Luca Lampariello – Overcoming the Intermediate Plateau in Language Learning



Luca Lampariello – Overcoming the Intermediate Plateau in Language Learning

Luca Lampariello - Overcoming the Intermediate Plateau in Language Learning


Your old textbooks should be thrown out the window. It’s time to reach fluency in This is a new way to do things!


What if you could get rid of all the stumbling blocks in your target language and be certain that you will become fluent?

What if you could improve your language skills by listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos?

Imagine being able to master a language so well that you could move to a country that it is spoken. in Well, make friends and create a new way of life.

It’s not bad, right?

it sounds like a DREAM, BUT IT’S ACTUALLY SOMETHING that

The average learner’s life of using textbooks, grammar tables, mobile apps, and flashcards seems like a long way away from the life of fluent, immersed language use that I’ve just described. Perhaps you have ever wished for such a life, only to discover that it is possible.

  • You feel like you’re making no progress, even after hundreds of hours of learning.
  • Popular for beginners-Level learning materials can make you bored, frustrated, or disengaged. the Learning is a process.
  • Understanding native-Level books, movies, and TV seems impossible.
  • You’re hesitant to speak, and even when you’re brave enough to try, you get tongue-tied.
  • Anytime anyone tries to speak with you, your mind goes blank—you have no idea what they just said!

These are all common realities for

If you’ve lived through these things, it’s because you’re too skilled for beginner-Level content, but too inexperienced for natives. Even if you want To enjoy your target language as you would your native language, you just can’t. You’re not there yet.

For most people, it’s easy to get stuck at this point—this no man’s land between knowing nothing at all about your target language and knowing enough to actually use it productively in your day-to-Day to day. It’s where the Your learning pace slows and your progress becomes more difficult to see.

We have a name for this place in language learning circles: the Intermediate Plateau.

When you reach this plateau, you’ve typically lost that initial burst of motivation that comes with starting a new language.

Suddenly, that lost motivation is replaced with a different feeling—first a question, then a doubt, and finally a fear. This fear is that you might find it too difficult. That maybe you’ll never reach fluency. That maybe you’re just not good enough to learn any foreign language, ever.

People who linger the Intermediate Plateau These thoughts and fears can become overwhelming over time. They feel stuck, with no clear path forward, and abandon their language learning plans.

I’ve seen many stories like this, and they’re all quite tragic. But not because these people aren’t good enough to learn foreign languages, but because I know that they ARE good enough—or would have been, if only they had known how to overcome the Once and for all, the intermediate plateau.

How can I learn all this? Because in My own journey as an English language learner was one that I have personally overcome. the intermediate plateau many times—and coached hundreds of other learners to survive it, as well.


As a child, I could only speak one language, Italian, which was my native language. As an adult, I can speak more than ten languages fluently. I’ve used these languages in My life in all its aspects: my business, friendships, relationships, and personal development. 

In fact, I’ve made it my life’s mission to not only learn as many languages as I possibly can, but to also share the knowledge I’ve gained in Helping people to achieve their language learning goals. People like you!

I do this because I know just what it’s like to get stuck at the Intermediate PlateauFeeling hopeless, frustrated, or ready to give up.

That was actually my English story. the language I’m writing in right now. Though I’m quite comfortable with English at this point in my life, that wasn’t always the case. I can still recall thirty years ago when I was unable to string together simple sentences in the Even though I was studying it, language is still something that I am familiar with. in School for more than two years

My parents were frustrated and hired an American tutor who would come to my house to help me with my English skills.-On-1. I knew that this was a good chance for me. But I felt even more demoralized when my pronunciation was so poor that it was making my brand look bad.-new tutor couldn’t even understand me when I spoke the I had very little English knowledge. Talk about embarrassing!

That was it! the Moments when I wish I could have thrown my hands in the air in I accepted defeat and decided that I was not going to be able speak English fluently. It was. the Moment when the Intermediate Plateau I was almost beaten. 

But I had something I couldn’t let go of at that moment. the intermediate level—I had a guide! Even though I didn’t know the Way beyond the plateau, my American tutor did. She enthusiastically took me by the I was taught by my teacher how to get through it and achieve fluency in English. 

In the My tutor taught me many valuable lessons about how to learn a language.

Particularly, I learned that in order to learn a foreign tongue successfully, you must:

  • Find or (create rich, compelling, and comprehensible sources.

  • These resources can help you learn in Fun and effective!

  • Immerse yourself in the Language through a variety of authentic media

  • Design a rock-Solid daily learning routine that fuels motivation

  • Keep up your daily learning routine the Long-term, even in the Face of significant challenges

Since my days of learning English with my tutor, I’ve taken those lessons and applied them to each and every language I’ve decided to learn, and they’ve helped me reach results beyond my wildest dreams.

