Lorna Gabriel – Luxe Godhead – Metannoia


Lorna Gabriel – Luxe Godhead – Metannoia

Lorna Gabriel – Luxe Godhead – Metannoia

As a misfit… as a maverick… That is the place you belong. There are solutions.
From Struggling To Thriving.
From Shadow to Gentle.
From Chained Free.
From Depressing To Masterful.
From Concern to Energy.
*️⃣ Inside Metanoia you’ll, Access to $1250 Value One of the most life-altering and activating content material in consciousness is:
☞ The Notorious Concern and Energy Collection
Lorna Gabriel’s well-known ten-day archetypal consciousness intensiv that began all of it and has blown minds and adjusted hundreds of lives.
☞ The Beautiful Gold Thoughts Map
Lorna Gabriel’s well-known on-line “map of the psyche” This gives you quick and easy access to all archetypes covered in the Concern and Energy Collection.
☞ The Coveted Shadow Alchemy Device
“The tool to end all tools”According to one Shadow Alchemy scholar, it is. The well-known private transformative device that has taken non secular growth by storm, was invented by Lorna Gabriel primarily based on the Concern and Energy Collection and is now acknowledged by many because the world’s most potent and efficient non secular expertise on the planet.
☞ The Highly Effective Shadow Alchemy Intensive
A 2-hour Masterclass on Shadow Alchemy. Learn how to use it and avoid the many pitfalls.
Absolute worth: $1250
Precise value: $250

*️⃣ Inside Metanoia you’ll:
☞ See the shadow and gentle structure of your thoughts.
☞ Uncover the core Archetypal channels of Consciousness and at last see how they’re operating your life utterly unconsciously.
☞ Uncover tips on how to deprogram each single battle in your life: bodily, monetary, relational and psychological/emotional/non secular and get rid of them for god.
☞ Discover the foundational rules for working with the uncooked materialists pf the Universe. The true meaning of magic Start to channel the mission, therapeutic massage, and energy you might have right now.
☞ And rather more…
*️⃣ Lorna Gabriel She transformed herself from a single, jobless, broke, bipolar mom on the brink of suicide to moving into her genius, making her first million in ten months with her enterprise. working half TimeShe was unable to find a remedy, or understand something about the business she started. All this was possible because she used the Shadow Alchemy device, which her father invented. Nothing else is labored.
You too can achieve greatness.
It’s coded into your psyche.
All it’s good to know is tips on how to entry it.
It is now.
Step into your True Energy.
See you from the inside!
Lorna Gabriel The Luxe Godhead Group

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Course Requirement Lorna Gabriel – Luxe Godhead – Metannoia
Real Value $ 250
One-time cost: USD 52

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Uncover the foundational rules behind working whit the uncooked materialist pf the Universe so you may faucet into your true magic and start to channel the mission and therapeutic massage you might be right here to specific. File Size: 3.455GB