Lucinda Bassett – Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program


Lucinda Bassett – Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program

Lucinda Bassett – Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program

These 15 CDs/the Programme. These 15 sessions cover the following topics:
♦︎ Anxiety & DepressionSymptoms, Common Fears, and Causes
♦︎ Six Steps that will end panic attacks
♦︎ Self-talk: The Key to Healthy Self Esteem
♦︎ Expectations: How to Expect Fewer and Get More
♦︎ Get rid of your body by eating and exercising Anxiety And Depression ;
♦︎ Control your anger and stop being angry
♦︎ Assertive Behavior: Talk Confidently, Gain Respect Respect yourself and your right to speak up.
♦︎ Put an end to “What If” Thinking
♦︎ Get off the Guilt-and-Worry Treadmill
♦︎ How to Stop Obsessive, Scary Thoughts
♦︎ High Anxiety: The Truth About Medication & Alcohol Pros and Cons of Medication
♦︎ Courage to Change
♦︎ Time Management: 12 Steps to a Balanced Lifestyle. Stop running and feeling overwhelmed.
♦︎ How to keep stress from becoming Anxiety ;
♦︎ Getting Beyond a Growth Spurt Don’t let a set back discourage you… comfortable relaxing. You should do the relaxation session at least two times per day to get maximum results.

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