Kimberley Wenya – The Manifestation Collective Certification (SEMESTER 1)


Kimberley Wenya – The Manifestation Collective Certification (SEMESTER 1)

Kimberley Wenya - The Manifestation Collective Certification (SEMESTER 1)

Are you ready to create your dream life?
The Manifestation Collective™ is a comprehensive certification and study program comprising of science based methodology, mindset work and spiritual tools, universal laws, energetic principles that you need to know to manifest your dream life.
This book is for women who wish to become manifestation coaches or for women who seek deep study and depth of understanding to create their dream lives.

Our semester 01 curriculum focuses primarily on teaching you how to manifest your reality using science and energy. All universal laws are taught!
MODULE 1: Design Your Dream Life + Universal Laws
In this module, you’ll be introduced to a GOLDEN tool that I use to create my dream life: The Universal Book Of You. This is a beautiful method to manifest your dream vision and make it a reality. You must first get crystal clear in order to realize your dreams.
MODULE 2 The Balance Method
We build upon the beautiful duality work that we began in Manifestation: The Basics (which is included as a bonus if you haven’t taken it already!) We introduce The Balance Method is a process that uses neuroscience to balance the mind, release emotional charges and challenge triggers so you can live your best life and reach your full potential.
MODULE 3: Reprogramming The Mind (I)
Manifestation Influencing the mind and emotions we hold is what this book is all about. The The mind is the root of all this. Module 3 introduces the art of reprogramming your mind. It all starts with a lesson about neuroscience and understanding how the brain works. We dissect the conscious and subconscious minds and discuss solid ways to rewire our subconscious minds!
MODULE 4: Reprogramming The Mind (II).
We expand the range of methods that you can use in order to reprogram the mind again! We explore the entry points to the subconscious mind, deepen our neuroscience understanding of the brain, and get to the energetic work and mindset! All done in a modern, girly way! This module focuses on meditation and the types of meditation that are essential for you to achieve your dreams.
MODULE 5 Aligned Action
The main confusion around manifestation is how much and how often to take action. In this module, we’ll be covering how universal laws intertwine with how you take action, and you’ll learn some major tools on how to take aligned action in the most effective way for manifestation! We will also discuss how universal laws impact your organisation and schedule, which can make or break your dream life!
MODULE 6: Energy + Certainty
Of course, this wouldn’t be a semester complete without us talking about the energy and certainty of manifestation! You’ll have incredible life changing tools that truly help you step into new levels of certainty like never before for your manifestations!


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"This course is available and delivery within one day!"Our curriculum in semester 01 focuses on teaching you the manifestation process through the science and energy of attracting your reality and rewiring the subconscious mind! Universal laws are taught throughout!

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