Margot Ciccarelli – Tao Of Lapel


Margot Ciccarelli – Tao Of Lapel

Margot Ciccarelli - Tao Of Lapel

The infamous lapel guard has change into one of the vital modern guards in all BJJ historical past. It’s actually modified the sport from being a stand alone guard to now reinforcing different well-known guards corresponding to de la riva, reverse de la riva, x-guard and extra. 

The Method Of The Lapel

The lapel system isn’t only a guard sport, it’s virtually a lifestyle. Therefore the identify of Ciccarelli’s most anticipated course “Tao Of Lapel”. “Tao?” You’re questioning, “what’s that?”. Nicely I’m glad you requested. “Tao” means the trail or means and on this course, delivered to you by considered one of jiu jitsu’s most modern opponents, you’ll be studying the way in which of the lapel in methods you haven’t seen earlier than.

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"Well I’m glad you asked. “Tao” means the path or way and in this course, brought to you by one of jiu jitsu’s most innovative competitors, you’ll be learning the way of the lapel in ways you haven’t seen before.