Magali Peysha – Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training


Magali Peysha – Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training

Magali Peysha – Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training

You Can Be An Energy Coach
Empower, Heal and Revitalize

Our clients experience life-changing transformations when they work with us on a spiritual level.

This training will help you coach clients who need to make positive changes in their lives. Energy Coaching is a creative, healing and life-changing spiritual process. Clients can nurture themselves at the soul level by deep connection to their inner resources.
People want to live more meaningful lives. They want their journey to be more like a soul evolution. Energy Coaches help their clients learn and heal.
Everyone wants to know that their life matters. Real spiritual evolution feels like the word “YES” is reverberating throughout your body.
 This coaching style guides clients through inner healing. Being an accomplice Energy Coach This is about finding your own spiritual path and purpose. You can become a healer and coach by connecting your gifts.
“I would like to express deep gratitude for this wonderful opportunity and your sharing of your gifts. You are so inspiring and full of love and compassion. I can sense it so much when listening to your voice. Over the past few days, I experience a real calm and peace within as well as gratitude for all there is. I also feel that there is more acceptance of things out in the world I cannot change at this moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful opportunity to sit together in communion and meditation. What a beautiful treat. Much love from Switzerland!” –Claudia 

Alignment for the Soul Level

You can coach from a place where you are connected to the divine by activating your intuition wisdom
The world is now ready for healing gifts, awakening experience. Coaching Institute offers the opportunity to develop into a powerful healer. You will be able to work with both groups and individuals.

You can create the space inside to manifest intuitive gifts, healthy power, and balance your own energy.

At Coaching Institute we hold the space for you to grow and unwind what is stuck and limiting your soul’s purpose in the world. You will learn how to heal yourself and receive inner healing.

Energy Blocks can be used to limit emotions and actions

Your Energy System is an invisible matrix that allows you to access your emotions, your health power, and your actions.
In modern culture, we’re often taught to ignore the energetic level of being. We are told that energy doesn’t matter, or doesn’t exist. We’re supposed to “think” Our way to a better experience.
But, if you are aware of your spiritual energy and connect to it, this energy can be your greatest resource.

Magali Peysha
Coaching Institute founder
Activation™ Method Energy Coaching

Magali Internationally renowned as a coach, speaker, meditation guide, and healer. She offers energy healings to thousands each year. She has trained more than 20,000 life coach at the 100 hour level over the past 12 years. Her courses are approved for Board Certification. Coach certification.
Her 21 Journeys™ Classes, Retreats, and Group Coaching Classes have supported thousands of people in their spiritual life path. She believes in everyone’s own healing powers. Through joyful movements and deep emotional journeys. Magali Her students are supported in embracing their intuitive gifts.
Magali She is also known for her innovative energy coaching strategies. She’s developed 120 coaching strategies which are currently being used by thousands of coaches worldwide to help their clients, groups, and during retreats
As an author Magali’s books, the Strategic Intervention Handbook and Love Happier, are #1 bestsellers in their fields. The Activation Method Workbook will be published in 2022.
Since 2017 Magali’s main focus has been developing coaching strategies for spiritual growth. Over 40,000 people have participated in her weekly online Groups that include meditation, self healing, and somatic awareness. Her community trainings reached more than 2,000,000 people.
Magali Mark is her life coach and she lives in California. Their greatest teachers were their five children and dog Lily. You might be able to see Lily during Meditation.

*️⃣ Energy Coaching prepares you for leading group classes, healing meditations, and organizing your own retreats.

