Mike Thiga – The Muscle Experiment


1. Bodyweight Training has been PROVEN to have greater muscle building capabilities than weightlifting (and they’ve been hiding this from you for a long, long time). File Size: 17 MB, Format File: [14 Ebooks – PDF, 1 Calculator – HTM, 2 JPG]

Mike Thiga – The Muscle Experiment

Mike Thiga - The Muscle Experiment

I started off as a skinny 148 pounder. I honestly felt helpless. As you can tell, I didn’t really have much to smile about 🙂
6 weeks after I started training, I was able to pack on 15 lbs of muscle (check out my right arm…it’s getting bigger as well as stronger!)
And finally after 5 months and 3 weeks, I gained a total of 39 lbs of muscle, with my end weight at a whooping 187 lbs! And now I’m going to show YOU how to do the same..
This Muscle Building System Has Been Proven Time and Time Again To Put On Pounds Of Solid Muscle On Even The Skinniest and Most “Physically Disadvantaged” of People…

…Without EVER Having To Lift Weights.
“Some Amazing Facts About Bodyweight Training and Why You Shouldn’t Even Think About Starting A Muscle Building Program Until You’ve Read Every Word Of This Letter!”

1. Bodyweight Training has been PROVEN to have greater muscle building capabilities than weightlifting (and they’ve been hiding this from you for a long, long time).
2. You do NOT need to perform hundreds or reps in order to make gains using bodyweight training.
3. You CAN become as big, if not bigger than those meatheads you see in the gym by applying the correct bodyweight training protocols.
4. Stop wasting your time with burpees, planks, prisoner squats, dive-bomber pushups…those kinds of exercise will never build you any muscle
“They Call It the SuperFreak System”

Here’s The REAL TRUTH About How This Proven System Works, And How You Can Put It To Work For YOU.

From Mike Thiga,
Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Dear Friend,
You’re about to find out how YOU can pack on as much muscle as you want without lifting weights, without expensive gym memberships and without fancy miracle supplements or any of that “acai berry” crap.
You’re about to go deep into thee somewhat twisted world of bodybuilding and fitness. You are about to find out what happens when things go exactly opposite of what the whole world is expecting to happen.
For The First Time Ever After Much Reluctance,
Here’s The “Back Story” Behind One Of The Most Controversial Experiments In The History Of Muscle Building

Before we go further let me make it clear that I have a withered right arm with only one finger on it. You could probably see this from the above photos…and you’re probably wondering what’s the relevance of me telling this to you. But as you carefully read this story you’ll see how everything comes together.
Let’s begin.
I was born with the genetics of a typical skinny guy. My highest weight ever was about 148 lbs at a height of about 6ft. All I ever wanted was to be a “big guy”. In June 2008 I got tired of being skinny and decided to pack on some muscle. So I tried to take up weightlifting.
Unfortunately, Things Didn’t Go Too Well.

Every single gym I went to, people kept treating me like some kind of “cripple”. None of the instructors would let me train with proper weights. My right arm was kind of fragile and I guess they didn’t want to be held liable in case I got injured while training or something.
That sucked because I knew I could handle it, but these bozos wouldn’t give me a chance. So after spending countless hours doing nothing in the gym, I got pissed off. It got me thinking:
There HAS To Be A Better, Faster Way To Train For Muscle Gain

I mean, the ancient warriors and gladiators had built some amazing physiques long before weights were invented, right? So I took up bodyweight training.
Unfortunately majority (if not all) of the bodyweight training programs around don’t teach about muscle building. They talk about fat loss, conditioning, getting “lean”. So I was like, “Forget this crap. I need to build some real muscle.”
I started to do some hefty research on how the old time strongmen used to train before weightlifting came into play. I also got in touch with a relative of mine who was in the military. I squeezed every single detail from him as to the way they trained, what they did any why…the works.
Soon enough I began to apply the techniques I had learned from both the strongman era and the military. I began to see how they worked in real life, on my own body. I quickly began to filter out the facts and all the good stuff from the useless info.
People thought I was an idiot for trying to build muscle using bodyweight training. After all, everyone says you can’t build muscle without weights, right?
But I Had Nothing To Lose

I was already scrawny to start with so it’s not like anything was at risk here. Plus, those bozos at the gym never wanted to train a skinny little “weirdo” with a bad arm. I really didn’t have many other choices.
To tell you the truth, I was kind of nervous and unsure about the whole thing. Was it just a waste of time? What if it didn’t work? But I got to it and trained like an animal. I tested and tweaked techniques and protocols.
The first several weeks was hell, and I even thought of quitting. But I kept strong and went on and as the months flew by my anxiety quickly turned into shock and excitement because
I Gained a Solid 39lbs of Muscle Just Under The 6 Month Mark!

