Michael Cheney – 3 Course Bundle


Michael Cheney – 3 Course Bundle

Michael Cheney - 3 Course Bundle

Michael Cheney – 3 Course Bundle is an online course that teaches you how to make money online with your website, content, and traffic. The course consists: Unleash The Traffic Bootcamp, Content Empire, and The $6 Million Underpants Seminar. The course claims that it can help you turn your website into a cash machine, even if you are a beginner.

The course is created by Michael Cheney, a veteran online marketer and entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He is the founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks, a company that offers online coaching, courses, and products for online marketers of all levels. He is also a friend and mentor of Siêu Nhân, a famous Vietnamese trader and influencer.
Module #1. Getting Started
Discover the best ways to monetize your website which you can get off the ground, fast. You’ll also learn my most powerful market research methods, secret strategies for pin-pointing the best keywords, and more.

Module #2. The Perfect Website Set Up
You’ll discover the must-have, free apps and plugins you need on your website. Discover the best way to structure your website for top ranking and how to build an email list with it, quickly.

Module #3. Top Secret Tools of the Pros
You’ll learn how pro site builders get traffic fast using secret tools. Get your hands on the best free tools to help you crush it in the search engines.

Module #4. SEO Secrets that Produce the Perfect Page
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to your content empire’s success. Discover the best way to optimize your website for the search engines, the important factors which can get you a top ranking and the common SEO myths you must avoid.

Module #5. How to Become The King of Content
You’ll learn my patented-process for creating posts in record time. Discover easy ways to create content which can save you hundreds of hours. Learn how to create the “sticky” content which visitors and search engines love, but only takes minutes to create.

Module #6. Pro Tips for Publishing Your Posts
Discover the ‘magic ingredients’ which turn an invisible post into a high-profile one. Learn how to give the search engines exactly what they need AND make your visitors love you. And tips on how to make your posts go viral.

Module #7. Insider Traffic Tips
You’ll discover the dirty little secret about backlinks, which will truly shock you. You’re also going to learn how to get featured in the press and lots of other easy ways to get free traffic.

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The Course teaches you how to make money online with your website, content, and traffic. File Size: 4.64 GB

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