Leila Gharani – Fast Track to Power BI


Leila Gharani – Fast Track to Power BI

Leila Gharani - Fast Track to Power BI

POWER BI SKILLS are in high demand

Companies worldwide implement Power BI solutions, there’s a big gap in the job market for skilled professionals. Learners are those who are eager to learn. Power BI You will be the first to apply for the best jobs tomorrow if you act today. Get access to our best-Selling Power BI Take a course now to be a highly-sought after instructor-After Power BI professional.

The Future of Job Posting

Everyone is talking to it. You’re seeing YouTube videos on it. Your boss wants it.

Mass adoption Power BI It is happening. Compare the graphs below. Microsoft is moving ahead of the pack.

First published in 2011. Power BI This is just the beginning.

Power BI Popularity is growing for dashboards and reports.

Think to it this way…

It’s like when the iPhone hit in 2009. It’s like when the iPhone hit in 2009. to go back.

Power BI Reports will soon be the standard.

Are you ready? to Your flip phone can be traded for a smart-phone

It’s time to Learning will help you to advance your career and make it more secure. Power BI.

The message is clear: When it comes, it will come to Excel is the preferred method for data analysis, but Excel is slowly dying. to an end.

It may sound scary to leave Excel. can Do this.

It’s Time to The Excel Safe Zone is gone!

Many Excel users want it. to Change to Power BI But, it hit a wall. This is what I call being stuck in the “Excel Safe Zone.”

Hey, I get it. You’ve been using Excel for years.

You’re comfortable with Excel, its formulas, and its reports. You can complete most tasks without the aid of a blindfold.

There’s a switching cost when it comes to Learning a new tool.

What about when you are under tight deadlines? Are you ready? It is really Going to hop over to A tool you don’t even know how to use?

No. You’ll stick to what’s tried and true.

Please, don’t do anything to put your job in jeopardy. Stick with your deadlines if you are under pressure. to What you already know.

But let’s look past these tight deadlines and think more long term.

Do you really want what you are looking for? to Keep going back to Excel every time you give Power BI A shot?

When will you put aside the time? to make sure your skills stay sharp?

My advice? to dig your well before you’re thirsty.

Because if you don’t learn Power BIRest assured, there are many others. They are among my YouTube subscribers and students, and there are thousands more.

They will be the ones to reap the rewards in the future. They will be the first to receive promotions, raises, and praise.

You can be one. And if you begin now, while we’re still in the early days, you can be the one getting high-Fives during the lunch break

What Happens When Twenty Carpenters Can Swing a Hammer – But Nobody Can Operate the Nail Gun?

The star of the show is the one who can master the nail gun.

I’m betting your company has many Excel power users. But, how many Excel experts do you have? Power BI?

What happens when your senior executive questions:

“Give me a dashboard that lets me click and drill down on the chart to see weekly values!”

Excel safe-Zoners will remain in their pockets. But you? You’ll be pointing your laser pointer at the screen, showing your boss exactly where to Click here to view his drill-down.

That’s how you make a name for yourself!

Look, you’re already doing great work in Excel. You often hide so much of what you do behind the scenes. That’s a limitation of Excel.

Everything you’re doing from importing data, to Clean columns to creating reports, it’s hard work that fails to Recognize yourself.

Power BI Your hard work is appreciated to The surface allows everyone to see what went into it.

Want to Check out What Power BI What can you do?

Power BI It’s really cool. Check this out…

Here’s a simple Power BI Report embedded on this webpage Hover over this bar chart to Check out the tooltip. Check out the report by clicking around.

That’s just a taste of what Power BI Could.

💡 Imagine if you could create interactive visuals like these.

💡 What would your bosses and coworkers think?-What do workers think?

💡 How could it impact your career if you regularly produced reports like these?

Three Misconceptions about Power BI

If you’ve read this far, I congratulate you on being open to Power BI.

You’re not the norm. Most people remain within their comfort zones, phone-It-they are not interested in learning new skills.

That’s what I love about our audience: You’re always wanting to Learn more

You might not be sold. Power BI. Some common myths are floating around that keep Excel pro’s from making the leap.

Let’s clear those up right now, shall we?

Misconception – “Power BI Is An Advanced Tool”

No! You don’t need to Be a coder or techie to Use Power BI!

This myth really bugs my.