It was actually 5 months and 3 weeks to be exact. This was crazy. I definitely wasn’t expecting this kind of thing.
When I stepped on the scale and saw how much I weighed I was speechless..the size was amazing. I felt great. For the first time I could walk around in a short sleeved t-shirt and not feel embarrassed. Women began to pay more attention to me. Even guys who worked out at gyms started asking me about my training. Whoa..
It Worked WAY Better Than I Expected!

A lot of people started talking. Some even blatantly accused me of taking steroids. The thing that really shocked people was the fact that I packed on those 39lbs of muscle without ever having to lift a single weight. And at the time of this writing, I’m currently on target to hit the 215 lb mark…of solid muscle…using bodyweight training protocols ALONE. Anyway, this was huge.
I figured I Was Onto Something Big Here

This wasn’t luck. Because every single time I applied the techniques I had learned, I consistently made new gains month after month, in spite of the fact that my right arm was sort of a “weak link” during my workouts.
So after months of training and testing and tracking and tweaking, I finally compiled a full proof training program for people who really wanted to pack on some massive muscle mass using bodyweight training techniques.
This program is for people who want to finally build that amazing body they’ve always dreamed of having. For those who want to take the fullest advantage of the incredible muscle building capabilities that lie within themselves.
Your reasons for using bodyweight training are probably different from mine, but that doesn’t matter. You now have the chance to build that legendary physique you truly desire and deserve.
Now I know you’ve heard all sorts of outrageous claims before, and if I were you, I’d be wondering…
Is This A Bunch Of Hype?

And you’re absolutely right to ask that question.
Look, if I wasn’t the guy who sacrificed half a year risking looking like a complete “moron” with my little “Experiment”, there’s no way I’d believe it was true. In other words, I know how you feel.
So let me put your mind at ease by pulling back the curtain right now and telling you the clear cut facts about this transformation, and how it will change YOUR life. But first,
Let’s Cut The Crap And Keep This Grounded In Reality.

You’re not DUMB, and I’m not either.
We’ve both heard people come up with all sorts of muscle building “claims” and breakthrough “systems”.
And we both know that a good number of them are just a bunch of empty hype.
But as you read this letter today I tell you in all honesty that what I learned about bodyweight training is going to change your life FOREVER.
What I’m about to say is definitely going to make me a whole lot of enemies…but the truth MUST be told. Because you see,
99% of What You’ve Ever Read About Bodyweight Training is Plain WRONG!

Have you ever noticed how most bodyweight training courses cleverly avoid the topic of muscle building? Here’s the thing:

Most bodyweight training programs have no practical approach to muscle gain.

Most bodyweight training programs don’t give the correct protocols and techniques required to pack on the mass.

Most bodyweight training programs don’t deal with your biggest desire, which is to


In the beginning I had told you that bodyweight training has the capacity to build more muscle than weightlifting.
FACT: It’s been shown that exercises that move the body will fire more muscle fibers than exercises that move an external weight.
In simple terms, body-weight exercises fire more muscle fibers that weight-lifting exercises. Therefore when used correctly, they have the capacity to make you a massive muscle machine.
Want MORE proof? Check this out:
bodyweight exercises vs weightlifting exercises
And this is just the TIP if the iceberg…
During my initial 6 months of training I came to realize that there’s so much more to rapid muscle building than just a bunch of bodyweight exercises. And believe me when I tell you
This Goes BEYOND Bodyweight Exercises

Yes, I know that sounds totally bizarre since I just got finished showing you some of the most powerful muscle building bodyweight exercises in existence.
And yes, I know that sounds weird because The Muscle Experiment SuperFreak System shows you exactly how to pack on slabs of rock hard muscle using specific bodyweight exercises.
But the bottom line is that The Muscle Experiment SuperFreak System goes way beyond just doing a bunch of bodyweight exercises. It’s about much, much more.
It’s about
Building The ULTIMATE Muscular Physique In The Shortest Time Possible

And it’s about doing it without ever stepping into a gym, without useless drugs and without taking countless hours out of your busy schedule to do it.
You’ll do it all while spending less than 4 hours total workout time a week.
I discovered a whole new world that had been long forgotten by the 21st Century muscle building community. These techniques I’ll show you are virtually unknown to modern man. The lost secrets which were swallowed up with the coming of machines and steroids and hypey supplement salesmen.
Actually, let me help you out and give you a sneak peek at what you’re going to get in the program:
The one and ONLY way to surpass your genetic muscle potential – This secret has been seen by few and shared by none.

