Learn To Write Website Copy That Converts


Learn To Write Website Copy That Converts

Learn To Write Website Copy That Converts

Content Camp Website Copy
The Live Workshop may be over, but That This means that you can get everything you need on-demand Write Your Copy At Your Own Pace

Learn To Write Website Copy That Converts

You’re in the right spot whether you’re writing copy for your first website or updating existing website copy to align your big vision or rewriting website copy for a redesign or rebrand.

A website is essential for any business or brand. And if you need a website, you need website copy — the words and text that fill each page and persuade a visitor to hire you, buy from you, learn from you, or subscribe to your email list.

Yes, you could hire a copywriter to write your website copy but maybe…

  • You tried hiring a copywriter and it didn’t work out so well. The draft copy that you received was not what you expected.
  • You reached out to a few copywriters but their intake forms were intense and you didn’t have answers to all of their questions.
  • You don’t have unlimited funds and copywriters are EXPENSIVE! You’d rather spend your hard-earned money on design and marketing.

You decided to do it all yourself. After all, you are the expert in your business. And, you’re one smart cookie. So planning, outlining, and writing your own website copy couldn’t be that hard, right?

Wrong. OMG. So absurdly wrong.

I-started-this-six-months-ago-and-I’m-still-not-done wrong…

I get it. Writing website copy seems simple, and dare I say easy… until you actually sit down and start doing it!

It’s freaking hard to write about yourself and your own business!

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you can relate and one of these examples describes you perfectly:

  • I’m overwhelmed and struggling to get my website copy done. It’s holding me back and negatively affecting my business.
  • I’ve started writing my website copy and even have a draft done but it doesn’t feel quite right and I don’t know why.
  • I avoid working on my website copy because it feels really complicated and I’m not sure what to say or where to start.
  • I want to write my own website copy and I’m confident I could do a great job — but I need some help and guidance.
  • My web designer said that I had to submit the final website copy for them to start my website. How do I do this?!

I understand your pain, as do many other business owners. Writing copy for a living is what I do. It’s a million times more difficult than writing copy to my clients’ websites.

But, I discovered a secret that changed everything.

Professional copywriters don’t start with a blank page and no direction. They create brilliant, conversion-focused copy from scratch.

Experienced copywriters know that the secret to writing head-turning copy that converts is working with proven frameworks, templates, and prompts — and over the years, I’ve collected, tweaked, created, and refined my own collection of copywriting tools, frameworks, and resources that make writing website copy easier and faster.

That’s exactly what I’m sharing at Content Camp: Website Copy!

Get Your Website Copy Done at Content Camp

We’ll go over each page step by step, starting from your Home and About pages to the Services and Contact pages to testimonials and calls for action.

Get a ticket to Content Camp! Website Copy (or the bundle of all three Content Camp events) and join me for three days of workshops, you’ll get the what, the why, the who, the where, the when, and the how.

*️⃣ You’ll also get:

  • Frameworks, templates and wireframes. You will know what you should say on each page and how to say them.
  • Direct, specific, and actionable feedback Get expert advice on your website copy drafts, so you can feel confident with your message and direction.
  • A comprehensive workbook This covers all aspects of Content Camp. Website Copy This is something you can refer to again and again.

What’s even better is that because the event is workshop-style, you’ll be working on your website copy and making meaningful progress in every session — and you’ll have guidance, help, and support every step of the way!

  • TRUTH: Most attendees leave with their copy completed and ready to be proofread. Others leave with solid drafts for their top-level pages. It is possible!

It’s pretty incredible to see someone who has been agonizing over their website copy for months, show up, focus, and not only get it done in three days but also feel excited and proud of the quality of copy they produced!

I want you too to feel that joy and relief.

*️⃣ Make The Website Make Copywriting Easier by Preparing for Success

Five mini-prep exercises will help you prepare for Content Camp. Website Copy It will set you up for success without overwhelming.

To get your website copy done in three days, we’ll hit the ground running on the first day of Content Camp: Website Copy Start writing copy for your pages of services and offer pages.

*️⃣ It’s serious work because the success of your business is serious stuff.

  • I won’t lie, tell you it’s going to be easy, and sugarcoat things to trick you into signing up. If writing your website copy was easy, you’d already have it done.
  • I will help you prepare for Content Camp so you’re ready to go on day one, with five mini pre-event prep exercises — each with a step-by-step workbook.

*️⃣ Five Mini Prep Exercises To Set yourself up for success:

☞ Understand Your Audience:
You can’t write copy that captures attention and helps people identify as a perfect fit if you don’t know who you’re speaking to or what they care about. This exercise will help you gather audience insights to help you write copy that converts.

☞ Take a look at your testimonials:
This exercise shows you how to get testimonials that sell your offers, what to do if you don’t have clients or customers yet, and how to use customer feedback to create sales statements ideal clients and customers can relate to.