So in the end, it wasn’t talent that led me to language learning success. I’m certainly not a genius, or a savant. It was simply a matter of learning effective strategies, methods, and principles and then applying them over a long time. This is what helped me achieve success. 

That’s an important point, so I’ll repeat it: I learned principles, strategies, and methods, and then applied them consistently. 

It’s not magic. It’s not rocket science. It’s just learning. If I can do it, you can do it, too!

I can actually show you!

Do you remember what it was like to start learning?

<p “=”” class=”class=” data-css=”tve-u-62d3c90d09af76″ tve-droppable”=””>Back then, I’m sure everything felt fresh and new to you. Progressing was risky because you were only learning the basics of words and phrases.-It is easy and free.

Everything that was once unfamiliar suddenly felt familiar and familiar as time went by. You could understand a few things, say a few things—usually just enough to feel competent at the Things you were interested in. You felt competent and a range of learning activities became yours. “comfort zone”.

This is where you probably are right now.

There is an expression that says “what got you here won’t get you there”.

It is a way to get beyond the current situation in language learning.

To move beyond the Intermediate PlateauYou must change the way that you practice your target languages. You must move beyond what I call “practicing your target language”. “simple practice”A more difficult type of practice is called “purposeful practice”.

Purposeful practice Is research-A method of skill development that is supported by the government. It involves breaking down skills into their essential parts, recognizing and addressing any weaknesses, and then rebuilding the skill, stronger than before.

Language learning is fundamentally a set of skills. If you can learn to build and break down your skills, it will be a great help. in This will allow you to expand your capabilities beyond what you thought possible. “comfort zone”Finally, you can move beyond the Intermediate plateau

Purposeful practice can be a real game-Changer is a good thing, especially when it comes down to learning languages. the intermediate level. However, it’s still not enough.

In fact, I believe that success is possible Language learning is made up of three components: mindset, skill development and organization. Only a small portion of skill development can be achieved through purposeful practice. There are many other concepts to be taught, including how to prepare your mind and organize your learning activities.

Fortunately, I’ve spent the For the last 30 years, I have spent my life learning languages and teaching others how to use them.

It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally managed to distill everything I learned throughout those decades into a single, comprehensive language learning course for intermediate-Level learners

You can also sign up in that course today—right now, in fact!


Here’s how it works:
Each module is made up of three sections. The modules in Each individual has their own video collection. In total, the The course consists of three parts: 15 modules and over 50 videos.


In the The first part of the course, you’ll learn all about the It is vital to develop a strong language learning mindset. This is an important but often overlooked aspect of language learning.-A neglected part of the language learning process—without this kind of mental preparation, even the You will fail to use the best resources, methods, and tools.

This is the most common mistake made by people. the Process find that they lose the motivation to learn a language when they hit it. the Intermediate Plateau—and that’s when you need motivation the most! This section of the This course will help you to establish a strong connection to your target language so you can generate motivation whenever you need it.


Part 2 of the You can also call it titled Learning How to Learn, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the There are principles, techniques and strategies that will help you absorb the target language and help you understand it deeply.

Once you’ve built this understanding through practicing your listening and reading skills, you’ll then move on to speaking and writing, which are the Output skills will help you use your target languages to communicate with real people-Life native speakers


In the Final part of the You will learn everything you know about mindset and skill development, and then put it together to put it to good use. in Your daily life.

Here, I’ll show you how to build a well-A multi-layered, organized language learning program that will help you work towards your highest language goals. On top of that, you’ll learn strategies for adapting your learning schedule to your own interests and life circumstances, so that you’re never too bored—or too busy—to practice your language skills!

FEATURES & benefits

You will be able to acquire the Gain the confidence to be an effective learner of your target language and a speaker of it, and clarity on all key aspects. the Learn process the intermediate level.

You’ll learn how to manage your motivation so that you can fuel your language learning machine whenever and wherever you need it.

You will be able (and even be able) to find and create. the Perfect language learning resources for you and your target language, based on your interests, needs, personal style and personality.
Learn the art of learning

You will have a deeper understanding the These are the fundamental principles of language learning that will allow you to design and hone your skills. the The perfect language learning strategy for you.

You will learn how to apply all of it. the You can incorporate key learning techniques into your daily schedule so you can learn efficiently over the course of the day. the Long-term—even when you’re at your busiest!

You will be equipped the To achieve fluency, you must have the right mindset, skills, as well as organizational strategies. in Your current target language and any languages you are interested in learning in the future!

Introduce the Intermediate Plateau Course

Featuring the One and only Luca Lampariello!

Course roadmap

Now let’s take at how each part of the Course structure:
Module 0- Introduction

This module will give you a bird’s-eye view of the area. the Structure and content the Course and how to learn from them in An optimal, fun, and efficient way to do things.

This module will teach you exactly what the Intermediate Plateau It is and why it is such a barrier for learners who want fluency. Additionally, you’ll learn the Three essential components of fluency. How incorporating these three elements into your life and language learning can help you achieve fluency. the plateau. Lastly, you’ll assess your current language proficiency; this will help you gauge your progress as you implement the Methods in the course.

