Kaynan Duarte – Modern No Gi Guard Passing


Kaynan Duarte – Modern No Gi Guard Passing

Kaynan Duarte - Modern No Gi Guard Passing

Quantity 1
Intro 0
Take away The Knee Protect 0:37
X Move 6:44
X Move Lasso Variation 12:02
Knee Minimize 19:26
Knee Minimize Windshield Wiper 25:54
Backstep 30:05
Power Half Guard To Sprawl 34:46
Backstep To Guillotine 40:50

Quantity 2
Darce 0
Darce Entice The Leg 6:11
Backstep Regain Management Of Hips 10:24
Backstep To Quarter Mount 16:36
Quarter Mount Submissions 21:03
Squat Move With Cross Arm Management 32:53
Darce From Cross Arm Management 42:17
Squat Place Variation 48:48
Squat Move Reverse Underhook 54:06

Quantity 3
Power Butterfly Guard To Knee Minimize Move 0
Aspect Smash 9:38
Bodylock Move 17:56
Physique Lock Move Variation 28:55
Physique Lock Sprawl Move 36:51

Quantity 4
Knee Protect To Leg Drag 0
Reverse De La Riva To Leg Drag 8:06
Catch The Leg 15:52
Leap To The Different Aspect Variation 28:40
Folding Move 43:20
Aspect Smash Utilizing The Floor 50:32
Outro 56:44

ADCC & IBJJF World Champion Kaynan Duarte Teaches His Complete System For Attacking And Passing The Guard In Ni-Gi Grappling That Anybody Can Be taught To Impose Their High Sport In opposition to Higher Opposition

What Will You Be taught?

Discover ways to cross the no-gi guard as considered one of Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s most profitable younger black belts Kaynan Duarte reveals you his system that he makes use of towards the easiest, full with all the small print and combos he hasn’t proven anyplace else. With passes and submissions towards the guard, assault from prime with extra approach and confidence in your expertise and information

Kaynan reveals you all of his handiest passes that he has optimized for the no-gi sport, full with smash passes, leg drags, again steps, and extra. Mix all these basic strikes collectively into a contemporary system, as he reveals you tips on how to add chokes and joint locks to safe submissions and end fights.

With step-by-step approach that works collectively to be probably the most harmful, Kaynan’s passing system has introduced him unbelievable aggressive success – with championship titles within the IBJJF and ADCC in his debut yr. Now that he continues to chart a path of success with wins over a few of grappling’s largest names, you may find out how he approaches a few of the most cussed and annoying guards.

Don’t miss out on this 4-half sequence and begin getting higher at prime place. Kaynan reveals you strikes that don’t want athleticism or explosion to work, simply observe and a focus to element. Begin utilizing this method and cease getting swept and managed by the guard with the following tips and particulars that may assist set your passing aside and take you to the following stage.

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"Kaynan shows you all of his most effective passes that he has optimized for the no-gi game, complete with smash passes, leg drags, back steps, and more.

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