Marcus Knudsen – Bliss Coded Sound – Cosmic Consciousness



Marcus Knudsen – Bliss Coded Sound – Cosmic Consciousness

Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Cosmic Consciousness

Pure BlissCoded Sound

Pure BlissCoded sound categories: These sounds have a pure BlissCoded quality. This does not include Binaural or isochronic beats.

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Track Listing – Super Pack 2.0

‘Golden Flow’ 44.44 min
‘Golden Sequence’ 44.44 min
‘Xphirience” 33.33 minutes
‘Blissful Rain” 44.44 minutes
Bonus Track: “Balance Plus” 17.05 min
Total: 5 tracks. Audio duration: 3 hours

‘Distant Thunder’ 45 min
45 minutes of ‘Ocean of Serenity’
45 minutes of “Paradise Forest”.
45 min. ‘Summer Rain’
Bonus Track: “Balance Plus” 17.05 min
Total: 5 tracks. Audio duration: 3.5 hours

BlissCoded SoundMeditation Space series

Track Listing – Meditation Space series

1: Meditation space
2: Creatio
3: Forming the Galaxy
4: Cosmic Cradle
5: Conscious Planet
6: Star Cruise Tranquility
7: Inner Space

60 Minutes per Track
Total: 7 Hours

Super Pack 3.0 includes the Meditation Spa series


Bonus: Balance Plus

Add on special-These tracks are designed to get you into a relaxed state for mediation. Can be used before any of the tracks or before normal meditation. Dual isochronic beats balance your brain hemispheres. You can also use BlissCoded sound to tune to each chakra according to the 7-chakra system. The following meditation will help you achieve the ultimate state of inner experience. 17 minutes.

Bonus: ‘Wonderful Life’

BlissCoded music to relax and lift the mood. Beautiful, soothing, and uplifting music that has been made through the BlissCode process. 7:42 minutes.

BONUS: Enchanted Forest
Complete BlissCoded music album – 37 minutes, 5 tracks

Buy Super Pack 3.0 to receive the album ‘Enchanted Forest.
If you are able to get the Super Pack 3.0 This BlissCoded album includes even more bonuses at no extra cost. It has 37 minutes of additional music, including ‘Enchanted Forest,’ Star of Hope,’ Existence, Pure Innocence, and ‘Freedom. It is very uplifting because the music has been through the BlissCoded sound effect.

Super Pack 3.0 also includes all the bonuses of Super Pack 2.0!

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Pure BlissCoded sound category: The power of these sounds come purely from BlissCoded sound, which does not involve Binaural, isochronic beats, subliminals etc.

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