Learn four levels of Energy Coaching

►Energy Level 1◄

  • Energy Tools Foundations
  • Understanding the Client’s World and Goals
  • Energy Exercises and practices
  • Healing & Releasing Energy Blocks
  • Connecting to Guides and Other Reality Support
  • Higher Self and the Natural World are Loving Resources
  • Transform Obstacles with Your Inner Creative Power
  • Energy Centers Inner Healing for Love, Relationship, & Divine Support
  • Seven Sense Channels

►Energy Level 2◄

  • Guiding Meditation and Experiences in Journey
  • Life Contracts Revealed and Remade
  • Emotional Journey to Healing
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Empowering our Creative Mind
  • Five Elements of Personality and Energy Flow
  • Emotional Energy Strategies

►Energy Level 3◄

  • Metaphors and Somatic Processes
  • Communication with the body
  • Archetype Energy
  • Releasing Fear, Procrastination, And Pain
  • Emotional Processing and Mature
  • Energetic Interference & Entities

►Energy Level 4◄

  • Compassion, Empathic Joy, &Equanimity
  • Inner Conflict Resolution
  • Soul & Power Retrieval
  • Spiritual Experiences Integration
  • Kundalini, Concentration, & Oneness
  • Dream Yoga & Sleep Spiritual Practices

*️⃣ Release Your Resistance, Experience Your Healthy Power

Energy Coaching Methods

  • Energy Coaches often instruct through guided meditation, energy exercises, strategies, and other methods.
  • Coaching is a way for coaches to learn through workshops, healing sessions, and coaching practice.
  • Clients learn how to heal themselves.
  • It is easier to establish and reinforce healthy boundaries.
  • Clients can awaken their ability sense their own energetic frequency, and invite it to become more loving, clear, and full of light.
  • These strategies allow clients to experience greater creativity, spiritual expansion, and more.
  • Clients can use healing metaphors and archetypes to assist in their energy evolution.
  • By establishing new habits and finding practices, clients can access the wisdom of their higher self to find balance and energy.
  • Increased intuition and creativity are two of the benefits. Decisions, projects, and relationships are easier to make.
  • It’s easy to feel and express emotions such as compassion, joy, love and clarity.

Connecting Clients with Their Own Powerful Energy

If someone feels stuck, used up, conflicted, burnt out, or exhausted they feel it energetically and mentally.
Practically, having insufficient energy strength and flow can prevent us from taking care of ourselves. Our system will give us signals that it needs alignment when we push ourselves to achieve results day in and day out.
Energy Coaching is a way to help people get rid of the resistance and obstacles that keep them from their joy, happiness, and zest for living. When we’re working with our Energy Coaching clients, we’re helping them become their own healer. They use the session techniques to reconnect with their true selves and their inner energy.
Our spiritual energy is available to all of us at all times. It’s a resource in your physical body. It’s experienced in your emotions. When we become aware of the energy within ourselves, we’re going to our deepest level of being. We are awakening our inner guidance.
This gives rise to intuition and clarity. We’re more aware of what we’re feeling, what we’re saying, what we’re doing. So we’re able to create a lasting transformation.

*️⃣ Energy Coaching Is Helpful When…

* You have an ambitious, meaningful goal, but when you approach it, something happens that feels like you are not on your own side. You can self-destruct your healthy ambition.
* You overwork and get irritated at others. You might feel exhausted. You’d like to find some balance and stability within yourself.
* The things that used to give you joy and inspiration don’t seem to work anymore. You want to rekindle your spark.
* You feel oversensitive. You can feel that you are feeling the same emotions as others when you are with them. You want to be sensitive, but also have boundaries.
* You’d like to connect at a deep level in a relationship, but you feel a hesitancy which stops you. You want to share your feelings and understand emotions.
* There are healthy habits you want to have in your life, but you lack the consistency to take action.
* What others see in you is not what you feel about yourself. This feeling of not being in alignment can sometimes feel like low self-esteem, or a conflict in your values.
* You’ve been in relationships where you suspect the other person had narcissistic tendencies. These are not the types of relationships you want to repeat.

These are just a few of the situations in which you might need to be careful. Energy Coach can help.

An Energy Coach Shows clients how to recharge and rebalance themselves by connecting with their Higher Self. The client’s real teacher is their own energy. The coach shares the method through strategies and exercises that bring out the client’s own healthy spiritual energy and wisdom. This can feel like intuition expressing itself fully or like a friend who is always there to let you know. “you got this.” This type of coaching is both empowering and simple. The client sets the pace and finds their own healthy energy.