Look, Power BI may look scary, but it’s harmless. Excel can be used if you know how to use it. Power BI.

The reason it scares people off is the way it’s often taught.

XelPlus has one of its core pillars. to Teach the basics first. This is different from how most instructors teach.

Most instructors are good at teaching with the “super techie” techniques, most of which you’ll never use at work.

We are not. We know you’re busy at work and need to Prioritize what you learn. That’s why, inside our courses, we always start with practical use cases – not the super techie stuff.

Our Power BI Course will be the same.

Staring with your first lesson, you’ll see Power BI Nothing is possible to Fear is not to be underestimated Instead, you’ll think, “Where have you been all my life?

I have also been reinforced by the course in my belief that Power BI It will be very useful. to Distribute reports throughout your business. It will also be much faster than creating equivalent reports in Excel. I intend to to convert my existing Excel reports to Power BI.

Laurie Flanders

Misconception – “Power BI Is Only For Dashboards”

The majority of people think of Power BIThey think of dashboards.

That’s understandable, given these flashy dashboards you’re seeing on YouTube. But Power BI It’s about more than just dashboards.

Power BI Reporting is the most important part of creating reports. A table may be your first report. “But I can do that in Excel!”, you’re saying.

Yes, but they are Power BI These tables are not your typical tables. These tables are like Excel tables on steroids. You can click on any table row to automatically filter the rest.

That’s impossible to do in Excel. But in Excel. Power BI, it’s only three clicks.

How is this possible? Because of the underlying Power BI Technology and the way it interacts to your data.

In a stroke of genius, the Microsoft team found a way to Make dynamic reports as easy as clicking-Click here-Click here-DONE.

How much time can this save you each and every week?

Misconception – “Power BI Doesn’t Offer Me Anything I Can’t Already Do in Excel”

It’s true, Power BI You may not be a good candidate.

Here are three questions to determine if Power BI can help:

  1. Is your company looking for something? to Do you want to analyze data on a monthly, or an annual basis? One example is looking at the sales performance of products over the past three-years.
  2. Is your company looking for something? to segment your data? For example, you could drill down by different types?
  3. Is your company looking for something? to You can see a variety of metrics like weighted averages and medians, counts, max and min, as well as a lot more.

Answer the following questions “yes” to Any of these, Power BI It is an essential step in your work flow. In Excel …

  • You can’t create custom tooltips
  • You can’t cross-Highlight
  • You can’t create quick measures, and instead, need to write lengthy DAX formulas (Power BI (Writes the DAX formulas to you).

To go back to our phone analogy…

Try to Excel can be used to accomplish these tasks. to You can access the internet using a flip phone-phone. It’s possible, but it can be painful.

I’m Leila.
Nice to meet you.

Each month, I participate in a special video chat with the Microsoft team. This is one advantage of being a Microsoft MVP. They inform us about all the new features in the pipeline.

These calls are so much fun and make me happy.

But, I also ask this question to myself: “How are everyday people going to learn this?”

For years, I worked as a project manager at a multinational paper & packaging company. Excel was my number one tool. Without it, I’d be lost. And let me tell you – I sure worked some magic at that company. Some of the Excel automations I had to create… wow, talk about beasts.

But you know the saying: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Safe. to Now Excel is easy to use.

What if you’re Already an Excel Power User?

Today’s world is changing fast, and managers are looking for employees who can adapt.

You can’t blame them.

Who would you choose to be promoted? Or the employee who knows Excel only? Or the person who can jump from Excel effortlessly to Power BI?

You’d choose the full-Stack data analyst, of course.

If you’re already an Excel power user, don’t stop your learning journey now.

As Warren Buffett says:

The best investment you could make is in yourself. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

Don’t Use Excel Much?

No problem! No problem! Power BI All you need to Learn more to Get started immediately

The side benefit is that by the time you’re done with this Power BI course, you’d also have leveled up your Excel skills because there’s an overlap with Power BI The Power Excel.

You may learn one tool but end up mastering another!

But Leila, Why Learn Power BI from You?

There are many learning options. Power BISo why not enroll in our new course?

For starters, as with all our courses, you’ll benefit from our XelPlus 3-Pillars of teaching

Pillar 1 – We Speak Plain English

We don’t use jargon or “smart sounding” Simple words are better than complicated words. We start with the easy stuff to get you hooked. Then, you can go deeper.

