Magic – Same Night Lays And Day Game


Magic – Same Night Lays And Day Game

Magic – Same Night Lays And Day Game

As soon as you approach women, you will learn how to have sex with them. You will be given step-by-step instructions about how to approach women and get sex with them.
These four DVDs will show you how to use body language to attract people. Learn how to enter a venue to generate attraction. The result is The Same Night Lay Mastery’s DVD series will teach how to have sex in public places such as bars and clubs.
♦︎ You will learn the techniques to seduce the woman while winning over her friends so they don’t object you taking her home. Within an hour of meeting women, you’ll learn how to seduce them and make sex happen. You will be able turn on a woman and make her leave the room until she returns home.
No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced student, it doesn’t matter. Same Night Lay Mastery DVD series provides you with the skills and tools to bring women home night after evening.
Day Game Mastery is a set of 5 physical DVD’s mailed to you in a plain box to maintain privacy. Like all of our products, you have 60-days to try this product. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the product. Day Game Mastery DVD’s do not explode your success with women during day time, you can simply return the DVD’s and get every penny back.
*️⃣ These are the comments of students about DVDs.
Hey Magic,
Your product launch was fantastic and very instructive.
But you already knew that or else you wouldn’t have rolled it out as a product.
You are shining a light on ‘negging’ A great way to get along with women is to be manipulative or unproductive. This helps men feel worthy and gets them off to the right track.
It was wonderful to see the 10 characteristics that make a man perfect 10. Each of these 10 values was illustrated with examples. You gave me a strategy to help organize my life so I can not only pick up the pieces, it also helps me in all other areas of my life. The one about being dominant was invaluable.
Tell us how to make women feel feminine.
*️⃣ “Make out means nothing for a girl” This just struck me like an enormous boulder. So true yet never stuck me before.
You spoke about touch being huge in your video.
I love the example you gave about how you can talk sexual stuff about anyone else with the woman and just by kinoing her as you’re talking, make HER feel sexual. The DVD has min 38
The fact that throughout the DVD’s you keep circling back to eye contact, sexual comfort with oneself and touching was extremely helpful and helped hammer in the point that those are the main building blocks.
We hope that this review was useful. If you’d like me to comment on another topic, please let me know. I’m more than happy to do so.
V, Chicago

P.S. P.S. So let’s fix a phone call or something. When will your nest conference call be taking place?

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Magic - Same Night Lays And Day Game

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