The TRUTH about bodyweight training – You’ll discover the hidden truths and dispell all the myths that have preventing you from making gains for so long.

Discover the special advantages bodyweight trainers have over weightlifters, and how you can use this to make EXPLOSIVE muscle gains!

Find out why many trainees only get stronger but never bigger as time goes by, and how to avoid this pitfall and gain BOTH size and strength.

The 3 Core Fundamentals of building muscle without weights…and why most people just don’t “get it”.

The 7 SuperFreak Principles that will put so much muscle on your frame that people will accuse you for going “enhanced”.

Bodyweight Training vs. Weightlifting – This age old argument will finally be put to rest…and the results will blow your mind!

Your personal muscle cheatsheets containing 30 of the most POWERFUL muscle building bodyweight exercises known to man.

An amazing trick that guarantees that every single fiber in your muscles gets fully stimulated…

How to BLAST past any plateau – Use a little known (yet seemingly obvious) technique to shoot past any plateaus and never have to experience a ‘stagnant phase’ in your training.

The Actual FORMULA On Which The SuperFreak System Is Based Upon – Yes, there really is an actual formula that is the basis of the SuperFreak System.

Here it is: HWI + MA + MC = FMM
(I know this formula means nothing to you now because you don’t know what the letters stand for. But in The Muscle Experiment Manual, I’ll reveal to you the exact workings of the formula and even better, show you how to apply it to pack on mega pounds of muscle.)

TONS more…

That’s Exactly What I Need!
Now tell me, what’s YOUR problem?

Tired of paying for those expensive gym memberships that haven’t paid off?
Don’t have access to a gym but still crave to build some solid muscle?
Or maybe you just love bodyweight training…but people keep telling you “You can’t build muscle without weights.”?

I know it’s not easy being a skinny guy who’s trying to build muscle…especially when you’re tied up most of the time with work or books. And when you think about how expensive gym memberships and personal trainers are, it can seem overwhelming.
I remember when I was a scrawny weak 148 lb dude back in 2008. It was bad enough that I couldn’t use a set of weights, but with a withered arm and people telling me to give up I literally felt like I was helpless and DOOMED to remain skinny forever. And I’m realy fortunate to have made a discovery which helped me pack on 39lbs of muscle in less than 24 weeks without ever having to lift a weight. And I want to share this discovery with you…
For The First Time EVER:
I’ll be revealing to you EXACTLY How To Use My Proven SuperFreak System To Pack On Slabs Of Muscle Onto Your Frame!

Obviously, the SuperFreak System works.
And chances are, if you use it for yourself, you’ll build a lot of muscle.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to bodyweight training, whether you’re an advanced bodyweight trainer or even if you are a weightlifter who simply wants to make a switch. When you use this system, you will build muscle.
The Muscle Experiment SuperFreak System

This arsenal of muscle building weapons is so powerful that it’ll be harder to remain skinny than to gain muscle. You’ll have such an unfair advantage that it’s not even funny…
“It’s Like Showing Up To A Knife Fight With A Machine Gun”

Here’s What You’re Getting:
The Muscle Experiment – SuperFreak Manual

The Muscle Experiment
The main Manual that contains all the secrets and techniques that will help you pack on unbelievable amounts of muscle within the shortest possible time.
The information contained here is filtered to perfection. You’ll only get 100% useful info that will help you build all the muscle you’ve always wanted. No pointless scientific jargon that will bore you half to death. I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to build as much muscle as humanly possible without ever having to lift a weight or go to the gym.
What’s your excuse…No gym access? Crappy genetics? That doesn’t matter. If muscle building is your goal, then this is your answer. Every secret I learned is contained in this manual and is YOURS for the taking.
Discover the lost secrets of bodyweight training that will make you INSANELY HUGE, INSANELY FAST!
Free Bonus #1: The 8 Pack Manual

