverse Ok guard 3:59
Reverse okay guard controls 8:06
Generalization of assaults. Bottom 50 19:49
70/30 26:40
50/50 32:40
Saddle entry 36:32
Modified inside heel hook (Predominant assault) 42:04

Quantity 2
Reverse Ok guard (standing). Bottom 50 entry 0
Reverse okay entry off of defended okay guard 3:30
Reverse de la riva to reverse okay guard 12:48
De la riva offset to reverse okay guard 20:05
Abstract 25:59
70/30 (leg wrap) 32:05

Quantity 3
Combining the Guards. Ideas 0
De la riva to reverse okay 5:55
Ok guard to reverse okay guard 11:52
Reverse okay bottom 50 to 70/30 17:27
Abstract 24:31

Quantity 4
Shallow Reverse okay guard (standing). Ideas and controls 0
Bottom 50 7:24
Bottom 50 70/30 11:56
Saddle entry 18:40
Again take 25:02
Abstract 34:42

Quantity 5
Shallow reverse okay (one knee up). Ideas 0
Reverse de la riva to shallow reverse okay 7:29
Bottom 50 13:15
Again take 18:50
Shallow reverse okay to okay guard entry 27:27
Abstract 32:12
Outro 38:00

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"Give your leg attack game the ultimate upgrade by pairing this instructional with with Ocasio’s other installments in the creative mind series to get a full 360 view of the game of one of BJJ’s most technical and unique competitors       

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