Kasper Larsen – The Dog Bar


Kasper Larsen – The Dog Bar

Kasper Larsen - The Dog Bar

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Kasper Larsen Shares The Secrets and techniques Of The Dog Bar Leg Lock – Together with How To Apply It From BOTH Prime And Backside Positions, As Effectively As Contingency Plans For When Opponents Defend!

  • Develop grappling’s hidden leg lock, the canine bar, With BJJ black belt Kasper Larsen!
  • Catch opponents abruptly with the distinctive and brutal canine bar, a method that’s criminally underrated.
  • Construct an entire system of prime entries, backside entries, and comply with-ups for when opponents are in a position to defend.
  • Open up straightforward guard passes and sweeps for when opponents are in a position to defend the canine bar.
  • PUNISH opponents who’re unable to defend with a strong canine bar submission that anybody can be taught, and use towards bigger opponents.
  • Unlock the facility of the canine bar through the use of your ENTIRE physique to complete even the hardest, most versatile opponents.
  • Larsen peels again the curtain on hidden particulars which might be simply missed throughout excessive-octane matches the place the canine bar is commonly deployed.
  • Construct A Various Leg Assault System That Can Match In Anybody’s Recreation With Kasper Larsen’s Dog Bar Tutorial!

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"PUNISH opponents who are unable to defend with a powerful dog bar submission that anyone can learn, and use against larger opponents.

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