Energy Coaching is different, but complementary to Energy Healing Traditions

We use the following method to Energy Coaching: We train coaches to guide clients through an Energy Coaching is a process that gives clients the ability to heal and empower themselves.
Because it is focused on self-healing Energy Coaching is considered part of the Complementary and Alternative Healing Industry. It includes practices such as Ayurvedic Counseling and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
As people are increasingly interested in their own ability to improve their health, this is one of the world’s fastest-growing areas of health and wellness. The global Complementary and Alternative Therapy Market was valued at $82 billion in 2020. It’s now expected to quadruple by 2028.
Many of the same people interested in Complementary and Alternative Healing are likely to sign up. Energy Coaching. This area includes coaching. Energy Coaching is a unique role that is not found in other healing methods. Most healing modalities involve the practitioner working with the client in a direct way.
The opposite is true for the Energy Coach The coach verbally guides and teaches the client, empowering them with healing energy. In other words, it’s the client, not the coach, who provides the energy connection for healing.
An Energy Coach Clients are often offered a series of coaching sessions over several months. This allows them to become more familiar and skilled with their own abilities. Energy System.
Energy Virtual coaching is available, so you can coach clients from anywhere in the world. This offers many lifestyle benefits.
Energy Coaching is a unique advantage because it can be done remotely. You can also have an Energy Coaching is where you work with clients from all over the globe. Energy Coaching can also be provided alongside other forms or healing. Many of our clients also receive other therapies from other practitioners.
This works well, since Energy Coaching enhances the client’s ability to empower and heal. This is a great option for practitioners who want their practice to be client-driven, with less emphasis on healing work. Also, Energy Healers use Energy Coaching clients to achieve better results

Your Next Step

I believe so strongly that the power of Energy Coaching to bring about positive change in the world
The journey to becoming an Author Energy Coach It is one of your most rewarding experiences. Connecting with your own healing energy, and then developing your skills to empower your clients – it’s very fulfilling.
So I’ve set out to create the world’s most comprehensive Energy Coaching Certification Training. All you need is included.
You’ll get my complete Energy Coaching System, which I’ve developed over the past 10 years with thousands of students and clients.
You’ll get a live and online training experience that will awaken and enliven your mind, body, and spirit. This includes four immersive days we’ll spend together live online learning coaching skills.
You’ll get an incredible community who will become your close friends and colleagues, all of us aligned in our dedication to the benefits of energy and the ability to grow together and help our clients.
You’ll get the support of Coaching Institute training staff, including over 100 hours of live training and practice time. The live training can be adapted to your time zone and all teachings will be recorded for you.
You’ll get a complete Coach Marketing system that includes everything needed to build your brand Energy Coaching professional practice. We even give you an Energy Coach Website that you can use for yourself and your business.
And, if you’d like to be able to offer Energy Coaching to groups, I’ll even give you my complete system for offering 21 Journeys® Classes, Group Courses, and my complete system for offering your own Energy Retreats. You get the entire system. You will also be certified as a teacher of meditation using my seven-part meditation process. This is a fantastic way to expand your reach. Energy Coach.

*️⃣ This training is designed to take you from where you are right now, all the way to your future as a skilled Energy Coach, even if you’re just getting started in a healing and coaching path.

