Mike Williams – Profit Factor X


You’ve landed on the page that gives you access to the forbidden money getting technology that you’re competitors have prayed to everything holy that you never find out.

Mike Williams – Profit Factor X

Mike Williams - Profit Factor X

Marketing “Mad Scientist” Discovers ….
“47 Secret Money Bombs Just Waiting To Blast Your Bank Account With Cash…”
Pull the trigger on the tactics in the next few minutes and stand back and watch the glorious fireworks of financial freedom.

The Fact Is, You’ve Already Struck Gold!

You’ve landed on the page that gives you access to the forbidden money getting technology that you’re competitors have prayed to everything holy that you never find out.
I’ve done the work. I’ve wasted the fortunes testing copy, landing pages, opt-in boxes, order forms, order buttons, background colors, sizes fonts and everything else under the sun you can imagine.
You’ll skip right past all that misery with this shortcut to the land of endless profits.
Be prepared to be shocked as you find out:
How to piggy back and then steal the traffic away from this week’s most ridiculously popular Youtube videos. It’s a combination of foresight and ruthless traffic sniping that change the game forever
How to set up a new permanent stream of 10-15 BUYERS per day with 12 minutes of work
A shockingly simple way to get people like Frank Kern, Tellman Kneudson, Mike Filsame to permanently send you traffic directly from their most high traffic pages. You’re going to want to put this one into practice the moment you read it.
How to zone in with laser like precision on a new, undiscovered niche that’s crawling with desperate buyers. Did I mention that you can do it in about three minutes?
How to set up a “magic upsell” in two hours that will immediately double your vistitor value and create a pandemic flow of new traffic to any site.
The untold secret behind ALL conversions that even the gurus haven’t figure out yet. This secret alone will launch you light years ahead of your competition.
One deeply hypnotic paragraph you can copy-paste onto your website right now to increase conversions by 17% or more!
One single word to add to the very top of your website that kicks up sales an order of magnitude.
The ONLY color that you should ever use as the background color on your sales pages. You’ll kick yourself when you realize how much money you’ve been leaving on the table with this one.
The three questions you MUST answer before you even think about launching a product. If you can’t answer these questions you’re business is on death row.
A string of HTML code you can put on your site this minute and kick up conversions as much as 59%.
Another string of code that will increase conversions another 22%.
The highest converting headline templates on the planet. These are ready for you to copy-paste and profit like a bandit.
A slight change to the text on your order button that increases sales by 9.6%.
The “spike and strike” method that will allow you to charge twice as much for your products and INCREASE conversions at the same time!
The headline color that pulls more sales than any other (this one may shock you).
A shockingly easy way to crank out product titles that do all the selling for you! Your current titles may well be killing your chances of real success online.
A method you can swipe from the Hollywood Moguls that will make any product sound irresistible.
Change one word in your guarantee to obliterate refunds, and increase sales by 21%!
Find out why a common mistake on your order page is costing you fortunes…and a simple fix that will definitely blow your mind.
A trick swiped from the world of the elite mind control practitioners , that will make resistance to the sale almost impossible.
The simple secret to captivating storytelling that subconsciously programs your prospects to buy without ever asking for a sale!
3 Drop-Dead Easy ways to boost your opt-in rate by as much as 30% with fifteen minutes of work.
And much, much more

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Get Mike Williams - Profit Factor X, The ONLY color that you should ever use as the background color on your sales pages. You’ll kick yourself when you realize how much money you’ve been leaving on the table with this one.