☞ Reassess Your Brand Assets:
Your brand likely has marketing materials, profiles, or copy already created. This exercise walks you through the process of assessing the copy you already have so you don’t have to start from scratch if you don’t need to.

☞ Define Yourself Website Strategy:
Each website has three core sections. Each section serves a different purpose. This exercise will help you to define your website goals and desired outcomes, as well as plan your website strategy and pages.

☞ Get in the Right Frame Of Mind:
When it comes to writing website copy that is effective, mindset is everything. This brainstorming exercise will help you rev up your creativity and start thinking about the pages you’ll write at Content Camp and the details you want to communicate.

*️⃣ What’s Included In Content Camp: Website Copy

All you need to plan, create, and publish your website copy with complete confidence that it will convert visitors into clients, customers and subscribers.

☞ 9 Interactive Workshops

Live Workshops And Q&A To Get you Unstuck and On Your Way

Each day of Content Camp Website Copy features interactive workshops with page-specific copywriting training, frameworks, wireframes, and instructions, as well as hot seats, and Q&A opportunities to get help with your website copy.

☞ A Comprehensive Workbook

Everything You Need To Get Active Write Compelling Copy All in One Place

The comprehensive workbook contains instructions, frameworks and templates, prompts and worksheets that will help you plan, outline and write your website copy, whether you’re using a computer or paper and pencils.

☞ Daily “Get It Done” Time

Solo work time between Afternoon Sessions To You Must Focus Write Without distractions

Each day includes a Get It Done Block so you can continue working on and writing the website copy started during the workshops, without distractions and the FOMO that comes with muting all the great Q&As in the live workshop.

☞ Copy Reviews and feedback

Submit Your Draft Website Copy For Review by Content Camp Experts

After each Get It Done block, submit your in-progress content or draft content to be reviewed. You will receive direct feedback that will help you clarify and refine your messaging, improve your flow, and feel more confident about finalizing the website copy.

Replays + Recordings

Access for Life To All Materials and Lifetime Participation Rights

All workshops and live copy-review sessions are recorded. Registration includes lifetime accessibility to all workshop materials and the possibility to attend future Content Camps. Website Copy Free live workshops

☞ Five Mini Prep Exercises

Get Some Assistance To Make sure you’re prepared To Write Your Copy

Make website copywriting easier and get clarity about your business model and audience before you start writing. This will help you avoid overwhelm and make your website more successful.

*️⃣ Plus, Get A BONUS Training From The SEO Experts At Pathfinder SEO!

Learn How to conduct keyword research for the most important pages on your website.

SEO plays a crucial role in the success and growth of your website. A good SEO strategy begins with keyword research. You should use the keywords you find in your website copy, sales and landing pages, blog posts, podcast episodes, and/or on podcast episodes. Your brand messaging and content marketing success also depends on keyword research.

*️⃣ That’s why my friends at Pathfinder SEO have partnered with Content Camp to provide three unique, SEO-focused keyword research trainings — one for each Content Camp event.

  • The Content Camp Brand Messaging SEO training will guide you through the process to find keywords for your core brand.
  • The Content Camp Website Copy SEO training covers keyword research for specific web pages.
  • The Content Camp Content Marketing SEO training covers the process of keyword research for specific pieces or campaigns.

*️⃣ Meet Your Workshop Leaders

Learn from and get to know the experts during Content Camp’s three-day event.

Jennifer Bourn Designer, Content Strategist and Business Mentor

Jennifer Bourn has 23 years of experience in graphic design, web designing, and copywriting. She helps small businesses create brands, content, and grow online businesses. Jennifer Bourn is known for her ability make complex things simple. She has turned her experience into webinars and workshops, business training programs, as well as online courses that help freelancers create sustainable, enjoyable, and profitable businesses that provide the lifestyle they want.

Chris Lema is VP at Nexcess

Chris Lema is a master at telling stories on stage, in blogs, and online. He knows the right words to get people to do what he says. It’s a skill he’s refined over the last thirty years, and one he’s been sharing for the last ten years. Unlike gifted copywriters who can’t explain what they’re doing, Chris has helped countless entrepreneurs with their website copy, speeches, and landing pages. As a VP at Nexcess, he’s often found at conferences, on stage, continually refining the communications strategies he’ll share with you.

Kelly Azevedo is the founder of She’s Got Systems

Kelly Azevedo is the founder of She’s Got Systems. She is an experienced online strategist, systems expert, as well as a master of implementation. Kelly has been helping online businesses build strong business backend systems that yield long-lasting results for the past ten years. Kelly teaches systems for marketing, launches, hiring, team management, and customer journey to help entrepreneurs create more freedom, and stronger businesses.

*️⃣ Original Content:

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