This module will help you to change the way you think about language learning, so that you are able to overcome any obstacle. the Your journey towards fluency. You’ll do this by transforming your limiting beliefs into liberating truths and connecting emotionally with your target language..

In this module, you’ll learn the These foundational principles will pave the road to success the Your success is our success the Intermediate and higher levels. If you understand these seven simple rules, you’ll understand when to learn, what content to learn from (and how to find it), how to practice in the How to prioritize different types of practice for your skill and energy levels in the most efficient way.

This module will show you how to organize a nearby business.-There are many languages that can be used to improve your intermediate language skills. This means that you have to choose high.-Quality, authenticity, and adaptation of these resources so that you have the best language learning experience no matter what your level. Additionally, you’ll discover how to organize all of this content so that you can get the most value from it at a moment’s notice.

In this module, you’ll learn a comprehensive, step-By-Step-by step guide for authentic target language podcasts. Use them to improve both your listening comprehension and reading comprehension skills over time.

In this module, you’ll learn a comprehensive, step-By-Step by step guide for understanding the target language video content. Analyzing audiovisual content in depth will help you to improve your listening and reading skills and increase your knowledge. the Target culture should also be considered.

In this module, you’ll learn to love reading as a tool for growing a deep and sophisticated vocabulary in your target language. This can be done primarily by Intensive Reading, which will allow you to fully understand any short text. in your target language.

In this module, you’ll learn exactly how our brains go from seeing a piece of information for the First time, to transform that information into long-term memory. This three-dimensional concept is your understanding-Part process will help to contextualize the reasons why many of the memorization techniques in This course is organized the They are the way they are and you have more control. the Process as you learn more advanced techniques in the Next module

This module will help you to use your knowledge of the Effective memorization has three phases in Effectively memorizing any piece of target language knowledge is necessary the Long-term. In particular, you’ll learn two techniques which will help you better memorize learned content, no matter how busy your schedule might be.

In this module, you’ll learn about a concept known as “Language Activation”. This concept aims to capture all of the passive language knowledge you’ve gained through all of the Methods of input in This course is continuing steadily “activate” that knowledge so that you’re ready to use it to practice output skills, such as speaking and writing.

In this module, you’ll learn how to overcome perhaps the scariest part of learning a new language—actually using it with real people! To start, you’ll begin by learning the 5 Principles of Smart Speaking that will turn your life around the The process of learning how to speak can be transformed from a terrifying obstacle into a fun and rewarding, exhilarating learning experience.

In this module, you’ll take all of the Theory you learned about speaking your target languages in the last section and finally put it into action. The core of this module is a powerful, 3-part video.-Part activity known as the Smart Speaking Session. Through the implementation of all parts the Smart Speaking Session teaches you how to have short conversations with native speakers.-For maximum learning and long-term retention, you can use a tutor to speak the language and then analyze the conversations.-term growth. Additionally, you’ll learn seven powerful techniques for getting the You can get the most out your speaking practice, regardless of its subject matter the occasion.

In this module, you’ll learn how to steadily improve your ability to write in your target language. This module focuses on how to use disciplined daily writing as a way to improve your ability think and use your target languages. the Writing your target language rather than speaking it can provide flexibility and time savings.

In this module, you’ll learn how to take all of the myriad techniques you’ve learned in Take this course and put it to good use in A simple, well-organized way to do it.-Structured and most importantly, fun! You can break down your learning into three steps.-Month chunks are broken down into weekly chunks and daily chunks. in turn), you’ll understand how to take even your most ambitious language goals and turn them into a sequence of achievable daily actions that will take fluency from a possibility to an inevitability.

Who is this Course for?
This course is for those who are interested in learning more about the world of entrepreneurship.

You’ve been trying to learn your target language for over three to six month and don’t feel like it’s working.

You are looking for new techniques and strategies to learn languages. the intermediate level.

You already have a great learning routine. Now you want to make that even more enjoyable.

Interact with other intermediates.-Level learners

You’re a graduate our beginner course. Language Level 1: Bidirectional Translation Method for Learners (Note: This is NOT a requirement for taking the Intermediate-Course OIP Level 1

If you are not interested in this course, it is not for you.

You have never tried to learn another language.

You’d rather play with language learning mobile apps rather than take serious strides towards your language goals.

You’re looking for a quick and effortless way to magically become fluent.

You’re a complete beginner in Your target language or have been learning it for less than three months.

You are not a serious learner who is willing to study for months or years.

You are an experienced language learner and have already achieved fluency in One or more languages.

You are searching for a traditional language course to teach you the What you need to know about a particular target language. This is not a Spanish course, for instance. You can still use what you have learned. in This course will teach you Spanish and any other language you desire.

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