We’ve all heard stories about the mysterious “8 pack abs”…Problem is, nobody ever talks about what the heck they are, and most importantly HOW to get them. In the 8 Pack Manual I’ll take you step by step revealing to you the secrets behind the abdominal 8 pack and how YOU can develop them.
WARNING: It does not involve doing 200 ab crunches or taking fat burning pills…not even close.
Value: $97.00 Free!
Free Bonus #2: Bodyweight Exercise Database

What would you do if someone handed you a database of the most POWERFUL muscle building exercises on this planet?
Well that’s exactly what I’m giving you. In the bodyweight exercise databse, you’l get nothing but the pure BEST muscle building bodyweight exercises around. You also get crystal clear visual demonstrations of how to do them so as to push your workouts to the max!
Value: $67.00 Free!
Free Bonus #3: Muscle Building Mealplans

Have no clue on what you need to eat to gain mass? No problemo!
You can have my personal best set of muscle gain mealplans so you can stop worrying about what to eat and start focusing on what’s really important: your training. Remember, it’s not just about eating anything – it’s about eating the right thing.
Value: $47.00 Free!
Free Bonus #4: The A2 Factor

Muscle Gain On Demand:
This will be the first time I’m publicly releasing this special report. The A2 factor is an underground technique that is literally used to force-grow particular muscle groups, on demand. And no, it has nothing to do with steroids, teststerone boosters or any of that dangerouss stuff. The A2 Factor will change the way the game is played PERMANENTLY.
Value: $67.00 Free!
Free Bonus #5: Printable Workout Logs

It’s been shown that most people fail to make muscle gains because they don’t track their progress. And I’m not going to let that happen to you. That’s why I’m providing you with your personal set of printable workout logs so you can record your progress on a daily basis and be able to see for yourself how you are progressing with your training.
Doing this alone will put you ahead of 55% of trainees.
Value: $27.00 Free!
Free Bonus #6: Anabolic Calorie Calculator

Stop wasting time trying to determine how much food you should be eating if you want to grow!
The Anabolic Calculator 2.0 will tell you EXACTLY how many calories you need in order to gain loads of muscle. This handy tool will eliminate the guesswork from your dieting and let you know the best way to pack on the mass, based on the information you give it.
Value: $37.00 Free!
Free Bonus #7: ADVANCED 24 Week Muscle Gain Program

For the more “hardcore” bodyweight trainers looking to take their physiques to new heights:
The Advanced 24 week program will take all you hardcore bodyweight trainers to the next level of size, strength and conditioning. Tired of the same old boring “do 15 burpees then 34 lunges” thing? Great! This is what you’ve been waiting for.
Value: $67.00 Free!

Free Updates For Life!
You get every single update, every new tweak and every new technique that comes along at absolutely ZERO COST!
(Act now and get $409 worth of free bonuses!)
“…Everything you’ll ever need to develop The Perfect Physique.”

How much will this system cost me?
Let me ask you a question: How much is your dream body worth to you? You definitely won’t get a better deal than you have right here.

You won’t spend a dime on gym memberships costing you 100’s of dollars a month.

You won’t waste your money on personal trainers charging you 80$ per session.

You won’t spend any money buying dumbbells and expensive supplements which haven’t helped you gain any muscle.

This amazing system will only cost you a one time investment of $97.00 $67.00 $27.00!
(I reserve the right to end this discount without warning.)
All I ask is you try the system for at least 4 weeks.
On the other hand, if my SuperFreak System produces incredible results for you, I want you to not only write and tell me about it…but also tell your friends about The Muscle Experiment. Deal?
But, Even if you do decide to stop the program afer 4 weeks or request a refund, I want you to keep the $409 worth of bonuses for putting your faith in me now.
These Training Secrets Changed My Life

And I’m holding nothing back from you. Every single trick I learned. Every method that took me from being a 148lb “bag of bones” to 187lbs (and counting) of rock hard muscle. I’m handing it ALL to you.
You’re getting all the tools, and a complete in-a-box system which you can start using TODAY and start seeing gains just weeks from now.
You want to build muscle, don’t you?
Act Quickly & See Big Changes
Only 4 Weeks From Now!

Every moment you delay is a moment you must continue to face having the same skinny body unimpressive body that you have now without having the SuperFreak program to help you.
If you procrastinate, you will always wonder how you your life would have changed by using The Muscle Experiment SuperFreak program.
Don’t let those thoughts haunt you.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Mike Thiga – The Muscle Experiment

Mike Thiga - The Muscle Experiment

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