Margaret Lynch Raniere – Motivation Super Skills Masterclass


Margaret Lynch Raniere – Motivation Super Skills Masterclass

Margaret Lynch Raniere - Motivation Super Skills Masterclass

IMAGINE being able to get people “UN-STUCK”… and give them a TRUE BREAKTHROUGH…

If you’ve ever tried to help someone make a big change in their life, then you’ve probably also faced their RESISTANCE…

… but what if you could break through their resistance and get them MOTIVATED to take action?…

Imagine having SUPER SKILLS to get people out of the pain and struggle that comes along with being “stuck” – and give them the hope and drive to finally achieve their potential…

What would be possible for you (and them) – if you had the skills to “MIND READ”… to know exactly where they’re stuckguide them through it in a powerful session, and get them EXCITED to take the next step to reach their goals?…


The Breakthrough Codes and my Motivation Breakthrough Map are the secrets behind my success at getting my clients such amazing results. When combined with Tapping (EFT), the Breakthrough Codes allow you to know exactly what’s behind people’s resistance. This program is a complete roadmap on how to:

Guide people through BIG SHIFTS
Get them meaningful “AHA!” MOMENTS
Give them WOW! Results that naturally AMAZE and MOTIVATE them…

Enroll now to learn the secrets behind knowing exactly where people are stuck – and how to get them to a life-changing breakthrough!


Super Skills

core skills to master

The 5 Proven BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS are designed so that even beginners can confidently lead someone step-by-step through a powerful session – and deliver both real breakthroughs and powerful transformation.

Everyone from experiences coaches to individuals who are brand new to tapping can use these sessions to “go deeper” and break through even the toughest resistance by penetrating the conscious and unconscious blocks that keep people from achieving their potential.

breakthrough session #1:

Learn “Mind Reading Powers” that will impress your clients from the start – and give them FAST RESULTS to common problems. Then, dive into the Motivation/Procrastination Map & the 4 Procrastination Triggers which will help you uncover the roots of their self-sabotage, self-doubt, and procrastination. This will allow you to start every session with confidence“WOW” potential clients from the get-go, and unleash true motivation.

BREAKTHROUGH SESSION SCRIPT #1: Quickly “Wow” by getting Immediate Results to Life Stress, Worry or Anxiety

breakthrough session #2:

Get BIGGER BREAKTHROUGHS around the fears that hold clients back – and lead your clients toward focused, inspired, and empowered action. Confidently use the Motivation/Procrastination Map and Breakthrough Codes to guide clients from inaction, self-doubt and overthinking – into a state of calm mind, balanced nervous system, enhanced focus, clear thinking, and energy to take empowered action.

BREAKTHROUGH SESSION SCRIPT #2: Bigger Breakthroughs by Overcoming the Fear that Derails Empowered Action

breakthrough session #3:

Facilitate DEEPER TRANSFORMATION by shifting clients out of procrastination, self-sabotage, and lack of confidence/ self-worth – and guiding them through an emotional breakthrough that will transform the “stuck” energy into empowerment.

Learn how to “read their mind” and know exactly what to say to uncover their blocks and confidently guide them through a powerful SHIFT that will leave them feeling FREED – and confident keep moving forward.

BREAKTHROUGH SESSION SCRIPT #3: Moving Anger Up and Into Empowerment Energy & Motivation

breakthrough session #4:

Leverage the Breakthrough Codes to go even deeper and begin to transform strong emotions and frustrating patterns into empowerment energy & motivation.

Master “Advanced Breakthrough Sessions” in which you’ll hold a safe and powerful “sacred space” for your clients to heal the painful past events that are secretly robbing them of their confidence, joy, and enthusiasm. These step-by-step skills will give you a clear path to changing lives at a deeper level.

BREAKTHROUGH SESSION SCRIPT #4: Transforming Painful Past Events and Recurring Patterns into Deep Healing, Empowerment Energy & Motivation

breakthrough session #5:

Learn how to break through procrastination and shift your clients into motivation and laser-focused action. 

Amaze new clients and keep long-term clients on track, motivated, and grateful for your coaching! This lesson builds on the previous ones and prepares you to hold a truly masterful session. This particular Breakthrough Session is one that your clients will love – and can be used for many situations – so they’ll want to revisit it again and again.

BREAKTHROUGH SESSION SCRIPT #5: Breaking Through Client Procrastination & Shifting them into Laser Focused Action

the training includes…

  • 5 Foundational Video Lessons: These lessons will cover, step-by-step, the foundations of how to effectively run these 5 Breakthrough Sessions and how they’ll benefit your clients.
  • Extensive Learning Guide: This 120+ page guide will cover all 5 Breakthrough Sessions including COMPLETE SCRIPTS that can start using RIGHT AWAY to confidently run sessions.
  • Mentorship and Modeling: Deepen your confidence by listening to experienced mentorship AND brand new students getting “immediate feedback” as they practice the sessions, ask questions, share their “AHA’s”, and get real results.

If you’re a Coach…

Motivation Super Skills can help you…

  • get more clients – more easily by revealing how you can quickly uncover the roots of their frustrations
  • know exactly what to say both before and during a session to help them see the benefits of working with you
  • give them confidence that their problems CAN be solved – and that YOU are the one to help solve them
  • get bigger breakthroughs with complete client sessions rather than having to rely on technique alone
  • make saying “YES!” easy by helping them see a new vision that they WANT to say “yes” to!


I’ve created a 120+ page workbook for you including COMPLETE Breakthrough Scripts that you can use right in your sessions – so you never have to worry about not knowing what to say – or what to do next with your client.

These session scripts are designed to give your clients those big “AHA!” Moments that give them total confidence in your ability as a coach – and motivate them to finally start taking meaningful action toward their goals and dreams – which will give them much needed confidence in themselves.

If you want to learn 5 POWERFUL SESSIONS that can help you ENROLL clients, motivate them to get better RESULTS, and help you earn REAL INCOME so you can build a THRIVING coaching business…  then REGISTER NOW for “Motivation Super Skills”.

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