We don’t scare you away by showing you the nerdy details right out of the gate.

Pillar 2 – We Give You Real World Examples

Power BI It is intended to Real world problems can be solved.

“What is this data trying to tell us?”

“What are we missing?”

“What should we do after this meeting?”

Some teachers are afraid to You should go there. They feel secure with theory.

We are not. We come from the trenches.

We don’t shy away from real world examples. We are open to them.

Pillar 3 – We Show You the Big Picture

I’m the type who needs to You will be amazed at how everything works together.

After all, there is nothing in a silo.

Some courses will only teach you how to do something. to Use Power BI Desktop. Some only show you Power BI Service. Others will show you how to Make beautiful reports

We will show you both in our course Power BI Desktop and Service We show you how! to We create stunning visuals but also show you that there is more. to Power BI.

As an XelPlus student you’ve been learning one tool after another.

Power BI This is a powerful and new tool for your digital workshop. We don’t just show you how to do it. to Use Power BI But how does it fit into this larger tool collection?

This is The Fast Track to Power BI

This is not the right way to do it. “Dive right into the super advanced stuff that nobody uses” Power BI course.

It’s the Fast Track to Power BI course.

That means you’ll be up and running with only the most useful parts of Power BI. This will allow you to get started with using Power BI You can get to work immediately

Yes, we do get into advanced stuff. Eventually. But you don’t need to – and shouldn’t – begin with the advanced stuff.

You’re busy, and we designed this course for the busy person.

So yes. The course is called “Fast Track to Power BI” because it gets you started fast – but it Does You can also include the Expert Lane!

You’re practically getting TWO courses with this SINGLE course.

You can watch the videos in a fast track format (less than 2 hours) and then go out to create nice things.-You can look at dashboards by slicing or dicing!

Your Course Map to Becoming Power BI Fluent

Start with the Fast Track Continue on to the next lane to the Expert lane when you’re up for it.

Both are available. Fast This includes the Expert lane as well as the Lane. ONE course. I’ve laid it out for you below.

Even though we’ve named the course “Fast Track to Power BI”, we don’t leave you on your own after introducing you to Power BI. No – we take you all the way to the Expert lane when you’re ready.

Here’s Your Learning Path

Below is the detailed curriculum.

Do you see anything that jumps out? Which lesson do you think you’d begin with?

Section 1: Introduction (a look around dojo)

What is it? Power BI
Quick Tour of Power BI
Download Files & Important Course Info
Access without School or Work Account
Power BI Excel vs.

Section 2: Create your First Power BI Report for OfficePlus California

First Project Overview (Sales Analyst at OfficePlus).

Section 2A: Tour of Power BI As you build your report

Loading data for analysis
How to create a data model
Explore Visuals Power BI
Filters and Slicers
Quick Steps to Take

The Key Takeaways

This course includes:

Over 11 hours worth of video content

Downloadable Power BI Reports and templates

Challenges & Quizzes to test your skills

LIFETIME Access So you don’t feel rushed

Comment sections to ask questions Get answers from our friendly teaching assistants

CPD Accredited Certificate Of Completion

English Closed Captions

Bonus DAX Recipe book

Bonus Power Automated Training

Bonus Course eBook (over 300 pages).

Bonus Fiscal Reporting Template

Bonus Assessment Tests

Clinging is a Risk to Excel

5 Things Will Happen If You Don’t Make the Switch to Power BI

Clinging to Excel is not what it seems to Advance your career. The history books are full of stories about people or companies who hold on too long to One thing.

The switch to Power BI It is coming, regardless of whether you want it or not to Or not. If you don’t tackle this now, here’s what you can expect.

You won’t be able to You can take on new projects.
When your boss asks for a nice visualization you’ll say, “Sorry, I’ve only got Excel charts.” It’s like a restaurant customer ordering for a filet mignon, and you bring out a McDonald’s hamburger. Don’t disappoint them!
You’ll have to Rely on the IT department. That’s enough! It takes them forever to get to your task – if at all.
You’ll miss out on chances to Contribute to Impress your higher-ups with the company-ups.
You won’t be as competitive as other people if/when it comes time to Find a job.

The future of data analysis lies in storytelling and making sense. You can’t blame management for wanting more actionable data.

The question is: Can you adapt? Or will you cling? to Are you tired of the past?

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