Matthewismith – Handstand Toolkit


Matthewismith – Handstand Toolkit

Matthewismith - Handstand Toolkit

All the Tools You Will Need
Teach Yourself To Handstand

Feel the depth and detail in the Handstand Toolkit Get 10 videos for free

“The Handstand Toolkit was a game changer. This program is really thorough, and very far reaching. It has multiple stages that will help you assess and progress”

Tristan, Handstand Toolkit Member

The Handstand ToolkitThe Biggest Update yet – 2 Flexibility modules

The Handstand Toolkit also includes two modules from the Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit. This almost doubles available content with in-Deep assessments, theory videos, and programs are just a few of the many options.

Built to overcome all fears associated with learning as an adult

The Handstand Toolkit It is suitable for those who do not have a background in gymnastics or acrobatics. Matt and all of his students learned to handstand as adults.
Take away the fear of falling from a handstand
Learn to handstand for adults, handstands are for all ages
No matter your age, starting point or background, we will teach you how to take care of your body.

The toolkit includes a comprehensive wrist warming library, shoulder preparation techniques, and self-defense tips.-assessments. We have students from their 20s to their 70s.
Advanced skills deconstructed and explained in detail

Handstand All programs include the ability to press, advance two-arm shapes and the progression for a one-arm handstand.

Skill Tree makes it easy to plan your route and set goals.

You will know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. The Skill Tree gives you a step-by step guideline of what you can learn, and which program to use.

Individualised Coaching includes the ability to work on what is holding you back. Toolkit

Unique to the Full Handstand ToolkitWe offer individualised coaching for milestone video uploads. Our team of experts will respond via video and provide detailed feedback.

What’s included with the Full Handstand Toolkit?

Tutorial Videos

Understand the why behind the drills and experience for yourself how our methods work


Each level has a different program. We also include information about how often to practice, drills and sets, as well as rests.

Drill Videos

You can keep moving forward with concise drills and exercises that are easy to understand and follow for every program.


Assessments, case study and more. You can personalise and individualise the progress you make.

1 – Introduction

How to get the most from the Toolkit
How to join the global community
Navigating Toolkit & more

Handstand Toolkit Section 2: How to warm up for handstand, wrist injury prevention
2 – Preparation

You can build your own warm-up from our wrist prep collection
Learn more about hand placement and where you can look.

Handstand Toolkit: How to get out of a Handstand
3 – Falling

Learning to fall can make a huge difference. Many of our students have learned to overcome this fear.
Do you practice with a cushion or a wall? We make it easy to practice without fear

Handstand Toolkit Section 4: How to stand against the wall
4 – Using The Wall

Upside down: Strengthen your awareness and increase your strength-Down
Start learning the techniques and balance corrections needed for freestanding work

Handstand Toolkit Section 5: How to get into a handstand
5 – Kickups

You can make faster progress by using a quick kick up technique.
How to quickly find balance and increase consistency with your kick-up into a handstand

Handstand Section 6 of the toolkit leads to a quick handstand
6 – Road to a Minute

How often do I need practice to get a 60 second hold in my hand?
Shapes, transitions, and other kicks-You have the option to choose how to do your handstand.

Handstand Toolkit section 7 two-arm finess – tuckhandstand – head looking to the toes
7 – Two Arm Finesse

Advanced skills on two arms are available, including gaze changing, flagging, and shapes.
For one arm handstands and presses, you will need a solid foundation.

Handstand Toolkit section 8 press – How to press handstand – Straddle press – Pike press
8 – Presses

Your weakest link should be identified and addressed
Multiple ways to increase strength and flexibility of the press
9 programs JUST to press

Handstand Toolkit Section 9 – How to do a one-arm handstand
9 – One Arm Handstand

Learn what you need to do the one-arm handstand and how you can approach learning it
This comprehensive breakdown of the requirements, methods and drilling for the OAHS provides an overview.

Handstand toolkit low balance
10 – Low balances

Additional content on handbalancing and armbalancing skills that can be added to your practice
Crow, Elbow Lever and Croc, plus many more

Handstand Toolkit Section 11 – Handstand Programs Handstand Training Handstand Drills – How to Handstand
11 – Programs

25+ programs, split across all levels
Learn how to train, clear progressions, how much reps, rest, recovery, and more

Handstand Toolkit – Handstand Coaching Handstand Teacher – Handstand Guide
12 – Individualised Coaching

Send in videos to receive feedback at key moments during your journey
Get detailed video responses from our coaches

Handstand toolkit low balance
13 – Shoulder Toolkit

Full in-Programs, theory, and depth shoulder assessment.
Strength training for the scapula

Handstand Toolkit Section 11 – Handstand Programs Handstand Training Handstand Drills – How to Handstand
14 – Pancake Toolkit

A complete guide to pancake flexibility training
Drills: From passive to active

Handstand Toolkit – Handstand Coaching Handstand Teacher – Handstand Guide
15 – Programm Design

Progress indefinitely by learning how to write your own mobility & flexibility programs
Understand how to choose exercises, tempo, set & rep ranges and more

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The Handstand Toolkit also includes two modules from the Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit. This almost doubles the available content with in-depth assessments, theory videos, programs and much more.

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