Tools that are useful Energy Coaches use Daily

Healing Awareness and Insight

  • Luminous Self Healing
  • Energy Inner Guidance
  • Energy Centers Exploration & Knowing

Our True Self

  • Meditation for Inner Resources
  • Soul Recovery & Healing of Interference
  • Healing for Loss & Shock

Five Elements

  • Personal Psychology
  • Transforming Obstacles
  • Peace, Healthy Power, & Self Care

Archetypes & Guides

  • Activating Our Senses
  • Nature is a healer
  • Higher Self

Healing & Strengthening with Emotions

  • Joy, Compassion and Kindness. Equanimity.
  • Acceptance and Transformation
  • Metaphors in Energy Coaching

Our Bodies Wisdom

  • Somatic Listening & Speaking
  • Receiving Frequencies and Transformations
  • Movement, Voice & Creativity

*️⃣ Activation™ Method Energy Coach Certification
Tuition starts at $2495
12 Monthly Payments of $239

We will be meeting live twice a month for 6 months as I walk you through the tools, strategies, and exercises of Activation™ Method Energy Coaching. We will practice, grow and improve our coaching skills together while healing and empowering each other. You will be able to feel your own energy system as a guide and healer during these classes. You will see live demonstrations. Energy Coaching around the strategy topic we are currently working on. This will allow you to learn and process your fellow coaches. This allows everyone to understand and integrate the many helpful energy coaching experiences. All your learning videos will be available in your classroom so you can learn at your own pace. In weekly q&a sessions you will deepen your knowledge of all Activation™ Method Coaching techniques.
You will immediately be able to access your Energy Coach Activation™ Method Certification Classroom. You will find over 100 hours worth of learning modules, such as Higher Self and Archetypes. Energy Repair, Guided Meditation Strategies and Healing with Metaphors. Life Contracts, Giving & Receiving of Energy, Transformational Tools, Healthy Boundaries, Energy Exercises, Five Elements, Energy Center Strategies and many more. There are coaching demonstrations and processes that focus on healing procrastination, anxiety, goals, obstacles, relationships, low self esteem, and empowering positive states and energy helpers. And we won’t just talk about the strategies. You’ll get to study videos of these strategies being used with real clients, so that you’re learning by example. You can keep your online training forever. You can learn at the pace you prefer and graduate when it suits you.
In the same classroom, you will also receive our Activation Method coaching strategies. You can help any client, no matter where they are located. You can get your certification by Board Certified Coaches if you are interested. As an Activation™ Method Coach You will be able help clients with their decision making, mode setting, relationship goals, work stress management, building healthier habits, and many other areas. We give you the tools and a roadmap to help you create the perfect 12-week coaching plan for your clients. This system is suitable for many coaching niches. Our 12 week program is available to any client who wants to improve their lives.
This training includes a certificate and preparation certificate for BCC exam.

21 Journeys® Teacher Training
Can be added to your program $795

Would you like to lead groups through positive experiences that increase energy and gain exposure for your coaching practice? As an Activation™ Method Energy Coach, you’ll receive a license to teach 21 Journeys.™
This class is unique in that it combines guided awareness practices with gentle movement. It creates an integrated energy experience. Participants experience emotional integration, increased creativity and personal insights, as well as an enhanced sense of community. People love to attend 21 Journeys® week after week, the way they would attend a Yoga, Zumba, dance, or other movement class. It can be offered anywhere in your community that offers classes (e.g., yoga or wellness studios, community centers, educational organizations, etc.). You may also offer an Online version of 21 Journeys® through Zoom.
Your teacher training includes the 21-Journeys Teacher Guide, twenty unique 21 Journeys classes, informative sessions, and leadership skills for 21 Journeys Teachers.
When you complete the training, you get a Certificate as a 21 Journeys® Teacher.

Activation™ Creative Mind Meditation Teacher
Can be added for $795

Our complete system will be available to you for guiding meditation classes. You will also learn how to guide private clients in healing meditations. Meditation is an integral part of every spiritual path. The Meditation teacher training will teach you how to lead creative mind meditations, mindfulness practices, energy exercises, compassion, mindfulness practices, breathing exercises and guided journeys. This comprehensive training prepares people to embrace their embodied spiritual truth.
There are many meditation scripts and examples to help you choose the right meditation for you. You will be able to ground and integrate the awakening experiences of your clients. You will offer the gift of presence to clients and groups. As a Meditation teacher in our system, you will be supported in a frequency that is filled with love and kindness. This will help you to expand your intuition and connect with the healing source. All traditions are respected in our program.

Activation™ Method Retreat Leader Certification
Can be added for $1495

It is becoming more important to take the time to attend a retreat. These can be either online or in-person Retreats. People all over the globe are signing up for dedicated time to increase their awareness, growth, and rejuvenation.
As an Energy Coach, you’ll be licensed in a complete system for planning, guiding and giving retreats, both online and in person. You will learn how you can guide retreats using. EnergyThe retreat environment is designed to support the Awareness, Creativity, and Awareness Processes.
This training comes with 20 different Retreat Modules that cover a wide range topics for retreats. You’ll be able to design your custom half day to seven day retreat by mixing and matching the Retreat Modules you wish to include. This is much more convenient than creating a retreat from scratch. These retreats are available online or in person.
Our Retreats help participants to create a personal practice. We offer a space for spiritual growth and community connection. As part of your overall Energy Offering small retreats to your clients is a great way to help them on their spiritual and/or life path.
This training comes with a certificate as an Activation™ Method Retreat Leader.

Spiritual Coach Group Leader
Can be added for $1495

It is a great way to help more people by leading groups. We are now including Groups for the first-time. Coach Your Energy Coach Certification.
You will learn to lead groups online or in person with 17 of our Activation™ Method Group Sessions. These classes are for coaches who lead self-evolution, spiritual, or creative groups.
You will learn the Nine Stage Model of group leadership. This means that you have 17 Activation™ Method Group Sessions to lead and you can create your own group sessions.
This training will allow you to add a class into your coach business suite. Clients can have one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching. This is a huge advantage. The group sessions can be used to create packages that suit your coaching niche.
We’ve done all the work. You will receive a session plan, worksheets to help group participants, and guides for leading each class.

*️⃣ Live Online Learning

We want you have the chance to train live frequently. We offer many live coaching classes every week. You don’t have to attend all of these classes to graduate. Each class is recorded and made accessible to students within one week.
Energy Coach Training Workshops 
Magali You will receive personal assistance in your coaching journey. You will learn the exact same information in these classes. Energy You will offer healing sessions to clients. Your questions are an important part of this process. Three times per month Magali Live with you to support professional and personal growth
Live Healing Sessions We want our students have their own healing meditation sessions. You can also get the opportunity to experience immersive healing sessions as part of your learning.
Practice Lab Learn how to coach in a supportive and nurturing setting. Over the course, you will acquire 21 coaching skills.
Live Practice Sessions are always facilitated by Master Coaches. They are experts in providing supervision and will support you as your practice coaching skills.
This is a very welcoming and accepting environment where we can be ourselves, discuss how we’re feeling, and re-enter our coaching and client roles. This is the best place I know to learn about coaching!
Marketing Mentorship Classes: Learn the tools that make a business healthy. Mark Peysha I will personally assist you in developing your niche, best ways to enroll clients, and everything else you need to be a successful coach.
Practice, ask questions and learn. Live sessions will cover your favorite topics Energy Coach You can learn new skills and topics. This interactive, small-class learning environment will give you a boost in your wisdom and personal activation.
Live Online Intensive October 22nd – December 3rd, 4th, 5th –
Over three days, you will learn seven Activation Method Coaching Techniques. You will increase your coaching skills, make new friends, and expand your toolbox.
This is how we enjoy learning together. Every day, we coach one another. We learn together first. Magali Mark shows us how to coach and then we do it! The training begins with coaching. You will have Master Coaches to guide you. The entire program can be recorded and added to your library.

Energy Coach Training Includes the Complete Integrity Marketing System taught by Mark Peysha

The Coaching Institute will prepare you to coach all types of clients. You will receive the tools you need to develop your personal and professional energy. You will learn how to sign up customers. You will learn how to market your business and create a service-oriented business that takes care of others.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Magali Peysha – Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training

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Course Requirement Magali Peysha – Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training
Real Value $ 2499
One-time cost: USD 499

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